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Monday, 1 July 2019

Canada Day Conspiracies

Well we get the day off up here in Canukistan. Today's the day all the patriotic baby boomers, liberals and imported exotic weirdos from over the rainbow fly the Maple Loaf, blissfully unaware that in 50 years this country is going to look like Brazil, Haiti, India or any other third world multicultural shithole.

Rather than dwelling on the follies of my idiot countrymen and their bitch of a prime minister - I have decided to embrace my inner Texan and go shooting today with King Peter. If the weather permits a session with the BBQ might well be in order too.

Like everyone else I always thought tinfoil was for making fashionable hats and preventing mind control from Russian and extra-terrestrial ray guns... but I've been told that people can actually cook with it too.

I think it's all a ruse by either the Russians or the bum-heads from outer space to get us to take off our hats and let their mind rays do their insidious work. They show pictures of delicious meals cooked in foil and hope we will try it too - so we take off the tinfoil and then BAM! They got ya!!!

I could never cook with tinfoil. Everyone else can do it except me. The boys and girls I know can cook anything they want to perfection but I always burn stuff in it.

Wish me luck with the BBQ folks. I'm gonna need it!

And to the real Canadians - Happy Canada Day!

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