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Monday, 2 September 2019

About That American Civil War Thingy

Say, is anyone else watching that one about the American Civil War on Netflix? I have been enjoying the hell out of it, watching it as I do as a Red Pilled adult rather than a kid being indoctrinated with pozzed liberal revisionist histories like I was back in high school.

Up here in Canada we look at the beardos and eccentrics and black powder geeks that do the re-enactments... and most of us wonder what in hell is wrong with you guys. For most of us the story is simple: Abe Lincoln and the Yankees were sent by God to free the Negro from the evil Southerners who didn't care how many black people they had to kill to keep the cotton mills going. And of course, the whole thing was a rout; the south always lost, the North always won, nothing to see here but some dusty old names and dates and maybe a few confederate monuments that were erected by hateful rubes... and need to come down. And, oh - aren't black people just wonderful?!?!? I personally accepted this narrative for most of my life because I never really had time. This is what I was taught in school - why would you question it? And of course, it was all bollocks.

Up here in Canada we are taught that industrialized mass slaughter was invented in WW1 with the machine gun, chemical gas, and the airplane. Of course it's hogwash; the Civil War saw the introduction of the rifled musket, the Gatling gun and aerial reconnaissance by hot air balloon. These game changers slaughtered thousands on both sides. The ironclads made the world's navies obsolete in one day. The quotes and voices from the pundits of the day, alone, are worth the price of admission. One awestruck beardo from the time said something to the effect of "we are creating engines of destruction that are now so powerful, we don't have the strength or wisdom required to control them...". That? In an age of iron and steam? Buddy - hold my beer.

Does anyone else think that maybe the wrong guys might have lost this war? I swear - after watching all the episodes about the only thing I could say about Abe Lincoln for sure was that he wrote good speeches. Barkie Obutthole could have done the same if he had a teleprompter. I am beginning to think that all he did was kick the can down the road and set the stage for the next civil war.

We're supposed to learn from history and I personally am trying to wrap my head around this one. The polarization of that conflict went straight from the top on down. There are the accounts of fathers and sons and brothers finding each other among the enemy dead after the battle. Or on hospital ships with limbs blown off. What would a father think, looking down at the corpse of his son in enemy colours? I think of my own family, that think I should have my guns confiscated, that I should be forced by the gov't to believe everything they do, be forced to believe that women can be men, and men can be women, that wives should be encouraged to turn on their husbands and all the pozzed lefty crap they believe...and I know their intentions are good. I know that underneath that shite, they are good people. But by Godfrey, if they tried to force any of that on me in a physical way it would end the same way it did for you Yanks in the 1860's. I will not submit to any of that. Today the rhetoric is ramping up just like it did in the 1860's if your papers are to be believed.

The whole thing seems to be done by PBS so you can expect the usual turd polishing... but even so,  the voices of your ancestors can be heard loud and clear in spite of the attempts to stifle them.

I am at about 65% today, recovering from a hellish flu/cold/eye infection... and I'm heading out for my first dawg walk in a week. Then I'm gonna tear down the camper and square it away for the year. I won't be setting any land speed records today.  Hope you all have something fun planned today too.

Have a great Monday.


  1. I haven't been watching, but...

    My mother's side of the family were Quakers, and were a part of the Underground Railroad. They not only talked the talk, but they walked it every single day of their lives.

    On my father's side was a mixed bag. Some of the family took one look at what was brewing and said, "Hey, this is bullshit!" before heading out west to parts unknown. Other members weren't so quick, and decided that there was money to be made in this war business. A few of them went into manufacturing, and one notable gent signed on with a fellow named Sherman. He brought home a few souvenirs from the distant foreign lands of the Deep South.

    Most people (public school teachers and the like) scream that the US Civil War (or the War Between the States, or the War of Northern Aggression) was fought to end slavery, which is about half true. These are the same people who believe that once a Negro crossed the Mason-Dixon line, they were transformed into a colored man (woman or child), achieved true equality in the eyes of the white populace, and oppression ceased. They're idiots.

    Factors that contributed hugely to the Civil War were economic. The North was industrialized; the South wasn't. Again, generally speaking. When the North declared that slavery was illegal throughout the United States, what the South heard was that their economy was going to be completely destroyed, and tribe of stone age natives that they'd managed to train (punishment and reward system) and relied on for free labor were going to become citizens complete with muskets, powder and shot. Nice, huh?

    The straw happened in the barely civil assembly that was passing itself off as the US Congress. Mind you, we still have personal duels going on during this period. In the South, reputation, appearance, and family are everything. If a man comes from a good family, he automatically gets a pass for getting blind drunk periodically and raising hell all night, and generally behaving like a complete ass hole. Not so in the North. During the final discussion in Congress, the North insulted the South, which was easy to do, and when the South objected and demanded an apology, the North told them to go piss up a rope.

    And that, as they say, was that.

    What the North could have done was buy up the slaves from the South (they had the money and the economic leverage to do this) at a fair price by Southern standards. The slaves would have been shipped back home to Africa, and lifetimes of problems would have been eliminated.

    This would have made lots of people equally unhappy, but such is life. No War of Northern Aggression, no civil rights problems down the road.

    Well, like the man said, shoulda woulda coulda.

    1. Lincoln apparently used the blacks as pawns. Most people of the time didn't give a hot about them and made it plain that any concessions made to them - had to be made at someone else's cost. And everyone made it plain that they didn't want to live anywhere near free blacks - and told Lincoln so in spades. To be honest - I was shocked at the honesty of this documentary. PBS is as pozzed as they come.

      The more I watch of it, the more I become convinced that the civil war may not be over at all.

    2. Not if you go south of the Mason-Dixon line it isn't. I had some friends who showed me the ropes, so I was able to fit in. I knew I was part of the crowd when I heard the phrase 'damned Yankee' and it wasn't directed at me.

      That war isn't over in the South, particularly the Deep South.