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Wednesday, 31 July 2019

When The World Was A Bigger Place

Oot N Aboot

Yesterday I had some very important chores to take care off. I had to go pick up some arrow making supplies at the archer pro shop, and stop by the Black Rifle Coffee company store they just opened up over in Prince Albert. I've been wanting to try the coffee for a couple months now but never got round to it.

I fell in love with the place the second I pulled in! I didn't see a single Prius, faggot, soccer mom, or UFO the whole time I was there!!! HAR HAR HAR!!! 

I was the second guy there in the morning...

I want to say up front I love King Peter and Queen Mary. One a things that drives me nuts about them is that they want to do coffee at Starcucks - the guys that are in the nooz all the time for their SJW execs, race-lecturing barristas, pervert-friendly washrooms, etc. The coffee isn't that great either. I just drink whatever the cheapest black coffee is there and I make a point of not leaving tips. But I enjoy listening to my royals run their mouths and bloviating a bit myself too.

Unfortunately they didn't have the coffee bar set up yet but they were selling bagged coffee and the rude merchandise of their brand.

It followed me home...

I even found a rude tee shirt in XR (Extra Rotund) size! Woohooo!!!!

I guess they do a lot of support work for the vets so … I hope the coffee is good, and that those kids make a million bucks.

Your Wednesday Highland Rifles

Wonder what the rifles are? Sniders? Enfields?

Modern Scots pipes and rifles...

Tuesday, 30 July 2019


For the last little while I have been green with jealousy of  the Adaptice Curmudgeon. He's got his hands full with Operation OLD GUY and has even commenced naval operations. For the last year I have been cooped up in an office with ringing phones, vibrants, deadlines, angry customers, psychotic customers and a few honestly confused ones that were genuinely deserving of help and assistance - and when I got home after school all I wanted to do was have supper and flop out. It's pretty much why I quit.

Before I go looking for work I am having a quick holiday to take care of the important stuff and maybe blow some dust off the ol' brain box - and I now have formulated a plan for that.

Flapz is in Chilliwack BC and has been stockpiling cheap cigars and booze that we can't get up here in Aaaaaadmontin. Flapz is close to the border and apparently an accomplished smuggler, HAR HAR HAR!!! I am going to fire up Big Red, go down and relieve him of some of his hoard and maybe get rid of that bottle of Balvenie that I got from my ex-employers as an enticement to quit.

I've only ever camped off a motorcycle once and maybe it is time to do it again. I have a big 3 man, four season tent that is too big for what I have planned. I wanted a bivvy tent just big enough to roll out a fart sack and maybe keep some small items in - and King Peter came to the rescue.

Holy Mackeral!! Pete has great taste in gear...

This should be a good time...   :)

Father Of The Year

I was laughing at The Warrior Poet - he's been sword swinging for ten years now. What he does is a martial art. My response to his blade is my bow. I can shoot for as long as my arm will go and feel a hundred times better when I'm done.

I have heard it said that for traditional bowmen it takes 10 years of hard work and constant practice to make a proficient archer. I sincerely believe it - I have only ever seen two in my life and those guys were poetry in motion. The old 'stickbows' stack up when drawn, and have no pulleys or let off. The old English war bows had draw weights equal to three grown men at full draw. Archeologists can identify the remains of archers because their skeletal structures and musculature deformed under loads like that. Shooting those bows was instinctual, like throwing a baseball. Properly done, a symbiotic relationship sets up between the archer and his bow and the weapon becomes an extension of the man.

Compound bows probably take about half that. You can be proficient enough to hunt in the first year... but to engage long range targets at unknown distances takes a lot of time and skill to develop. In my younger days I had between 100 and 200 arrows a day coming off my bow and began to hassle the cool kids and competitors that were sponsored and bankrolled by the big manufacturers. I tried to get my daughter into it and she even said she might take up the bow again in our last conversation - slightly before it went south. I hope she did.

The little ones are too small for any serious shooting - but they are plenty old enough to have fun. May their arrows always fly straight and true - and yours as well.

The Hotel Quartermain

By comparison, Hugh Hefner was a paltry poseur.

Slowin' Down

Yesterday we ran a law enforcement sweep over at Centennial Park looking to make life hard on senior delinquents. There were no sinister seniors skulking about but they had the retarded kids out on a field trip - and they just loved the dawgz. One of the younger ones got Mort in a bear hug and didn't want to let him go - and Mort was just pleased as punch with himself. I'm strongly tempted to write him up for his antics … but the tards were just fine with it all.

