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Friday, 19 July 2019

The Great White Hunter

No, I am not talking about WL Emery and his Rigby rifles and safaris.  I am talking about YOU. I have just seen something that offends me on every level that counts for a man: ethics, morals, and sportsmanship! Lookit these ridiculous pieces a chit!

Range finding bow sights? Hork! Spit!!!!

I see stuff like that and hope there really is a goddess or an
angel that welcomes the souls of the animals we kill into the next world.
It is all to easy to treat the prey with contempt
rather than respect.

It's a bad argument to get into as a sportsman. And it's usually stupid old farts like me that do it! I suppose I better leave the lid on that can of worms: how much tech do you need before it becomes unsporting? A couple years ago some old Fudd in the gun rags said "AR15's don't belong in the hunting field!" and he got crucified for it. Hmmmmm. How much tech or advantage DO you need?

Many would say my high tech compound bow is too much. I would reply that my compound is just perfect for an old fart that can no longer pull the poundages that a strong young man can - and besides, most of my shooting is recreational.

My advice is this: do it RIGHT. Practice your marksmanship so you can shoot in your sleep. Don't waste your money on rangefinders, lasers or other gimmicks. Ranging is a skill easily required - take the dog for a walk and pace out the stuff you come across as you go. You'd be surprised at how accurate you get. Take the right attitude - you are out there for fun and meat and that's it! If you are out there to stroke your ego by any means possible... you need to pick some other hobby to do it with.

Learning to shoot and hunt well are skills that are not magnified by tech and artificialities and gizmos.

Just my two cents - y'all have a great Friday.

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