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Friday, 31 May 2019

Fuggin Friday...

Whadda day.
I am getting too old for this shit.

Ethnic Feast

BARF! Dear gawd - only the fuggin Limeys could come up with 
something like that!
What are those? Herrings? Kippers?

When I was a kid mom got us all excited because she was going to make breakfast the way Grampa loved to have it. Kippers! I thought it was gonna be great.

When I woke up the next morning the smell from the kitchen was somewhere between a rancid curry and a dead fart - and I knew I was in trouble. I went to my cash hoard - and scooted out the door for some fresh air. Then I went down to 7-11 and bought some candy bars for breakfast.

I didn't escape British supper though. To this day, close to 50 years later - I still remember the culinary feast Mom had prepared: boiled cabbage, white navy beans and ham. Gawd - I still remember the stink too. I damn near barfed.

Yannow, we send all this food and supplies to those black baboons in Africa and all we ever get out of it is more blacks that need to be fed. We'd be much better off sending it to the poor Brits and Scots.


How high are these guys off the ground?

Women Of Note

Thursday, 30 May 2019

Concept Guns: The Glock Flush

Good gravey!!! That thing is an offense to the eye AND the intellect!

GAH. After that, I am feeling a bit queasy. Sorry about that, everyone! To restore our constitutions and senses, I suggest we refresh ourselves as we prepare to move on with the day!

It's 9:00 somewhere!
Have a good Thursday!

BBQ Guns

**Not legal in Canada, California and certain retard schools

Going To Pot

Well the lunacy continues up here in Canada. As everyone knows, we legalized pot and everything has been just grand. No problems whatsoever, if the mass media is any indication. I wonder though, if that shitlib mass media filter is going on for pot the way it is with stuff like say - guns - where mass murderers get the front page for weeks, and a woman shooting one at a church picnic gets a tiny blurb 12 pages back in the newspaper, and it isn't mentioned at all on the higher profile venues. We aren't worried about pot up here in Canada. We ARE worried about sugary drinks and pop though - I hear  Prime Minister Pink Socks and his hag squad are considering a tax on pop because it contributes to childhood obesity. Let it not be said that our liberals do not care about the children!

The chit was everywhere when I was a kid but I never really got into it. If a toke came round at a party I would give it a polite puff and pass it on but that was it. It never did anything for me but maybe that's because I never really gave it a chance. That stuff changed the lives of some people I know and to them it was manna from heaven. For a few it was a gateway and they got into some really nasty chemicals.

Nowadays I could go down to the store and buy a big fattie as legal as church on Sunday... but... meh. At my age, I have better things to do. Maybe when I come down with rickets, scurvy or the vapours I will use it to control my pain, HAR HAR HAR!!!

The End Is Near

It's my contention that we are watching history right now.

It seems to be happening all over the western world. In America, the only way that the Donks can win the next election is if everyone accepts the premise that the nation is predominantly racist. Or homophobic. Or sexist. If they somehow DID get elected they would do the same thing to the nation that they've done to themselves: divide it into bitterly jealous rival demographics that can't get along. You can't run a nation like that. Or a state, city, community or even a family.

Often the prospect of civil war is raised - but I wonder. At the rate their going the progressive liberals will be at war with themselves before they ever get around to the rest of us with triple digit IQ's. But whadda I know? I think it was some chinaman somewhere that once said, "Never interrupt your enemy when he's making a mistake."

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

How Old Is Too Old - To Vote

Everyone bitches about how millennials are too damned stupid to be allowed to vote and based on what I've been seeing of them lately - that's a tough one to argue against. But hell's bells, I flat out refuse to talk politics with seniors because most of them are just clued right out about things.

Most of the oldsters here are still sharp as tacks and are more conversant with current events than I am... and that INSPITE of a thoroughly discredited and pozzed mass media. But when you look at a doddering cluck like Nancy Pelosi, or an old dick head like John McCain … it doesn't matter what your politics are, it should be intuitively obvious that they should be put out to pasture. That on-going chit show with Ginsburg is getting ludicrous now. You can't run a country with geezers like that and it shows.

Is there an age where you are too old to be counted on to vote intelligently?

Friday Night Steam Goes To Hell On Tuesday

I've always been a fan of the steam punks. So I wonder what these are? Steam punkettes? 

