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Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Missing The Forest For The Trees

This kid will have a formidable intellect if he manages
to grow up.

You'd have to be made out of stone not to laugh at the shenanigans going on with the Yank Donk party. Trump winds up on that hurdy-gurdy, and the democrat monkeys start dancing and chitting and it's the stuff of high comedy. But - everyone is missing the obvious.

"Women are socialists and fascists by nature. Our founding fathers understood this, which is why they forbade them from having positions of responsibility in gov't..."

I'm paraphrasing the late Uncle Bob. As a disciple of Unca Bob, I am not surprised at any of this one iota. I saw it in my own progged family - the gay social justice warrior daughter, they braying, domineering mother in law, and my own mother who's a baby boomer socialist featherhead. I've been through this and I've seen it before. What those women are doing to the democrats, they will do to their countries, their families, their fathers, sons, and brothers. This is what they do. This is why they glom onto liberalism and progressivism.

Feminism isn't an attack on men so much as it is an attack on women. Trump is no genius. He's a sales and business guy and he knows the market. Sure, he timed this attack on the Donks. But his real genius was to focus that attack on the women - knowing full well they will do his dirty work for him with results beyond what he could achieve himself. He has been waiting for this exact opportunity for ages, but the Donks gave it to him on a silver platter.

By now Pelosi and her shit-skinned tokens are realizing they are being played. Pretty much every man in the democrat party is beginning to see the pozz for what it is too. Before we all high five and gloat at this liberal food fight, keep in mind that the ball is still in play. This isn't over yet, and the saying that "hell hath no fury" is entirely valid. Angry women won't hesitate to bring the roof down on everyone AND themselves when they're angry - which is why I have no sympathy for battered women. Most of them are the authors of their own misfortune.

Much as I hate liberals I admit that we need a good strong party from the left to balance us. There is a time and place to act on emotion rather than logic - that's why women typically ran the charities in heritage America and Canada. That's why the nation's men pay them special heed in the decision making process.

Interesting times loom. Try not to get any on ya!

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  1. Hiya -

    Like what you're doing there - been following you for a while and will be adding yours to my blog roll on my blog:

    Appreciate you taking a look and doing the same for me if you like what you see.

    All my best -

    Joe Jackson

  2. hate to say it have come to the conclusion that the female of the species, for the most part [there may be exceptions],- have no place in higher government. let them stick to charity and that sort of thing. the devil chose eve to destroy because he knew she was 'the weaker vessel'.
    kills me to say it and don't want to go back to no women doctors or women banned from opportunity, but the socialist debacle shows self evidently that women have very little legitimate place in government.
    hope no-one knows where i am or i'll be stoned with many stones.

  3. Well Deb, you always have to make exceptions and there are good women that make good leaders. But these hormonal, childish bints don't cut the mustard and it's not their colour or race doing them in - it's their stupidity.