The minders for them were all black vibrants imported from over the rainbow but they were affable too. I think we need to be honest with these "Diversity is our strength!" fucks. All they are doing is  importing an underclass for cheap labour. They are also giving away the jobs that our own kids should be doing. I suppose those elderly baby booming shits may yet live to rue their actions - when they are in The Home and being cared for by vibrants instead of their own kids. But...bah! That's politics, somebody wake me up when the shooting starts, HAR HAR HAR!!!

This puddle has an especially earthy
bouquet and is slightly gritty on the palate.

It was all a little too much for Miss Macey. She was just dragging by the time we got back to the Dawgmobile. I have to lift her in and out these days. We did the math: she's 91 dog years old this year. I don't know how much time she has left but I am going to do my best to see that she enjoys them as much as possible.

We will cut the Dog Patrol back by 50% and see how she does. The senior  delinquents are admonished not to get cocky - we may be old, but we are still excellent super heroes and crime fighters!

Have a good Tuesday.

Monday, 29 July 2019

Ice Breakers

Hi Hoe Hi Hoe

Week two of the new lifestyle diet is nearly done. I should be down anywhere from 6~8 lbs. The weekend was tough - I've been trying to cut the carbs way back but when the wife left some rice cakes unguarded I fell on them like a starving lion - I couldn't stop gobbling! Before I knew it they were all gone! But afterward I was okay. I can't blow them completely out of my diet so I will make sure to have them in controlled doses going forward. Because of my lack of self control I passed on the bibibap Korean supper I had planned. 

The other benefits of the diet seem to be offset by the cravings from time to time. It is all too easy to forget I don't get stomach upsets anymore, my joints are moving much better, and my back aches are starting to abate. I don't look like that...whatever it is in the pic above... but I am not far behind him either! I still have a long, long way to go.

Something Strange Is Going On Up At Fort Mac

Oddball Monday

Now I have seen everything.

When I was a kid I woulda loved to have ol' Yorggie 
for a father or big brother.
He spends much of his time making ridiculous weapons
full auto rubber band guns and the like.
He gives policemen and teachers alike nightmares.

I just don't know WHAT to make of that. Just getting the performance out of such a compact bow is not enough; they have to be accurate too. I notice our esteemed vlogger doesn't delve into that. I have never seen the like of that bow here in Canada... wonder if it is because some pastey faced liberal politician wet the bed after seeing it and worried about 'assault bows' or something? I shouldn't be a dink, I suppose - even if they were available I wouldn't buy one. I don't find conventional bows all that cumbersome for what I do.

Sunday, 28 July 2019

Sometimes There Is No Morality

BP has an interesting one up over at Camp Borepatch where I just recently got spanked (and rightfully so) for not expressing myself concisely. I was pelted with rotten vegetables and eggs and forced to recant and re-express my views. We will see if the moral and intellectual authorities will accept it and grant me pardon.

What caught my interest is in how he went about making his point against what he thought I had said. My intent here isn't to crap on anyone or start a fight. But I see things very differently nowadays that I have fallen in with the rabble of dissident conservatives. Confusing me more are the tenets of my faith which has to coexist with my dissident values. As a dissident I ask questions that infuriate our leaders and moral authoritarians on a regular basis. They go ballistic when I can't answer those same questions myself.

For example - BP can't blame the snappily clad Nazi Party for the industrialized slaughter of the Jews in WW2. That is patently false: a couple hundred leather elbowed paper pushers and grandstanding gas bags could not mass murder 6 million Jews. It was done by the German people, regular working class slobs like you and me. At least tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands were involved. They pointed the guns, they ran the trains, they worked in the camps. In their millions they rolled over Poland and into the USSR, and flattened the fwench.  Today Hitler is a boogeyman the Krauts hang all their sins on. In my high school teachers told us that Hitler was a master orator, who spoke so well that he misguided millions of people and set the world on fire. What errant bullshit! Those people knew what they were doing. Contrary to the social engineers, Hitler was not a sorcerer or the devil incarnate - he capitalized on hatreds and fears that he shared with the German people. They made him, not the other way around.

