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Sunday, 28 July 2019

Sometimes There Is No Morality

BP has an interesting one up over at Camp Borepatch where I just recently got spanked (and rightfully so) for not expressing myself concisely. I was pelted with rotten vegetables and eggs and forced to recant and re-express my views. We will see if the moral and intellectual authorities will accept it and grant me pardon.

What caught my interest is in how he went about making his point against what he thought I had said. My intent here isn't to crap on anyone or start a fight. But I see things very differently nowadays that I have fallen in with the rabble of dissident conservatives. Confusing me more are the tenets of my faith which has to coexist with my dissident values. As a dissident I ask questions that infuriate our leaders and moral authoritarians on a regular basis. They go ballistic when I can't answer those same questions myself.

For example - BP can't blame the snappily clad Nazi Party for the industrialized slaughter of the Jews in WW2. That is patently false: a couple hundred leather elbowed paper pushers and grandstanding gas bags could not mass murder 6 million Jews. It was done by the German people, regular working class slobs like you and me. At least tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands were involved. They pointed the guns, they ran the trains, they worked in the camps. In their millions they rolled over Poland and into the USSR, and flattened the fwench.  Today Hitler is a boogeyman the Krauts hang all their sins on. In my high school teachers told us that Hitler was a master orator, who spoke so well that he misguided millions of people and set the world on fire. What errant bullshit! Those people knew what they were doing. Contrary to the social engineers, Hitler was not a sorcerer or the devil incarnate - he capitalized on hatreds and fears that he shared with the German people. They made him, not the other way around.

And - what of the Jews? Oh - they were just innocent people, in the wrong place at the wrong time, right? Well... I am even beginning to question that. There is no magic oratory going that could make me slaughter them, or you. Schlubs like us have better things to do than torturing people and making soap and lampshades out of them. So - what happened? Was it possible the Jews themselves had a hand in their own unpopularity? Look at the doings of high profile Jews in America today: Rosenstein. Feinstein. Epstein. Weinstein. I personally have no problem with Jews and I stand behind Israel 100%... but even I am seeing a pattern here. But then I have to check myself again - IS there a pattern there, or is that the pattern somebody wants me to see?

Stalin's purges are same thing again - his entire regime was supported from the peon right to the top. The fact is the Russians killed more Jews than the Germans did and that hardly ever gets mentioned. Historically, Jews have been thrown out of every country they've settled in at one time or another. I've never had a problem with them, but at some point a lot of others have - and not just the Nazis.

At the end of WW2, largely forgotten today by most, was the idea that "I was just following orders" was no excuse for immoral crimes against our fellow man. At what point do we become complicit in the doings of our gubbimints?

That's the problem of staring into the faces of these monsters too long - eventually they start staring back into you... so we invent narratives and ideologies and spackle over the rough spots and call it good. Or we turn our back on it and say 'It's none a my business...".

Perhaps that's our lot in life. We kill each other, and God will sort us out afterward? Somebody once said that people get the gov't they want and deserve, and I don't think they are wrong.

Have a great Sunday.


  1. I'll handle my enemies, thanks. Protect me from my government.

  2. Well, that's not so bad. I agree with you. I accept that I was quick to use verbal shorthand in my post.

    The devil of it always that it takes hundreds of thousand of willing, dare I say enthusiastic, followers to carry out a major pogrom. Makes it hard to lay the blame on Adolph or Mao or Pol Pot.

    But it is the government that gives the followers the authority, they act thinking they are "just following orders." If you're in the out-group when the in-group gets things rolling, there is no way to restore sanity to the society.

    I think all this is important because, at least in the U.S., the conservatives are being demonized to the point that it appears a Kristallnacht is next and re-eduaction camps will follow. And there are many willing followers just waiting for the word to get started.

  3. I know very little about Stalin, having no interest in Russian history, the formation of the USSR and collapse of same. However...

    I don't believe that Hitler was entirely human. His behavior, especially towards the end of WWII, was concentrated on destruction of everything around him. He enjoyed the painful destruction of people for its own sake as opposed to advancing the Nazi cause.

    The Nazi party's rise to power depended on a lack of opposition, which it had, and a charismatic leader, which was Hitler. Opponents were eliminated by any means necessary and available.

    As for the Holocaust, the Jews weren't the only victims. Anyone who wasn't obviously Aryan was at risk of being sent to a death camp. By the time news of the atrocities being committed by the Germans reached the rest of the world, the general reaction was disbelief. However, I think it's worth noting that the Jews made up only one percent of the entire population of Germany, so they were massively outnumbered from the beginning. As the pogroms got underway, the rest of the populace were only too happy to point out someone else as a target - the Jewish family next door. Gutless wonders and fanatical followers.

    A good friend of mine pointed out that anyone who doubts the existence of Divinity need only study the history of WWII in detail. The Axis could have won so easily, and didn't.

    1. after learning about wwII asked teacher how on earth we won the war? he said 'God'
      teacher was over there said Divine intervention saved us