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Monday, 15 July 2019

Interesting One On Netflix

I usually enjoy the PBS NOVA documentaries on Netflix. The other night they were doing one on statistical studies and analysis and how they're done. It was pretty basic stuff, explained to us by a pozzed but politically correct and enthusiastic assortment of vibrant and diverse 'experts'. I kinda snoozed through it but woke up when they asked a corporate ramrod at one of the polling companies - "What happened during the last election? How did all the polls have the correct winner - but it all went horribly wrong at the last moment?"

The guy said "Because our study samples didn't have enough white males in them."

I almost split a gut laughing! These arseholes - who have been doing an excellent job of polling for the last 30 years using the latest and greatest scientific methodology - they all forgot that Whitey is part of the population demographics? All the polls? And they all made the same mistake? Pull my other finger, morons. It has bells on it! HAR HAR HAR!!!

I wonder...? Just spit balling here - so don't none a ya's accuse me of anything!!!

But... d'ya think all the tall foreheads are full a shit about global warming? Could another statistical blind spot be at work in climate studies...?


Never mind! I retract the question, I shouldn't a thunk it!!! Climate denial is the domain of the apostates, prostates and heretics like those guys over at Camp Borepatch! Let no one question my intellectual and academic virtue!

For those of you that don't want to be climatologically illiterate like BP, Quartermain, Jack, and M - my scholarly text on the matter is now available at better book stores near you.

$39.95 while supplies last!


  1. Or...the people they polled lied to them. I would have, ain't none of their business how I will be voting. Or how many commodes I have in my house or anything else.

    1. They said that most people don't respond to polls. That would be the group I fall into.

  2. I'm proud to have been offering the finest Climate Denial® for the last decade!