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Thursday, 25 July 2019

The Filthie Time Machine: Some Interesting Videeyahs...

As I age I find myself ever more disgusted with modern times and all the bullshit that goes along with them. I've started watching the old world craftsmen on OyTube and have found others that go out of their way to connect with their heritage, even as mouth breathing cretins try to revise it to suit the politically correct narrative of the present.

Even cutting the cheese was different back in the colonial days!
re-connecting with our past is going to be vitally important
in these days where vibrant progressives find 
white heritage to be racist and foul.

I could (and do watch that stuff for hours).

With life and all the bother, it looks like I missed the Great Alberta Shoot again this year. It's a shooting event where Private McKenzie and the Victorian Riflemen gathered together to display their martial skills and advanced combat techniques.  A bunch of old stubfarts got together and shot and admired antique rifles, and had a hell of a time acting like children. I watch this stuff and it is like balm to my soul. I was going to buy a Martini or a Snider and go down at one point ... but life intervened and I never got round to it. Maybe next year...

Normal people can probably skip the videeyah.
This is mandatory viewing for chronologically disturbed black powder geeks 

So, it looks like the boys have upped their game this year and are engaging the Enemies Of The Crown with paper cartridges! Hmpffff!!! Fellas... I dunno what to think of that.

Back in my day I could make my front-stuffer shoot like a champ - but I mopped the bore between the shots, and had to find an oddball bullet mould that threw lightweight conicals that would stabilize heavy loads in the 1:48 twist of my Spaghetti Plains rifle. How I would love to shoot an Enfield or a Springfield!

Maybe in the days ahead I will be able to lay my grubbers on an old world gat and have some real fun.