Monday, 27 May 2019

Summer Chores

When I was a kid most of the mowers I saw were 3 or 3-1/2 HP jobs, usually powered by Briggs And Stratton. I had one or two myself and those things would spend the winter in a snow drift and still fire up on the second or third pull when they thawed out in late spring. I remember the idiots that pushed them too - old guys like I am now, living the high life behind a mower! Were they nuts? What was wrong with their heads? Cripes, there was so much to actually DO in the world... and these goofs were in heaven in the blazing sun, just plodding behind non-self propelled mowers. The loved it. I'd just shake my head in disgust and get my chores over with as quickly as possible so I could go hit the range, or peel out on the motorcycle or go out with the wife. I had a LIFE, dontchya know.

And that was a lifetime ago, it seems.

Today my mower is a big 22" Toro. I dunno how many HP it packs; I do know the engine is 159cc which is bigger than the first motorcycle I ever owned. It's a rear bagger, has an electric start, is self propelled and seems to run with the same mojo that Toros used to back in the 60's and 70's.

And now that I am an old fart, I thank my Maker to be behind that mower now too. It proves beyond all shadow of a doubt, that I am on the right side of the grass and not below it, HAR HAR HAR!!! I guess the mowers aren't the only things that have changed over time. I go out there and do a bit and then take a break, do a bit, take a break - and just move at my own pace and let the day just happen.

This week I am going to throw some fertilizer down, start dropping oils on all the machines and get everything ship-shape for summer.

I dunno what to think about you Yanks and your Memorial Day weekend. I am conflicted: the start of summer should be a time of happiness and celebrating life... and I see so many heartbreaking photos of American families gathered at the graves of their loved ones that fell in war... and part of me seems to think that sadness at this time of year is inappropriate. But then you see the kids - they are all whooping it up, to young to give a rat's ass about war, politics and remembrance - and that is what most of those guys died protecting. Were they around I'd think they'd be pleased as punch to see the little ones using the day and good weather for fun, and seeing their families close and having fun too.

Have a happy and meaningful Memorial Day you Yanks. As for me - I am off to work.

Sunday, 26 May 2019

How In The World Did I Miss This

I think it was Deb that introduced me to Harry Flashman's blog. He's only the world's best survivalist; if there ever IS a zombie apocalypse he is prepped to the point where it will probably be a vacation for him. Yet, until Deb pointed him out I'd never seen or heard of him. He's a gunny, a prepper and an accomplished pundit that is worth your time to visit.

I had never heard of The Z Man either until about a year ago. He is the only blogger I can stand on a podcast. He watches the human animal with an objectivity and sense of humour that seems to hold even when the Usual Suspects leave the rest of us spitting with rage and loading our guns. He can comment on and mock their doings in a light, cheerful way that leaves them spitting and gobbing in rage. He's been around forever too but until somebody pointed him out - he could have been on a different planet for all the notice I'd have taken.

I must live under a rock or something.

I have a darn fine blog roll if you ask me. But occasionally I luck out and still find the odd gem in Blogger Forest:

Behold the Adaptive Curmudgeon!

If you enjoy the same type of stuff I do be sure to drop in and check him out. I am going to add him to the blog roll after church and chores later today.

I see you Murkins are off on your Memorial Day weekend. Honour your absent friends and loved ones, but try and have some fun too.

Welp - either me or Mort stinks to high heaven, and given our personal hygiene habits it's probably me so I better go clean up for church.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you all have a great Sunday.


The Weapons Of My Youth


Early yesterday morning. I snuck out to go shoot before I had to be back
for chores, and my firing range was enveloped in fog.
By the time my arms were ready to fall off it was gone, and it was 
time to go home and start doing my chores.

Friday, 24 May 2019

Elsewhere: Splitting The Difference

I enjoy the various philosophers and their outlooks on life. Even at my advanced age, and old stubfart can learn a few things if he's not careful. My arch enemy, Aesop - I am going to bomb the chit out of him with my remote control crapcopters one day - has a pretty bleak but accurate take on life. Hmmmmm….. let me go over his list and apply it to my life adventure:

Stay in school---> Kinda sorta did that. Had to go back as a 'mature student'
Graduate------> After burning mountains of rotten wood and garbage in my cranium...Check!
Get married before you have kids----> A shot gun was involved, but...Check!
Stay married-----> We had some close scrapes but - thank God...Check!
Live within your means----> We are frugalists by nature, so Check!
Save for what's important---> Define 'important'? Check, kinda-sorta.
Make prudent preparations for tougher times ----> We are probably better prepped than most. Check
Don't play stupid games; don't win stupid prizes---> X To be fair I got dragged into some head games.

