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Friday, 12 July 2019

He Might Have Made A Good Father

I tried to have a similar discussion
with my daughter, minus the birds and the bees.
I shouldn't have bothered.

I just discovered Popps and he is a fascinating man. (The ladies won't like him). I remember how black with despair I was when my family started coming apart but hell's bells - I had it way better than Popps. I think he's an ex-military man, who got raped in divorce court and is now picking up the pieces and putting his head back together. Just looking at him, he has a long way to go. He'll do alright.

He is absolutely right about the shit storm young men will face going out into the world. For me it was flat out culture shock. In the course of my life I have worked for men that should be behind bars or on a chain gang somewhere. Young men are expendable, valueless, and replaceable in modern North America. There are any number of parasites loaded and ready to feed on them when they are at their most vulnerable - when they are released into the wild. Chitty women, mickey mouse colleges and fly by night universities, student loans, booze, drugs, and all the other crap parents protect their kids from. Young men are going to make mistakes.

I'd throw out roughly half of what he says about women. I don't deny the validity of what he says... but... he's an ex-military man. The wife of a career serviceman is a very special woman. She has to be independent, smart, and deeply in love with her man. On long deployments she is on her own and for all the talk of heroic, strong empowered single mothers... there is maybe one in 20 or one in 50 that is actually like that. So it goes for other stressful jobs like law enforcement, fire fighting etc.

In my scholarly opinion, a lot of the sky high divorce rates and rape hoax crap are the direct result of the hook-up/shack-up culture and the gutting of the institution of marriage. Traditional marriage set up the way it did because it is a good deal for everyone. You split labour, pool resources and get more done as a team than individually. It takes a special kind of woman to commit to that. They know who they are and what they're worth, and they will not necessarily be found in the bars and nightclubs. They are going to be very hard to find because they don't advertise themselves the way the skanks do.

The good news is that while finding the right woman is very difficult - separating the wheat from the chaff is not. Feminism and liberalism is an attack on womanhood and if you see a woman attached to either of those philosophies - take the long way around, it doesn't matter how beautiful and wonderful she is. She's going to be a problem when she inevitably gets mugged by reality. Good marriages are founded on long courtships and good times outside of the bedroom. You have to have common interests and separate ones that will allow you to take breaks from each other. Don't 'game' women, or try to turn yourself into someone else's vision of the alpha male.

I was never destined to great things. But by the grace of God and my wonderful wife, I will have a humble little life, and my last years will be shared with someone I love, drama-free. I am a good man, blessed with a good woman - and that is about as good as a bum like me is going to do.

Be good to yourselves and your women, boys.

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