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Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Negative Identities: Choosing Your Battles

Awhile back The Z Man did a pretty astute post on what he called 'negative identities'. He cited black Americans as an example - without Whitey and white racism - they're nothing. Obama was a prime example: to listen to the Usual Suspects that guy walked on water and was going to heal the deep racial divisions that were ripping the country apart. But when push came to shove - all he had was a few black chimp outs race riots, and a couple of thugs that got shot by cops that were just doing their jobs - which inflamed racial divisions. People soon started referring to Obama as 'an empty suit' - which he most certainly was.

This morning I stumbled across the blog of a lady who comments at a few of the other blogs I frequent. I basically stumbled across her blog by chance and found out she was a strong gay advocate and she's pretty popular judging by the amount of comments she gets. Like the blacks staking their identity on that of whites - queers do the same thing with straights and Christians. Her blog was post after post of rainbows, and poorly done, unfunny memes mocking Christians - the usual stuff these degenerates spew out by the metric tonne. There was comment after comment from these people saying that Christianity actually supports and endorses homosexuality and Christians are just to dumb and hypocriticaly to see it. I strongly suspect that not one of them had actually picked up a bible and read it.

My usual reaction to that kind of shite is scorn and contempt. It's justly earned - up here in Canada a pastor can be prosecuted for speaking out against the sin of homosexuality, while sexual degenerates can run their mouths about Christians, straight white men - and we have to sit and take it because that's 'tolerance'. As a younger man that used to make my blood boil and my trigger finger itch.

But as I sat there amidst that maelstrom of lunatic virtue signalling and perversion - all I felt was sadness and a sense of loss. They are never going to be happy, and they will never find what they're looking for in life. They're never going to smarten up until it's too late. At some point they are going to have to be stopped or they will destroy themselves and a good lot of good, innocent people as well. I have never felt sorry for these people before... but for some reason I do now. I must be getting old.

I walked away from that site as quietly as I walked in. I'll never go back there. God may or may not hate queers - but the way those folks are going...  Darwin or Murphy will deal with that crowd if God does not. And, it will be their fault, of course... but I feel a sense of guilt too. What can we do about this?

All I can come up with is beer and popcorn. Bah - have a great Wednesday.


  1. You're screwed if you do and you're screwed if you don't. I simply refuse to participate in the CF. Remember what I said before. Keep your eye on the piece of real-estate 200 miles beyond the end of the road. And the world can go F it self. Come to think of it that probably what Harry did.

  2. Remember, August was by all indications a good man, but you don't want to end like him.

  3. What you speak of is a monster that will eventually eat its own tail; shades of the "metoo" movement, where, in an effort to snare Conservatives, these people ended up snaring their own instead.

    ...For these events, beer and popcorn were invented...

  4. Why feelings of guilt? What did you personally do to create or promote the situation?

    What can be do about this? Nothing, absolutely nothing, Newton's third law, Karma, what goes around comes around, or whatever you want to call it, applies here. Stand back, so when the poo fling starts you don't get any on you or in your beer and popcorn.

  5. Glen, the reality is that for some, they will not be happy until every trace of those they disagree with are destroyed and scattered to the winds. The unfortunate reality is that these will turn on new targets as soon as the old are eliminated, thus ultimately subjecting themselves to the same treatment they have given out. Constantly biting and clawing, destroying others and fighting to make sure that no-one is more important than one's self - it, in an odd way, reminds me of C.S.Lewis' description of Hell in The Great Divorce.

  6. Well thanks for dropping by as always folks.

    I have a militant gay daughter and I suppose my guilt stems largely from that. She is a piece of work, to put it lightly - and her love partner is even worse. These people are going to burn the house down. It's all well to make rude jokes about beer and popcorn... but many of us are going to be in that house when it goes up, or people close to us will be. This is not going to end well.