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Sunday, 15 September 2019


I see that flimpy democrat twink, Beeto O'Rourke - has ruffled a few feathers with his promise to start grabbing our AR15's, AK47's, and presumably any other guns he finds to be too scary. I keep a close eye on American gun grabbers because whenever they do something stupid, the idiot liberals up here in Canada collectively chits itself, belches loudly and says. "Here - hold my beer...".

I'm not gonna re-hash the gun argument. It won't do any good anyways. Listen to this pustule: "If the main reason you need an AR-15 is to murder civil servants and elected officials, you shouldn’t have it in the first place..." Because, like - you don't have the right to defend your rights, right? HAR HAR HAR!!! I own an AR15, Matt, BFYTW. (For those of you that live under a rock as I do: BFYTW =Because F*** You That's Why). Bah - you can waste hours arguing with idiots like Matt Ford and his hacks and no compromise is ever enough. 

We need to think productively. Hmmmm - let's assume that our guns get handed in peaceably, and that nobody gets shot. A fella is still going to need a way to defend himself in the wake of the surge in crime that is sure to follow the disarmament of the public. What are the options? Knives and blades are fun and easy to make and conceal. Bows and crossbows are easy too - but any discretion or concealment is not possible. And besides... I like things that go BANG!

That's the Ingram MAC 11. Plans on how to build it are all over the internet.
Apparently they can be made with home owner tools although
a metal lathe and milling machine will simplify things.
Apparently some goobers out here in Alberta were fabbing them up with silencers
until the Mounties busted them. No idea how many they made
or who they were sold to.

1200 rounds per minute, Beeto! How do ya like them apples? Would ya like some more? Or would ya like some more?

The Sterling sub gun will do too. During the Arab Israeli war in the 40's, the 
story I have is that the Eeeeevil Jooooos had no reliable supply 
of small arms and ammunition - they basically hadn't even founded the nation yet.
So they set up a shop and started stamping these guns out by the thousands...
in 9 days.

Beeto! Yer looking a little green around the gills! Maybe some more will settle your tender stomach?

This chunk of metal is 80% of what is needed to make the lower 
portion of the AR15.
Because AR's are heavily restricted up here in Canada, guys have been buying 
these and completing them at home to avoid the BS with registration.
Apparently, if you are handy with a drill press and files - you can finish 
these yourself, right out in the garage.

I think the liberals really need to STFU and think about this one. They can have lawfully armed and reasonably regulated citizens - or they have a massively inflated criminal class armed with black market full auto machine guns. 


  1. This is why no one trusts politicians when they say they want "comprehensive" "gun" control.

    California passed a law requiring background checks to purchase ammo. 'Seems innocent enough; right? Keep the bad guys from buying ammo. Then you go to buy the ammo and find out that yo can only buy ammo for guns REGISTERED IN THE STATE OF KOMMIFORNIA. That means if you have a hunting rifle you inherited from your uncle, and you didn't register it... because you didn't have to,... you can't buy ammo for the gun. You actually have to SIGN A FORM for EVERY CALIBER OF AMMO YOU BUY, saying that, under penalty of perjury, you aare buying ammo for guns YOU OWN and that are REGISTERED with the state gestapo. Sure, you can lie, but a crosscheck will identify your lie and your unregistered gun, and you'll lose ALL of your guns. At very least, d'gubmeyent has rendered some of your guns inoperable. At worst, they've disarmed you entirely. Sure... "Comprehiensive" "gun" control...

    By the way; Kommifornia already has "red flag" laws. Riddle me this; if the state can enter your house warrantless and take your guns without due process, both actions COMPLETELY UNCONSTITUTIONAL, because someone THINKS you MIGHT commit a crime with them, ...then why isn't the state knocking down doors and disarming the Kri[ps, the Bloods, MS-13, yadda-yadda-yadda?

    ...Yeah... I see how this works... Just like it's worked in Venezuela...

    1. Or, on your next trip out of state, you stop in at a local gun shop and stock up. Pick up a few AR's and stash them when you get home. Thse Marxist idiots forget that they can't really enforce this shite when it gets right down to it.

  2. I've shot the Thompson submachine gun, and it's the definition of fun. I could actually hit stuff with it - a line of plastic water bottles was vanquished. My friend Cody took a few photos of me shooting the Thompson, and I submitted one for my high school reunion photo. Let 'em chew on that for a while!

    I have any number of thoughts about legalizing fully automatic weapons. One argument I encounter involves the mass shooting scenario; do you really want that shooter to have a fully automatic firearm? Of course not! But all these terrorists seem to be doing well with a semi-auto, so what's the real objection?

    The real objection is that the law abiding people of the United States and Canada are able to own firearms and ammunition - and the Left doesn't like that.

    One argument that never comes up is that full-auto weapons, as owned by law abiding citizens, are going to be limited by cost. The MAC 10 chews up 600 RPM, and uses a 32 round magazine. Translation: the shooter runs through 30 rounds of 9 mm in a second or two. Now, at about $12 per box, your fun meter is going to peg out fairly quickly.

    From a practical, self-defense aspect, things could get a bit dicey, so to speak. Let's say you're in your car with your wife and kids. A flash mob of violent criminals swarms you and the other drivers while you're stuck in traffic. Being no slouch, you empty a magazine or two into the swarm.

    Oh boy.

    Those that can will run like hell. Those that can't will try, and if you have the good sense God gave a wastebasket, you'll head for the tall timber while the Old Lady tries to get the kids to STFU while she frantically calls the family lawyer.

    Now what?

    If I were on the jury, I'd shake your hand and thank you for a public service, and that would be that. But I doubt I'd sit on your jury, my attitude being what it is.

    My brother lives in CA. He's moving out of CA to find a place where people still have common sense and a few morals.