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Saturday, 13 July 2019

It Went Over Well

Before we get started on todays situation report - let us start this off right: Quartermain, Pete, M! What the hell - Jack and BW too! I want these men tied up, with a couple wraps of duct tape around their gobs to keep them quiet! I don't want my lecture spoilt by their rude jokes and juvenile sense of humour! Don't be too gentle with 'em either!!!

So it went really nicely with my soon-to-be ex-employers. Thank gawd, we are parting on good terms. I didn't tell them why I was leaving, I just told them I needed a change.

Hi guys,

I am sorry to have to announce the resignation of Glen Filthie effective as of Thursday July 25th. Filthie is leaving to have some personal time and we respect this decision. Since he joined our company, he has been a valuable member of our inside sales team and a pleasure to work with.  His work, contribution and dedication are greatly and truly appreciated. We will miss Filthie's professionalism and wish him all the best moving forward.  

We are lucky to have a great inside sale team in place currently to continue to offer great customer service moving forward.

On behalf of everyone at National Solar, I would like to wish him the best of luck for the future and bid him a happy farewell.


Mat The Rat
Managing Director 

That was the company announcement that went out when I quit. The owner told me "Jeez, Filthie, there are some guys you can't kick to the curb fast enough - but you are one of the ones we want to keep...".  I worked damned hard to earn that praise. The problem was that as an experienced sales guy - in a company full of young people - most of the customers would have issues with the kids and prefer to deal with me. My outside sales guy is a shit-skinned pakie who is a pooch screwer and an arsehole - and his customers started ignoring him and coming to me too. So while the kids fiddled with their phones, took extended breaks and socialized, and my pakie buddy watched tennis on the computer and let me do his work for him - I just got swamped. Every second call that came in was for me, and the only answer to the increasing workload was to work more overtime for free. I might do it for the kids - but not for some corporate giant headquartered in Krautland that doesn't give a damn if I live or die.

My crystal ball is cloudy on the future for the company. Back in my youth working for Lesiure Suit Larry - the same thing happened. Together we turned a failing branch around and started punching way above our weight. Larry would go train the customers and hand them off to me afterward. That freed him up to go hunting for new business and he was very good at it. I was very good at retaining those clients once they came to us. We worked like dogs for that success but never saw a reward for any of our work. I left the company 4 months before they sold it. It was bought by our competitors and once they acquired the company, Dirty Dave and Lesiure Suit Larry were dismissed by the new owners and the product line was moth balled. They didn't want our products competing with theirs, and Larry had put the boots to the new owners many times while competing against them.

My crystal ball is cloudy on the future of the company. Will they do the same or will they absorb their new acquisition and treat their people well? All I know is that I am 55. I am overweight, well behind enemy lines in Heart Attack country - and I don't need or want the stress and bullchit that comes from working a dead end job for slugs.

We will see what the future brings. I am a good man with a strong work ethic, but I'm old. There's a lot of people out of work in Alberta that will look a lot flashier on a resume than I will so who knows? I'll find something.

My dream job would be working in the galley on an aircraft carrier. I was watching a documentary where they make bread loaves in a cement mixer because they gotta feed 2500 guys at time. Unfortunately there aren't many aircraft carriers in Alberta. Once we become the 51st state I am going to have to have a word with Trump about that.

For now the road parts, and although I have misgivings about my former employers - I wish them all the best of luck too. They are going to need it.

Have a great Sunday you guys.



  1. Glen, I learned long ago either leave after a takeover before you are pushed or be in the department where you end up turning lights off. In the first, you miss the collapse. In the second, you at least have a chance to prepare.

  2. Well, at least you are captain of your soul.

  3. will pray for you another job you are too young to retire heard from a canuck that social insurance does not allow very large payments so you need savings to live well is it true where you are?