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Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Putting In My Notice Today

Gawd, it has been a tough summer. My days are a blur. Often I miss lunch and coffee breaks. I go in an hour early and stay an hour late most days. Doesn't sound like much, but that's 10 hours a week (or more) that I am not getting paid for. I could take it because the goofy kids running this company are doing something good in spite of some of the mistakes they are making. They are providing work for grads and although they aren't paying them much, they are treated well and are being given valuable work experience. I liked being part of it, and I liked seeing my hard work going into it even if it wasn't noticed or recognized all that much. I am tired of going to bed and hearing the phones in my sleep, and waking up tired.

Yesterday we all got called into the boardroom and were told the owners are selling the company. Our new owner showed up and introduced himself. He was the junior officer of some German based trans-mega-global holding company that owned countless other companies - all of which would now be accessible to us and give us a tremendous advantage in the marketplace. He and our owners were super-excited about the whole deal, and none of us need have any fears. We were encouraged to open up to our new boss and share our hopes and fears with him. I didn't point out that a couple of those other companies they owned were competitors as that would be an unsavoury observation when we were all supposed to be super-excited. Our senior managers fell over themselves to say how super-excited they were too.


I've been through this before. Been there, bought the tee shirt. As a company we have some problems that will only get much worse when small companies get absorbed by bigger ones. Our new owner - I've met men like him before. I can spot men like him a mile away. I can smell them. They suck every penny they can out of their employees, they suck the oxygen out of their companies... and then their people either quit from frustration or they get fired. No thanks. The way this was all done just stinks to high hell too... "Gosh darn it, guys, we really appreciate all the hard work you've done to make us a success - now meet your new owners!"

It is the way of the world, and I don't blame the boys for selling their company. But when they sold, they sold their company and they profited from it. I don't see anything in it for me. I am not angry about any of this, it's the way of the world. To be honest this has been the way of my life: if I lose a good job, I seem to have to skip through a few crappy jobs with dogs before I can find a decent one worth staying at. I've never managed to have a career, really - just a succession of jobs.

I remember my dad getting in chit from his dad because he changed jobs three times in his life - that isn't the way stable men work!!! And my dad in turn chat on me because the second I get any flak from and employer - I walk.  I don't worry about EI, or the next job because there is always work for guys like us. We are smart and frugal with our money so we've always managed to get by. I just want to leave on good and professional terms.

I am taking the day off to relax, shoot my bow, walk my dawgs - and I will throw my two weeks notice in later today.

Wish me luck you guys.


  1. The Lord will provide. Keep the faith.

  2. Sorry that happened to you, but I'm glad you old and wise enough to read the writing on the wall. I'm certain you'll find something a little better down the road. Me, I never left one job without finding a better one.

  3. Been there myself, only I was not smart enough to see the writing on the wall and got gobsmacked a couple times. Left me a real sour taste for the corporate world. Don't want no part of it. Don't blame you one bit.

  4. Well, crud Glen. I know this has been a concern of yours for a while. One can only hope those younger folks there you have been talking to got the message.

    I was having a version of this conversation today with a coworker. In the modern world, there are only two outcomes for company: they either are setting themselves up to be purchased by someone else or are trying to build an actual company. Either way, it does not spell security or stability for employees.

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  6. Best of luck in your future endeavors. All to often any more, we encounter the 'kids with clipboards'.

    " I have no idea how to do your job, but my clipboard says you're doing it wrong. "

    There's a lot of work in the oil & gas industry here in Texas. I'm just sayin' .....

  7. praying you are soon employed in a job you like

  8. Now is the PERFECT time to write that book we are anxiously waiting for.... do it!!

    1. How are YOU, CM? I am so happy you stopped by! Hope everything is going well in Coopville.

  9. Well thanks for that, you guys! And thanks for stopping by. I just hated the idea of quitting but hell's bells... the writing is on the wall for this place. In the next year half the staff will have quit or been fired, everyone will be looking for jobs like mad, and then the REAL fun starts.
    It's really sad because the former owners were great guys.