And - what of the Jews? Oh - they were just innocent people, in the wrong place at the wrong time, right? Well... I am even beginning to question that. There is no magic oratory going that could make me slaughter them, or you. Schlubs like us have better things to do than torturing people and making soap and lampshades out of them. So - what happened? Was it possible the Jews themselves had a hand in their own unpopularity? Look at the doings of high profile Jews in America today: Rosenstein. Feinstein. Epstein. Weinstein. I personally have no problem with Jews and I stand behind Israel 100%... but even I am seeing a pattern here. But then I have to check myself again - IS there a pattern there, or is that the pattern somebody wants me to see?

Stalin's purges are same thing again - his entire regime was supported from the peon right to the top. The fact is the Russians killed more Jews than the Germans did and that hardly ever gets mentioned. Historically, Jews have been thrown out of every country they've settled in at one time or another. I've never had a problem with them, but at some point a lot of others have - and not just the Nazis.

At the end of WW2, largely forgotten today by most, was the idea that "I was just following orders" was no excuse for immoral crimes against our fellow man. At what point do we become complicit in the doings of our gubbimints?

That's the problem of staring into the faces of these monsters too long - eventually they start staring back into you... so we invent narratives and ideologies and spackle over the rough spots and call it good. Or we turn our back on it and say 'It's none a my business...".

Perhaps that's our lot in life. We kill each other, and God will sort us out afterward? Somebody once said that people get the gov't they want and deserve, and I don't think they are wrong.

Have a great Sunday.

Saturday, 27 July 2019

Next Crapcopter Experiment


Oh shit - Shhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Don't anyone tell those old geezers, Aesop or Pete!!! They will be my first targets! I was going to use a hobby drone to maybe drop my squishy underwear on them from high altitude - but why do that... when you can fry them instead?

Death From Above!!!!!!

The rest a ya's - be afraid!!!! Be very afraid!!!!

Rock Bottom...Again

The diet is really beginning to bite hard now. The other day we almost had a 5 alarm domestic dispute because the wife refused to make me some un-buttered popcorn. It was a direct order - and she mutinied, saying that I'd had enough damned calories and that if I wanted it I'd have to get off my lazy ass and get it myself. So I bravely went without and was pleased as punch for doing so on the weigh scale today. Ordinarily I'd seriously punish her for such insubordination... but I am too lazy for that too. By the grace of God I am still in! I can take this weight off!!!!

Summer Holidays

Yesterday we got a rare day of sunshine and just decided to head out for a little motoring. It was my first day between jobs and I may have a bit of a holiday before resuming the job search. The wife even had the day off so we saddled Big Red up and did a half day trip. Out east is a little town called Lavoy. It was mostly a ghost town off the main highway, but the yuppies are trickling in and buying the old buildings and slowly refurbing them. I expect in the next decade all influences of Old Alberta will be gone, to be replaced by homosexual artisan exiles, potters, urban bee keepers and the like.

Last week at work one of my contractors said that he will
be installing solare on this old hotel.
The trees that embrace the building will have to go if that is the case.
I could make a rude joke about sacrificing CO2 scrubbers for 
solar power... but environmentalism is not the goal of most environmentalists.

On the other side of the street from this hotel was an old antiques store. For about the last ten years they have been running a "Going Out Of Business Sale" and I figgered I better drop in to snag any last minute bargoons that may be available... but they had finally gone out of business and the old business was up for sale.

We took highway 36 north up to Two Hills and had a delicious veggie picnic and coffee. (The wife is on a diet too and she's having the same fun that I am having with it, HAR HAR HAR!) Ordinarily we'd have dropped into a local eatery for lunch. Maybe one day, if we can get this damned weight off.

Jet Boil is the official camp stove of the blogs "Nails And Sawdust"
and Mad Jack's Shack.
It boils water for coffee like a champ - that's for sure.

I didn't recognize the town until we were on the way out and on the way home. We passed another old hotel that me, Rotten Rob and Baloney Bob crashed at 100 years ago. We were finished with a successful hunting trip and way to drunk to drive - and we pulled in piled up there. I still remember the hangover. Gawd, we were stupid.

The bike is running like a champ, I have  4th degree sunburn on my face today...  But life is good.

Have a great Saturday.

Filthie Landscapes

Thursday, 25 July 2019

Today's Idle Threats And Verbal Abuse

Today's Animal Abuse

The Obsolete Man: Last Day Behind Enemy Lines

Well today was my last day at the solar power company. I wasn't even officially unemployed yet - when the cell phone went off with a rude text from BW telling me to get off my arse and get a job! The bloody nerve!!! I'm still mad about it!!! I should go on welfare just to teach him a lesson!

