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Sunday, 21 July 2019

The Filthie Gourmet

I bet even I could cook this -

Not ony will I learn to cook it - I will learn to eat it too!

I caught the very hell of it from my doctor earlier this week. Turns out I am pre-diabetic, overweight and possibly flirting with cancer. That last one isn't confirmed but I have to get a few more tests done. I am not all that worried about it... when your number is up, it's up. If it's not today, it will come soon enough. Which reminds me that I gotta pick up on the pace on reading through my Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. I stalled halfway through the Old Testament for some reason.

Needless to say my diet changed overnight and now I eat like an adult. Basically my diet is the Canada Food Guide with the proteins and carbs cut back a bit. All the fad diets be damned - there is no magic to it: unless you have a metabolic or health issue, if ya eat right and exercise ya don't get fat. It's hard to do.

For now I am in a metabolic snap - going from 'eat what ya want and die like a man' to eating like a sensible senior...HAR HAR HAR!!! Suffice it to say I feel kind of odd right now. It will go away once my body adjusts, but for now I feel wiped right out!

I fully intend to cheat on this diet bullshit but with extreme prejudice and moderation. Next week for a treat I am going to gobble some bibimbap. Might learn how to use chopsticks too.

Wish me luck with the diet everyone! Y'all have a great Sunday and watch what you eat - especially you old farts!


  1. Sounds like they did a basic once over on you and declared the vehicle headed to the junkyard. Like most of us you got 350K miles on the clock and the manufacturer warranty has long expired. As for the dreaded C word, if they are talking the same garbage they scared the living crap out of me with last fall, and your PSA goes above a 4, insist on an MRI as a first tier diagnosis and not the sadistic medieval shis-kebab/ Easter-egg-hunt needle biopsy, even if you have to pay for it out of pocket.

  2. You had a go with the Big C too, right? Might have to lean on ya for some pointers in the days ahead. Thanks for popping in, M!

    1. You and I are the same age. Not quite full geezerhood but the hubcaps are no longer on the wheels and the rust is starting in around the fenders. Not entirely sure with how things work medicalwise in the Republik of Kanookiestan or what your choices are given the socialist nature of things there. Presumably if he probed the exhaust pipe and found a bump or BPH, the first thing the PCP will order is a blood draw for a PSA test to see where that's at. Bumps or BPH plus high or rising PSA usually means trouble. Not always but usually. But.... You also can have a high PSA with no cancer, or cancer with normal PSA. So its a crap shoot. And none of us with this many miles on the clock gets away without BPH. The B stands for "benign", nominally so if you don't count getting up out of bed three times a night malignant. If the PSA count came back high, or he don't like the scale of the bumps he felt, the quack will say its TRUS time. Yea think twelve sixteen penny nails where the sun don't shine in to the base of your most inner sanctum, preceded with a shot of Lydocaine to burn your insides first. At that point you tell him to F-off and demand a Three Tesla MRI. How firm am I about this? I'd rather stick my finger in the chop-saw again rather than go through the TRUS procedure.

  3. Well, crud Glen. Cannot help you with the last item, but the first two are reasonably easy to address (like most of us, you already know what to do, you just need to do it). If it makes you feel any better, when my father found out he was diabetic he changed his diet, lost twenty pounds, and has just been on pills for almost 30 years.

  4. No experience with cancer yet, but my wife has Type 2 diabetes, and I eat as if I have it too because I have frequent hypoglycemia. You can safely cut carbs to zero if that's what you need to keep your metabolic syndrome under control. Except for the alcohol, I really don't miss the carbs. Go easy on protein, too: your body will treat lots of lean meat like carbs.