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Wednesday, 27 March 2019

What A Friggin Schmoz

Well the Alberta elections are looming and suffice it to say, over the last couple of years we got both the gov't we voted for and deserved - good and hard! The place is emptying out and maybe that's a good thing. Back when the boom was on, every single turdie and ruby-dub in Canada thought that in Alberta the streets were paved with gold and money grew on trees.

Listening to the current crop of idiots running in the election - it still is! They are all promising services out the wazzoo, and nobody having to pay for it. Which tells me right there, that if any one of them gets elected they will do what the current idiot is doing - fill their pockets and oink up as much pork at the trough before they get the punt in the next election.

I suppose in all fairness I shouldn't be such a grump; although our current premiere is a hormonal left wing harridan - she isn't as bad as she could have been. I look at those nutter women you Yanks are contending with and I thank my lucky stars.

I am strongly tempted to vote UCP because the soy boys and she-twinks at work were bitching about them so bad - apparently the head of that party is white and Christian and nothing more needs to be said amongst the lefty/shitlibs I work with, HAR HAR HAR!!! But I look over his platform and it's all the same fluffy excrement the rest of them are pedalling: we are going to have gold plated social services, cut taxes, and make the fags and feds in Morontario pay for it!!!! They're all pandering, and they're all full of chit.

My good buddy, Flapz - is pulling the pin. He's moving out to BC to take a job because nothing around here will even come close to the pay he's being offered. He's throwing his house up for sale in a mushy market, and headed west where housing is insane. I dunno what to think about this bust cycle. On the last one, during the darkest days of the 80's, people were walking away from their homes and mortgages in droves, every other day the big companies were in the news announcing layoffs, and youth unemployment hit 37%.

I honestly don't know if I am going to vote this year.

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