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Monday, 4 March 2019

Ugh. Monday Already....

I've been dragging a bit the last couple a days. I have chronic back pain and sometimes it hurts more than others and if I get too many days in a row I get grumpy and pissy. I start snapping at chit that I shouldn't. Been trying to stay off the internet too and just unplug for awhile. I even skipped church yesterday. I think I have a cold and flu bug trying to take me down.

I like this chick. She's batshit crazy and we'd probably get along like Indiana Jones and that poor old toad  he's beating up - but she makes me think. She's absolutely right a lot of the time. And maybe she needs a few days away to unplug too. Our hospital and ER people are on the front lines, and they are the canaries in the coal mines. The people that scrape our dead kids off the pavement, that do the dirty work when our daughters get inconveniently pregnant - nobody listens to them. They are told to shut up, stop complaining - and put their backs into it and keep the bodies and blood out of sight where they can't offend the rest of us. I can see why she's cracking up. She's not the only one.

But there IS good stuff going on. Our little church has a steady trickle of young people coming in. My wife who does the church girls clubs and summer camps says they are getting more kids all the time. The liberals claim that everyone is dumping their faith and it will be a better world but I don't think so. I think the smart ones are just taking their faith elsewhere and reforming in smaller groups under the radar.

If you take the venom out that lady has a good message. On the days ahead we are all going to be on our own. It would be in everyone's best interest to do as much for themselves as possible.

Have a good Monday.


  1. Sometimes a fellow just needs to be left alone and to recharge a bit. It's easy to get worn down these days......

  2. Hey thanks for stopping by Harry. I heard about your exploits with a log jammed driveway... and can appreciate your pain...


  3. Glen, Harry is right - we all need some down time, especially with the rather frenetic pace of events right now.

    Funny thing about people - they want what really satisfies. Remember Christ and the Woman at the Well? "Water of Living Life such that one will never thirst again". People come to understand this, especially if they are at lesser churches that give them the same "warm fuzzies" that the world gives.

    And yes, I think below the radar is where more and more Christians will be. Martyrdom is the calling of a few. Being a Christian is the calling of us all.

  4. The lady has bats in her belfry, but that doesn't mean she's wrong.