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Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Oot N Aboot

Yesterday I had some very important chores to take care off. I had to go pick up some arrow making supplies at the archer pro shop, and stop by the Black Rifle Coffee company store they just opened up over in Prince Albert. I've been wanting to try the coffee for a couple months now but never got round to it.

I fell in love with the place the second I pulled in! I didn't see a single Prius, faggot, soccer mom, or UFO the whole time I was there!!! HAR HAR HAR!!! 

I was the second guy there in the morning...

I want to say up front I love King Peter and Queen Mary. One a things that drives me nuts about them is that they want to do coffee at Starcucks - the guys that are in the nooz all the time for their SJW execs, race-lecturing barristas, pervert-friendly washrooms, etc. The coffee isn't that great either. I just drink whatever the cheapest black coffee is there and I make a point of not leaving tips. But I enjoy listening to my royals run their mouths and bloviating a bit myself too.

Unfortunately they didn't have the coffee bar set up yet but they were selling bagged coffee and the rude merchandise of their brand.

It followed me home...

I even found a rude tee shirt in XR (Extra Rotund) size! Woohooo!!!!

I guess they do a lot of support work for the vets so … I hope the coffee is good, and that those kids make a million bucks.

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