Working in the solar power industry has been a wonderful experience in so many ways. It's the damnedest thing: as you would expect from a solar power company - everyone here was a full fledged greentard member of the Gaia Cult. And lord, were we ever vibrant and diverse! We were a carefully balanced staff of wahmen, chinamen, negroes, pakies, and other garden variety simians. Diversity was only for us lower echelon peons of course - the three managers were all lily white white males - but they went to great lengths to signal their virtue. We even had a flaming dyke and an ethnic faggot too. The women were in their late 20's and mid 30's and ran the middle management. They were heavily tattooed and had more metal on their faces than I have in my tackle box. (I think they had some of the same lures I do too, come to think of it! HAR HAR HAR!!!!). I got to spend the year rubbing shoulders with The New Progressives, right in their own back yards. Oh, if they only knew! What would they have done if they'd found out I was one of those icky Christians like Gorges Grouse? Or a filthy climate heretic like Borepatch? Or a racist bigot like Wirecutter? Or a homophobic cretin like... like me, I suppose! HAR HAR HAR!!!

This morning I looked over my wardrobe for the right shirt to wear on my last day. I had one that said "Incitatus For Senate" that was awesome - the Stasi didn't know whether that one was seditionist or not. I had an oilfield shirt with a company logo and a derrick on it that was inappropriately captioned, "Your Hole Is Our Goal". I had one from my former employere: "Tools For Studs With Big Nuts" that would have triggered all the women and probably the faggot as well. In the end I chose to maintain my cover and wore a respectable golf shirt.

If they knew who I was, I strongly suspect the bottle would 
be spiked with urine or rat poison.
I won't take any chances though - I will be sure to pour a glass for
somebody expendable like BW or Jack to make sure it is safe first.
I suppose I shouldn't be such a dink - the bottle
was a gesture of respect that they didn't have to make.
Fella like me probably is more deserving of the Bum's Rush
out the door.

So - what did I learn after a year with my political enemies, functioning as I did in their own courts, right under their noses? Quite a bit, actually.

One day the dyke came to work with her daughter because of baby sitter issues or something. I even saw her love partner that day and I could see the train wreck coming for this little 'family' a mile away. The girl was dirty, slovenly and fat, just like her 'mom'. I said nothing and zipped my lip. Our paki was an outside salesman that never made sales calls and spent his days watching OyTube and letting me do his work for him. The management thinks the sun shines out his bunghole and I was content to leave them with that impression. Both of the girls are domineering hags that are 'hitting the wall hard" in their mid-30's. They're getting fat, but you can tell by their demeanour that they probably had looks once, and that they probably wrapped the men in their lives round their little fingers. Both will be divorced in a couple a years - and I will cover any bet you'd like to make on that. My manager was a young fella in his mid-30's just coming off a divorce of his own. I could have explained a few 'red pill' concepts to him - but it wasn't my place. I was here to observe because these are the leaders and movers and shakers of tomorrow - and I am just a stupid old stubfart that is an artifact from another time. One thing was common to all these people: they were basically all good sorts - but they have no rudder. They're trying their best to be good people, but poz and political correctness and chithouse agendas prevent them from doing so. Some of them are hurting bad now - for others the worst is yet to come. Just as the Yank democrat party is tearing itself apart with such nonsense down south ... this company will eventually do the same. It's inevitable and I think that is why the owners sold it. The other thing I noticed is that these folk are not really capable of any reasoned critical thought. They can't see the consequences of their actions at all. When bad things happen to them it's never their fault; bad things happen because of Nazis, bigots and haters - and guys like me. When they crash and burn they are going to take people with them. There is no saving them, or talking to them or reasoning with them. All you can do is STFU and try and not get any on ya when Darwin and Murphy decide that they've had enough of their chit.

I used to hate these people but now I see them differently, somehow. Uncle Bob said that some people waste their lives searching for meaning in their existence and will never find it without a functioning  knowledge of virtue and vice. As usual he was absolutely right about that. I'd seen enough - and it was time for me to leave. I didn't belong there. I wish them all the best of course, and hope like hell I am wrong about what the future holds for them. It's time for me to admit my obsolescence, and get the hell out of the way for whatever the future brings. I have faith that ultimately - good things will come of all this.


I am going to take a couple weeks off before resuming the job hunt. Maybe jump on Big Red and see where the road goes. For now - it is time for a well earned break.

The Filthie Time Machine: Some Interesting Videeyahs...

