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Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Father Of The Year

I was laughing at The Warrior Poet - he's been sword swinging for ten years now. What he does is a martial art. My response to his blade is my bow. I can shoot for as long as my arm will go and feel a hundred times better when I'm done.

I have heard it said that for traditional bowmen it takes 10 years of hard work and constant practice to make a proficient archer. I sincerely believe it - I have only ever seen two in my life and those guys were poetry in motion. The old 'stickbows' stack up when drawn, and have no pulleys or let off. The old English war bows had draw weights equal to three grown men at full draw. Archeologists can identify the remains of archers because their skeletal structures and musculature deformed under loads like that. Shooting those bows was instinctual, like throwing a baseball. Properly done, a symbiotic relationship sets up between the archer and his bow and the weapon becomes an extension of the man.

Compound bows probably take about half that. You can be proficient enough to hunt in the first year... but to engage long range targets at unknown distances takes a lot of time and skill to develop. In my younger days I had between 100 and 200 arrows a day coming off my bow and began to hassle the cool kids and competitors that were sponsored and bankrolled by the big manufacturers. I tried to get my daughter into it and she even said she might take up the bow again in our last conversation - slightly before it went south. I hope she did.

The little ones are too small for any serious shooting - but they are plenty old enough to have fun. May their arrows always fly straight and true - and yours as well.

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  1. It is true, Glen. The martial artist of any type eventually finds that their weapon (or weapons, as the case may be) are an extension of their souls.