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Tuesday, 30 July 2019


For the last little while I have been green with jealousy of  the Adaptice Curmudgeon. He's got his hands full with Operation OLD GUY and has even commenced naval operations. For the last year I have been cooped up in an office with ringing phones, vibrants, deadlines, angry customers, psychotic customers and a few honestly confused ones that were genuinely deserving of help and assistance - and when I got home after school all I wanted to do was have supper and flop out. It's pretty much why I quit.

Before I go looking for work I am having a quick holiday to take care of the important stuff and maybe blow some dust off the ol' brain box - and I now have formulated a plan for that.

Flapz is in Chilliwack BC and has been stockpiling cheap cigars and booze that we can't get up here in Aaaaaadmontin. Flapz is close to the border and apparently an accomplished smuggler, HAR HAR HAR!!! I am going to fire up Big Red, go down and relieve him of some of his hoard and maybe get rid of that bottle of Balvenie that I got from my ex-employers as an enticement to quit.

I've only ever camped off a motorcycle once and maybe it is time to do it again. I have a big 3 man, four season tent that is too big for what I have planned. I wanted a bivvy tent just big enough to roll out a fart sack and maybe keep some small items in - and King Peter came to the rescue.

Holy Mackeral!! Pete has great taste in gear...

This should be a good time...   :)

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