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Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Thursday Screaming Meemies...!

Don't eat the chili at Mad Jack's Shack. There's a reason that place 
smells the way it does.

If a whale farts in the ocean, and no one is around to laugh at it
is it still funny?

The kids aren't calling it 'Soy Wars' for nothing
these days...

Probly a lot a other things you'll find up there too.

I hear King Charles and Betty are under the weather 
down in Coopville.
Hope they're feeling better soon.

Stop that laughing, you damned Yanks!
You can't keep the democrats out of the Whitehouse forever!
Then we'll see how YOU like it...!


  1. The "I" in team; To be the "I" in team, you just need to be an A-HOLE.

    Yeah; I saw that camouflaged Canadian aircraft carrier. When summer came the ice melted, revealing the canoe...

    1. Yup. Up here in Canada we don't have lesbians or carpet munchers... we have canoe-lickers...