Much like my role model and hero over at the Treehouse (Uncle Bob) used to say: I am not a rich man... but by the grace of God Almighty... I am free. And I fully intend to stay that way for the rest of my days until I am called home. I remember my young daughter after she graduated from an arts college giving me the finger and telling me my life was a dreary write-off, and she had no intentions of making the mistakes I did. I think she and her creepy love partner had visions of galloping off and finding a job making six figures a year and thumbing their nose at me from the fast lane... Now she's in her early 30's, with adulthood and reality beating down the door...and nothing ahead in life except that of the gay artiste. She's still renting, has no car, and I don't see how she could have any savings but whadda I know? I think those two are in for a rocky road as they age … but again, whadda I know? Not my problem! As I get older I appreciate 'boring' more and more, HAR HAR HAR!!!

The Warrior Poet advocates something new and intriguing: Essentialism. Being a frugalist as I am is very different from being a disciplined and focused Essentialist like he is. Essentialism seems to rhyme with Stoicism or at least compliment it … and those are  philosophies  that I could really embrace... if I had some character, gumption and will power. I don't think I have ever met a true Stoic, myself. There are times when I can impersonate one for awhile... but eventually my guard goes down, or I lose my focus and chit starts to get under my skin when I shouldn't let it. Being a good Stoic is as hard as being a good Christian and no bones about it! And yannow… the worse things get, the more you need the resilience these philosophies promote.

This is not about eating chit and calling it ice cream.
This is about handling adversity.
There are times I can almost do it.

I will never be a true Stoic... but there are bits and pieces that are slowly falling into place. I will probably do like Uncle Bob did - by the time I get it all figured out I will keel over and croak before I can pass my scholarly thoughts on to the younger and more foolish generation! HAR HAR HAR! I wish Bob was around today. What would he make of the shenanigans going on these days?

It's not that simple, Marcus.
Or... is it?

Have a good Saturday.

Thursday, 23 May 2019

Friday Retard Road Trip

Morning Everyone!

We're busier n' all get out this morning! We're all headed out into the picturesque but lonely prairies with none other than the intrepid explorer, BW Bandy! I am in charge of preparations for the trip, and have decided to use the power of delegation to make sure everything is ready to rip before we set off on yet another exciting adventure.

M is getting the car ready and torqueing all the lug nuts to my stringent specifications.
Good work, M! Snug 'em all up good and tight!

Dammit and blast!!! Will ya lookit that!!!
They're ALL EMPTY!!!
Way to go BW. Now we'll have to stop at the liquor store on the way out!
MORE delays!
It's a good thing I'm here to catch stuff like this.

SWEET! Quartermain is becoming a star student!
He even dug a nice hole underneath the pooper!
One quibble though, Quartermain. Jack is from Texas and we are Albertans.
That hole's gonna need to be a lot bigger and deeper!

Another glitch! BP I distinctly remember having spec'd a .50 calibre
for this. What's that??? A .308? 
Sheesh. Good help is SO hard to find!

Well we have some challenges to meet before we head out on the Friday open road! You all have a great Happy Friday! 

And don't say anything rotten about us while we're gone!  :)

When We Were Kings

Who are these guys? I *think* those are Mauser rifles and the
bandolier on the gentleman on the right looks like it might be of German
Boers, maybe?

I know for a fact that they are NOT Harry and Jack; those guys
favour Rigby's and Holland & Holland.
(When they get REALLY pished they'll go to Spandaus and Maxims).

NOT Hongcouver...

Vancouver is home to plenty of froots n' nuts … but I'm 
pretty sure coconut trees don't grow there.

Summer's The Time To Burn Some Meat

Britain Finds One Of It's Shrivelled Balls

Sorry for the mental image that one conjures up (errr, wait a minute, no, no I am not). The cool kids are high fiving about the Kippers bailing out of the EU. I gotta admit... I am mightily pleased too. For the record, I stand vindicated again: this is the kind of shite that happens when you put old women in positions of power. Sure, Maggie Thatcher was a rare gem and even I would have no problem deferring to a woman like that. But for every Maggie Thatcher - you get 10 Theresa May's, 10 Rachael Notley's, and 10 Hillary Clintons. Would ya like some more, or would you like some more folks? You might want to look at what these nannies and baby sitters are charging before you vote for them.