As I age I find myself ever more disgusted with modern times and all the bullshit that goes along with them. I've started watching the old world craftsmen on OyTube and have found others that go out of their way to connect with their heritage, even as mouth breathing cretins try to revise it to suit the politically correct narrative of the present.

Even cutting the cheese was different back in the colonial days!
re-connecting with our past is going to be vitally important
in these days where vibrant progressives find 
white heritage to be racist and foul.

I could (and do watch that stuff for hours).

With life and all the bother, it looks like I missed the Great Alberta Shoot again this year. It's a shooting event where Private McKenzie and the Victorian Riflemen gathered together to display their martial skills and advanced combat techniques.  A bunch of old stubfarts got together and shot and admired antique rifles, and had a hell of a time acting like children. I watch this stuff and it is like balm to my soul. I was going to buy a Martini or a Snider and go down at one point ... but life intervened and I never got round to it. Maybe next year...

Normal people can probably skip the videeyah.
This is mandatory viewing for chronologically disturbed black powder geeks 

So, it looks like the boys have upped their game this year and are engaging the Enemies Of The Crown with paper cartridges! Hmpffff!!! Fellas... I dunno what to think of that.

Back in my day I could make my front-stuffer shoot like a champ - but I mopped the bore between the shots, and had to find an oddball bullet mould that threw lightweight conicals that would stabilize heavy loads in the 1:48 twist of my Spaghetti Plains rifle. How I would love to shoot an Enfield or a Springfield!

Maybe in the days ahead I will be able to lay my grubbers on an old world gat and have some real fun.

Wednesday, 24 July 2019

How In Bloody Blue Blazes Did i Get Here?

Welp - my first week of the rest of my life eating like an adult is almost over. I am down about six pounds already. I am not excited about that; I have so far to go, and there will be ups and downs along the way... but it's a start.

I am not really 'dieting' so much as eating properly. The cravings and metabolism seem to be settling a bit and as it does I have started to realize how unnecessary all this was. There is just so much good food to eat that is good FOR you - but every day for years I ate crap and was always hungry for more.

At the height of my career I was an accomplished caber tosser.
That was a pipe I laid in 2017 after a Bronto BBQ
over at Jack's.
The Texans are claiming victory on this one because they cooked the food
that made it possible - but it took an ALBERTAN to process it!
Maybe we should all just be gentlemen
and share this great victory of this achievement between us.

I was seriously scared about this at first. A life without pizza? And chicken wings..?!?!? How's a fella supposed to live like that???  Cripes, I thought - I would croak without meat and bread! But - lord, I'd forgotten how good pickles are. And there are some really good dietary 'cheats' that can keep you satisfied and on target too. I got one from my arch enemy, Pete - over at the Bayou Renaissance Man. (I think it was him, I could be wrong) - but he gets a soup stock boullion cube and throws it in some hot water and has a coup of soup instead of tea... and that is a real treat after eating rabbit food.

Other things are happening too: aches and pains in joints seem to be tapering off a bit and I seem to be getting some flexibility back a bit. It's the damnedest thing. Of course, eating like a rabbit makes me crap like one - so there are some disadvantages I guess, HAR HAR HAR!!!

There are those that associate stupidity with obesity and maybe they are right to do so; I am in no position to refute that argument for one inclined to make it. The cure for obesity is the same as the cure for stupidity - and that is using your smarts!

We'll see how well I make out with that - for now, the smart money is, as it's always been - on Darwin and Murphy.

Happy Hump Day everyone!

Tuesday, 23 July 2019

The Martini Henry Lever Gun

The historical pattern in firearms development was that the muzzleloaders came first, to be replaced by single shot cartridge guns. The new cartridge guns were game changers on the battlefield because they allowed the shooter to load and fire much faster.

The most interesting guns (to my mind) were those that started out as muzzleloaders, but got converted to cartridge guns later. Examples of that would be the Yank 'trapdoor Springfield'. Up here in Canukistan we have the wonderful Snider rifle.

For the life of me I can't think of a rifle that was designed as a single shot, and then modified to become a repeater. That's why I did a double take when I saw this Martini-Henry conversion. From what I read, it was unreliable and untrustworthy so it never went into actual production. Just looking at it, I wonder how you'd put sights on it to aim it...?

Looks like the Martini-Henry repeater will forever be a rifle only for the "steam punks", or eccentric fithie crufflers - like yours truly.

Elemental Forces

Breakfast In Canada

Well just about a week's gone by since I started eating like a responsible adult and I am already down 3 pounds. (Mind you, for an Albertan (or even a Texan) that is just a moderately sized shit). What's more important is setting up responsible eating habits and patterns.

