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Thursday, 23 May 2019

Adventures In Diversity

"Human Biodiversity". I never really got into that area of dissident politics much. If I understand the term correctly, it acknowledges that race is NOT a social construct, that genetics count and the reality is that all men are NOT born equal. I’ve beaten my head against the wall on that one often enough with stupid people and now I just don’t bother anymore. I now work in a vibrant and diverse environment where the managers are three white guys. Our buyer is a young clipper that can’t speak English, our middle managers are hormonal young women, and our senior sales guy in the Edmonton office is a lazy, arrogant packie that thinks he’s a king because he can afford to drive a 2007 Honda Civic. He never makes sales calls and spends most of his time in the office gibbering on the phone with his buddies and relatives.

Age and experience has taught me that the best way to approach this shit is just do your work and a little more. That allows me to operate outside the chain of command, pecking order, heirarchy or whatever you want to call it. A solid work ethic trumps this kind of idiocy; I don't have to worry about problems with them - they have to worry about problems with me. And - since I'm too busy doing my job - I don't have time to get caught up in their bullchit.  The added bonus is that I now have enough financial freedom that if things ever DO get to vibrant for me - I can just walk away with minimal stress. Vibrant politics become much more entertaining when you can watch the monkeys dancing - and not be one of them yourself.


  1. Race is NOT a social construct, but society IS a racial construct. Each race makes a society that fits it, and fits no other.