But I digress. The Brexit is going to happen and no bones about it. This is just the beginning. The EU is going to move to punish Britain as hard as it can - because if it doesn't all the other peons they rule over might get the same idea. And some of those dead beats owe serious money to the Globalists in charge. The cheat and retreat tactics will begin in earnest now.

Uncertain times beckon.

Adventures In Diversity

"Human Biodiversity". I never really got into that area of dissident politics much. If I understand the term correctly, it acknowledges that race is NOT a social construct, that genetics count and the reality is that all men are NOT born equal. I’ve beaten my head against the wall on that one often enough with stupid people and now I just don’t bother anymore. I now work in a vibrant and diverse environment where the managers are three white guys. Our buyer is a young clipper that can’t speak English, our middle managers are hormonal young women, and our senior sales guy in the Edmonton office is a lazy, arrogant packie that thinks he’s a king because he can afford to drive a 2007 Honda Civic. He never makes sales calls and spends most of his time in the office gibbering on the phone with his buddies and relatives.

Age and experience has taught me that the best way to approach this shit is just do your work and a little more. That allows me to operate outside the chain of command, pecking order, heirarchy or whatever you want to call it. A solid work ethic trumps this kind of idiocy; I don't have to worry about problems with them - they have to worry about problems with me. And - since I'm too busy doing my job - I don't have time to get caught up in their bullchit.  The added bonus is that I now have enough financial freedom that if things ever DO get to vibrant for me - I can just walk away with minimal stress. Vibrant politics become much more entertaining when you can watch the monkeys dancing - and not be one of them yourself.

The Froots Of Progressive Political Correctness

On Mastery

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Know Your American Politicians

I know who the donkey on the right is...but who is that
On the left?
Did Kamala dye her hair?

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Permission To Smoke ... graciously given...

Vintage Splendour

Urban Art

Proof ...

… that Emissaries From Heaven can ruin everything - even the idealized nostalgaic memories of better days, with better people:

Just another fine day here at Uncle Bob's Institute For Wayward Boys - where the incorrigible and deplorable rule the roost! Have a great Tuesday!

Tough Guys

Back when I was a kid our tough guys were real actors like Arnie, Sylvester, Chuck and Van Damme. Nowadays they're all a bunch a CG flimps! Even the bad guys are the products of special effects!

Good to see there are still some hold outs!  :)

The Weapons Of My Youth

Monday, 20 May 2019


I got an introduction to the real world back when Flapz went through his first divorce. Tearing up a marriage is hard enough;  but what really stunk to high heaven about it was the legal aspect of it. I used to look down my long nose with disdain at those messy divorces where the use of thermonuclear warheads, land mines, gill nets, and any other unsporting weapons were brought into play. Even the kids became weapons the couples used against each other and I just boggled at how something like that could happen. But Flapz clued me in. It works like this: the lawyer for the old lady will make some outrageous demands as part of the legal 'negotiations' of the separation. The fella's lawyer will make some equally outrageous counter-offer - and right there, the whole thing turns into an adversarial shit show. The lawyers feed the fight and fan the flames as longer, protracted legal battles mean more $$$$ for them. They don't give a shit about fairness, the kids, their clients - and it shows in all the horror stories that come from family courts. When my brother and his wife divorced, they were at least smart about it: they bought a $200.00 Home Divorce Kit, negotiated everything face to face, and split everything 50/50. There were no battles for child support or gouging - and the legal beagles that were in involved were utterly disgusted with the whole business because they got maybe $175.00 for witnessing and notarizing fees and that was it. That was back in the 90's so it probably costs more now.

I have been watching the polarization of America, and much of that is being seen in Canada as well. The mass media was taking the same role in it the same way the lawyers delighted  nasty legal battles. When they got a little to obvious about it and lost their objectivity - they got sidelined and the battles went to the social media where partisan battles could be waged personally - and now we are seeing ridiculous problems with so-called hate speech, censorship, deplatforming, sensitivity mobs - and gawd only knows what other sorts of lunacy.

This is worth your time.
There are two or three others covering the manipulation
of Facebook and Twitter as well.

I like Destin. I learned how a helicopter actually flies from him, how a solid state gyroscope works, and all kinds of other interesting things. I love his enthusiasm and I admire his objectivity and restraint as he delved into this. To my knowledge, he is the only social media personality that has attempted anything like this.