I hate berry pies but I could eat that thing in one gulp right now.

Right now the rules are easy: I will eat as much as I want of veggies, but cut the carbs, starches and proteins way back. I am going to see a dietician in a week or three just to make sure everything is on the up and square medically... but for now, just changing my habits is the goal. Unfortunately I have an addictive personality. I used to smoke and chew and went nuts trying to quit - and when I did I started eating instead. Mostly crap food too.

Don't think I could ever get hungry enough to eat that....

There's no magic bullet for guys like me. It's one day at a time, one pound at a time. I'm actually losing weight faster than I want right now; about a pound or two a week is what the medicos seem to think is reasonable. I look in the mirror and wonder what drove me to this? I am way too smart to be this heavy.

There we go. That right there is breaky done right.
A couple a eggs, some …. sob...toast....

Goddammitalltohell!!!! I am doing alright! The hardest part of anything like this is getting started. I have another couple tough weeks before metabolisms settle and routines take form... but I will get there. I might slip and eat Mort or Quartermain along the way... but I'll just keep chuggin'.

You do the same! And have a great Tuesday!

Tuesday Morning Comics

Sunday, 21 July 2019

When They Were Queens

The Trappings Of Wealth

Improvised Weapons Of Incredible Destructive Power: Cabbage

These filthy American pig-dog tankers have
been forced into submission by
Mother Earth Herself!!!
Start your victory garden today!

Oh hey everyone! I also wanted to tell ya that I got a job as a star reporter for CNN!

Today’s Animal Abuse

Old World Wisdom

The Filthie Gourmet

I bet even I could cook this -

Not ony will I learn to cook it - I will learn to eat it too!

I caught the very hell of it from my doctor earlier this week. Turns out I am pre-diabetic, overweight and possibly flirting with cancer. That last one isn't confirmed but I have to get a few more tests done. I am not all that worried about it... when your number is up, it's up. If it's not today, it will come soon enough. Which reminds me that I gotta pick up on the pace on reading through my Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. I stalled halfway through the Old Testament for some reason.

Needless to say my diet changed overnight and now I eat like an adult. Basically my diet is the Canada Food Guide with the proteins and carbs cut back a bit. All the fad diets be damned - there is no magic to it: unless you have a metabolic or health issue, if ya eat right and exercise ya don't get fat. It's hard to do.

For now I am in a metabolic snap - going from 'eat what ya want and die like a man' to eating like a sensible senior...HAR HAR HAR!!! Suffice it to say I feel kind of odd right now. It will go away once my body adjusts, but for now I feel wiped right out!

I fully intend to cheat on this diet bullshit but with extreme prejudice and moderation. Next week for a treat I am going to gobble some bibimbap. Might learn how to use chopsticks too.

Wish me luck with the diet everyone! Y'all have a great Sunday and watch what you eat - especially you old farts!

Saturday, 20 July 2019

Behold The Octogun


When I was a kid I shot a salamander with a 22 shotshell
at less than ten yards
It rolled him over and he skittered into the weeds and was gone.

Get Your Bongos Out Everyone! 50 Years Of Spaced Based Racism!!!

50 years ago I was in the living room of my kindergarten teacher with the other kids, watching Neil Armstrong skipping and jumping on the moon. I didn't think much of it at the time because I was a tot, and I was assured that in a few years all us kids would be doing the same. It was the Space Age!

You know the tune, everyone ~ get
your gabba gabba weebeejaba

A short time later I realized that it wasn't just my position in the family as the youngest child. I realized my mother was an idiot when she proclaimed the space program was a waste of money that'd be better off spent here on earth helping poor people. (To be fair a lot of other idiots agreed with her). I learned what welfare was, and it didn't make sense. I decided I'd better ask Pop about it. Pop started to sputter about darkies and niggers and mom told him to shut it - and that was that for that. It was perplexing because I knew Mom was full of shit, but all the cartoons and books I read assured me she was correct, and that we really hadn't gotten past the slavery issues that were supposedly settled back in the time of the American civil war.

And of course today, after countless billions spent on programs to equalize The Negro - they are still mired in their ghettos with the rats and the drugs. Africa is still a shit hole. The only difference is there's more of them now that need to be cared for now. And the usual white tards still make excuses for them. Lost on everyone is that there hasn't been any REAL racism in North America for over 50 years.

