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Saturday, 6 July 2019

No More Mr. Nice Guy

There seems to be a conservative renaissance going on. Most of my life I have seen conservatives, Christians, and lately white people - having to sit still and put up with the taunts, insults, jibes and other transgressions from the left. To respond in kind would bring accusations of incivility and immaturity and we'd fall all over ourselves to apologize.

Now it seems like some of that is going the other way. Finally. 


  1. Glen, perhaps conservatives are starting to get through their thick heads and feeble wills that their opponents do not wish to coexist. They wish for their destruction.

  2. They have been a lot smarter about it in America TB. Up here in Canada - the smarter one are just beginning to realize it. We have a long, long way to go.

  3. when you have been raised in a mostly civil and law abiding society the 'normalcy bias' is a overcomes common sense and the evidence of your own eyes.
    such a shock when the blinders come off and the scales fall from your eyes.
    these guys are not going to play nice and rules, as lenin said, are made to be broken.
    i do hope people wake up to their own deadly danger before they are utterly annihilated.
    it is too different to what we were raised with to be realized.
    realization is hard come by.