The whole thing leaves me conflicted. For me, the killing of the gatekeepers in the mass media was a huge victory for mankind. All of a sudden we could talk directly with the movers and shakers without the arrogant, pompous dregs of the media trade having any say whatsoever. In doing that - we've also unleashed some monsters that will destroy our lives with the same casual disregard that divorce lawyers do when they ruin the lives of their clients.

But the tech giants are by no means innocent; they are abusing the censorship and hate laws the same way the morons in the old mass media did.. and that has to stop, one way or another. Some very interesting times have started.

Another Fine Monday Morn...

Saturday, 18 May 2019

Saturday Morning Gun Leather

There's a gun chick out there among the gunnies with an incredibly sharp tongue and an exceedingly dull wit who considers herself God's gift to pistolcraft. Who knows, maybe she is - if you consider pistolcraft to be pulling your gat and shooting a hobgoblin twice in the chest at seven yards. In her last scholarly screed she proclaimed those kydex abortions to be the  best holsters for the job - and some guy on the internet agreed with her so it just had to be true! And that fella said something to the effect that folks preferring leather did so out of sexual preference - and then made some stupid joke about "butt-hurt". Bah. Sharp tongues, dull minds. It seems to me that when these internet scholars drag sex into a discussion - it's usually done by homely women with asses that are two axe handles wide, and cellar dwelling spaghetti armed soy boys fighting terminal acne. Kydex holsters are about as sexy as the people that use them - so maybe there's something to that, who knows. I have no problem with sexy leathers as long as they're tasteful.

I like big guns. Not necessarily big calibres, but heavier, bulkier pistols that lend themselves to target and camp work. My guns are large framed pistols and autos and do not lend themselves to discreet or concealed carry.

That would be a super way to carry a large frame gun,
a blade, and pretty much anything else a lady would
need for everyday.
And to my eye...that is pretty sexy. Off with her head, I guess!

Oh my goodness This one's right up my alley. Look
at the finish - simple and elegant.
Why you'd put a piece a shit in a holster like
that is beyond me though.
Gun like that would be better in a kydex holster,

I dunno if these are for the ladies or the guys. No, it's not gender
confusion (although you'd be correct to suspect it these days) -
It's that women thusly attired are a treat for
men to behold too.  :)

For me, if I were to carry, I would go for something elegant, clean and simple.
Carrying a gun is serious business; and the idea
of embellished holsters with extensive tooling and garish conchos
flies in the face of that.
Having said that, there is a place for elegance, simplicity, and utility
to coexist side by side.

This'd be fine for any BBQ work. Exotic leathers can be stunningly 
beautiful (and functional).

Oh, fuggoff, Quartermain!
Can't I do ONE single scholarly lecture without
some tard showing up to ruin everything?!!?

The kydex tactical holster has a time and a place. Squaddies and law enforcement officers are tough on their guns and equipment even when things get tame. They are constantly bumping and scraping against stuff, and the holster and the gun are going to take a beating. When things get serious those guys often find themselves way too close to seriously bad people. Retaining the gun and control of it is a serious issue.

For the rest of us, our wits and our eyes are going to be our primary self defense. Don't run with stupid, violent people. Avoid areas where they coagulate. Use your gun on the range for fun as God intended. You will have to periodically care for good leather the same as you care for a good gun. Such maintenance is good and therapeutic for the soul too; it's something you should enjoy.

As for me... looks like I have to step outside with Quartermain again! It's going to be a bumfight of epic proportions!!! Wish I could follow my own advice!  :)

The rest a ya's - have a great Saturday and thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, 16 May 2019

Explosion Hazards

I just love these two. They are right on the edge of their abilities, pushing themselves and their instruments as far as they'll go. Watch their hands - they look like they're gonna catch fire - and the chick watches the fella and forms up on him the way the fighter pilots do at an airshow. It's poetry in motion.

I was listening to this on the iPad in the crapper and the friggin thing couldn't take the punishment and exploded! You'd be wise to play this one on a stout desk or laptop just in case.

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

So THAT'S How It Happened...

The other day I was flabbergasted to find out I have way, way too many guns. I am going to start selling them off this weekend. It's friggin ridiculous! Who the hell bought all these damn things anyways? And what was that idiot thinking???

We may never know.

DON'T Do This

Always use the black industrial sockets with impacts and the bigger power
bolting tools.
I will not tolerate any dissention on this issue.