Instead of skipping across the face of the moon and getting around with a jet pack - I live in a world where everything is racist. And - if it isn't racist, then it's sexist, or homophobic or hateful.

We shouldn't let blacks, or queers, or feminists get away with this shite. It's obviously not good for us... and it does them no favours either. They're still failing, they're still unhappy, and they're blaming everyone but themselves for it.

Bah! We can't start a weekend off on a note like that! Let us celebrate the accomplishments of our space faring ancestors with an eye toward some fun and mischief.

The Old Negro Space Program

The moon and planets still wait, thankfully. Have a great Saturday.  ;)

Friday, 19 July 2019

Expanding (And Insulting) The Intellect

This blog has been an ongoing insult to the intelligence for a couple years now. Insulting the intellect is not easy. Retards have the armour of stupidity to shield them; and men of principle and worth don't care what lesser men think of them. Developing this skill takes an incredibly focused mind; and I think we can all agree that sums me up - in a nutshell.

I've studied under philosopher kings like Uncle Bob. I've discussed prose and tactics with warrior poets. I've duelled with and slain mutineers, rebels, and exiles. I've been enlightened by intellectuals and explorers.

Looks like it's time for me to add to my education again! Thanks for stopping by, Joe. You are warned in advance that you can and will be judged by the company you keep!

On to the blog roll he goes.

The Great White Hunter

No, I am not talking about WL Emery and his Rigby rifles and safaris.  I am talking about YOU. I have just seen something that offends me on every level that counts for a man: ethics, morals, and sportsmanship! Lookit these ridiculous pieces a chit!

Range finding bow sights? Hork! Spit!!!!

I see stuff like that and hope there really is a goddess or an
angel that welcomes the souls of the animals we kill into the next world.
It is all to easy to treat the prey with contempt
rather than respect.

It's a bad argument to get into as a sportsman. And it's usually stupid old farts like me that do it! I suppose I better leave the lid on that can of worms: how much tech do you need before it becomes unsporting? A couple years ago some old Fudd in the gun rags said "AR15's don't belong in the hunting field!" and he got crucified for it. Hmmmmm. How much tech or advantage DO you need?

Many would say my high tech compound bow is too much. I would reply that my compound is just perfect for an old fart that can no longer pull the poundages that a strong young man can - and besides, most of my shooting is recreational.

My advice is this: do it RIGHT. Practice your marksmanship so you can shoot in your sleep. Don't waste your money on rangefinders, lasers or other gimmicks. Ranging is a skill easily required - take the dog for a walk and pace out the stuff you come across as you go. You'd be surprised at how accurate you get. Take the right attitude - you are out there for fun and meat and that's it! If you are out there to stroke your ego by any means possible... you need to pick some other hobby to do it with.

Learning to shoot and hunt well are skills that are not magnified by tech and artificialities and gizmos.

Just my two cents - y'all have a great Friday.

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Missing The Forest For The Trees

This kid will have a formidable intellect if he manages
to grow up.

You'd have to be made out of stone not to laugh at the shenanigans going on with the Yank Donk party. Trump winds up on that hurdy-gurdy, and the democrat monkeys start dancing and chitting and it's the stuff of high comedy. But - everyone is missing the obvious.

"Women are socialists and fascists by nature. Our founding fathers understood this, which is why they forbade them from having positions of responsibility in gov't..."

I'm paraphrasing the late Uncle Bob. As a disciple of Unca Bob, I am not surprised at any of this one iota. I saw it in my own progged family - the gay social justice warrior daughter, they braying, domineering mother in law, and my own mother who's a baby boomer socialist featherhead. I've been through this and I've seen it before. What those women are doing to the democrats, they will do to their countries, their families, their fathers, sons, and brothers. This is what they do. This is why they glom onto liberalism and progressivism.

Feminism isn't an attack on men so much as it is an attack on women. Trump is no genius. He's a sales and business guy and he knows the market. Sure, he timed this attack on the Donks. But his real genius was to focus that attack on the women - knowing full well they will do his dirty work for him with results beyond what he could achieve himself. He has been waiting for this exact opportunity for ages, but the Donks gave it to him on a silver platter.

By now Pelosi and her shit-skinned tokens are realizing they are being played. Pretty much every man in the democrat party is beginning to see the pozz for what it is too. Before we all high five and gloat at this liberal food fight, keep in mind that the ball is still in play. This isn't over yet, and the saying that "hell hath no fury" is entirely valid. Angry women won't hesitate to bring the roof down on everyone AND themselves when they're angry - which is why I have no sympathy for battered women. Most of them are the authors of their own misfortune.

