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Wednesday, 24 July 2019

How In Bloody Blue Blazes Did i Get Here?

Welp - my first week of the rest of my life eating like an adult is almost over. I am down about six pounds already. I am not excited about that; I have so far to go, and there will be ups and downs along the way... but it's a start.

I am not really 'dieting' so much as eating properly. The cravings and metabolism seem to be settling a bit and as it does I have started to realize how unnecessary all this was. There is just so much good food to eat that is good FOR you - but every day for years I ate crap and was always hungry for more.

At the height of my career I was an accomplished caber tosser.
That was a pipe I laid in 2017 after a Bronto BBQ
over at Jack's.
The Texans are claiming victory on this one because they cooked the food
that made it possible - but it took an ALBERTAN to process it!
Maybe we should all just be gentlemen
and share this great victory of this achievement between us.

I was seriously scared about this at first. A life without pizza? And chicken wings..?!?!? How's a fella supposed to live like that???  Cripes, I thought - I would croak without meat and bread! But - lord, I'd forgotten how good pickles are. And there are some really good dietary 'cheats' that can keep you satisfied and on target too. I got one from my arch enemy, Pete - over at the Bayou Renaissance Man. (I think it was him, I could be wrong) - but he gets a soup stock boullion cube and throws it in some hot water and has a coup of soup instead of tea... and that is a real treat after eating rabbit food.

Other things are happening too: aches and pains in joints seem to be tapering off a bit and I seem to be getting some flexibility back a bit. It's the damnedest thing. Of course, eating like a rabbit makes me crap like one - so there are some disadvantages I guess, HAR HAR HAR!!!

There are those that associate stupidity with obesity and maybe they are right to do so; I am in no position to refute that argument for one inclined to make it. The cure for obesity is the same as the cure for stupidity - and that is using your smarts!

We'll see how well I make out with that - for now, the smart money is, as it's always been - on Darwin and Murphy.

Happy Hump Day everyone!


  1. Glen, honestly just losing weight makes it easier on lots of the parts of your body, especially joints. One of the triggers that put me on notice.

  2. arthritis so bad. daughter researched and said no potatoes, no tomatoes, no eggplants, no peppers. after two weeks without those foods i was able to move my arms again! very hard to stick to but the relief is so great it is worth it.