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Saturday, 28 September 2019

Black Powder Geek Saturday: The OLD and Improved 1911

There - now it's perfect!!!!

Sometimes in life, going backwards is better than going forward.

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  1. Very rare flintlock 1811 Target Model. An often overlooked milestone in handgun design. Superseded by a caplock variant in the early 1820s but due to cumbersome reloading and imperfect semiautomatic function, neither variant achieved widespread popularity.
    Incremental improvements in firearms technology progressed, and by the early teens of the 20th century the direct descendent of the early 1811 pistols had appeared.
    Dubbed "Model of 1911" it has enjoyed some success.

    Refinements and "improvements" continue to this day, leading in some cases to render the parent design nearly unrecognizable.