Much as I hate liberals I admit that we need a good strong party from the left to balance us. There is a time and place to act on emotion rather than logic - that's why women typically ran the charities in heritage America and Canada. That's why the nation's men pay them special heed in the decision making process.

Interesting times loom. Try not to get any on ya!

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

I used to always have at least one rifle in the truck. I just got so damned sick of lugging it in and out of the house, that I just said to hell with it. It violated all the safe storage laws of the time but I just said "Fuggem!". I never got stopped or searched. Flapz' dad was even worse - he ALWAYS had a pistol locked in the glove box which is a huge no-no up here in Canada. He had the same respect for cops and idiot gun laws that I did, I guess.

We were supposed to get more dumb laws but Turdo La Doo has been curiously quiet. I think that it might be that half of his countrymen are sick and tired of his crap so maybe that has something to do with it.

If we ever did get licensed concealed carry up here in Canada I dunno if I would carry or not. I do know that if I felt my life were in real danger I absolutely would - and to hell with whatever the libs think of it.

A Neurotic Warrior Poet

I had a wistful chuckle at the internet's most dangerous warrior poet this morn. Seems he is coming up fast on the empty nest. Kids are off to school or starting their own lives and it sounds like he might be getting left behind in the dust. He needn't worry; they'll come back. Guys like that don't have anything to worry about. It makes me chuckle to think I fretted the same way he did light years ago. Boy, did I ever miss the boat on that one!

I've been binge watching Popps on OyTube off and on. His nest is emptier than mine, even, and he made some statements that just kicked me right in the head. He said that whenever you sustain an internal injury (call it something metaphysical like karma, or a broken heart or a soul) - you can expect it to take 7 years to heal. I now go entire days without thinking dark thoughts and I can seem to catch myself when they come upon me. I find myself getting ready to turn a chapter in my own life: the baggage is starting to fall away. I've had a lot of people living rent free in my head and they're finally starting to leave. I am not sorry to see them go. Maybe in some other alternate universe we are all still together and happy. Maybe this one could have been like one of those had the cards fallen differently.

There is still so much to learn about this mortal coil upon which I shuffle. Loneliness no longer frightens me. You can love people from a distance just fine. And maybe, through some quantum worm-hole in the space/time continuum... maybe they can love ya back, after a fashion.

May your next 7 years be good ones.

Monday, 15 July 2019

Interesting One On Netflix

I usually enjoy the PBS NOVA documentaries on Netflix. The other night they were doing one on statistical studies and analysis and how they're done. It was pretty basic stuff, explained to us by a pozzed but politically correct and enthusiastic assortment of vibrant and diverse 'experts'. I kinda snoozed through it but woke up when they asked a corporate ramrod at one of the polling companies - "What happened during the last election? How did all the polls have the correct winner - but it all went horribly wrong at the last moment?"

The guy said "Because our study samples didn't have enough white males in them."

I almost split a gut laughing! These arseholes - who have been doing an excellent job of polling for the last 30 years using the latest and greatest scientific methodology - they all forgot that Whitey is part of the population demographics? All the polls? And they all made the same mistake? Pull my other finger, morons. It has bells on it! HAR HAR HAR!!!

I wonder...? Just spit balling here - so don't none a ya's accuse me of anything!!!

But... d'ya think all the tall foreheads are full a shit about global warming? Could another statistical blind spot be at work in climate studies...?


Never mind! I retract the question, I shouldn't a thunk it!!! Climate denial is the domain of the apostates, prostates and heretics like those guys over at Camp Borepatch! Let no one question my intellectual and academic virtue!

For those of you that don't want to be climatologically illiterate like BP, Quartermain, Jack, and M - my scholarly text on the matter is now available at better book stores near you.

$39.95 while supplies last!

Monday Animal Abuse

Job Hunt Starts In Two Weeks

Any garden variety nutbag or misc. kook can bring and AK47
to work and clean house.
But the real winners are the ones that not only clean their own clocks,
but everyone else's as well.

Weapons Of My Youth

I used one of these to pass secret messages, plan ambushes and bank heists and all kinds of other malicious mischief. If it looked like Shazam or some nosey adult were about to find me out - my intricate plans would evaporate as if they never existed.

One of these days I will knock off Fort Knox. I still have the plan, right up here in my trusty ol' cranium!