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Sunday, 29 September 2019

Filthie's Fleas


Just lookit what the boys put up on the wildcat thread on the rod n' gun forum:

.14 Eichelberger Flea. Formed from .32 ACP
The 9gr on the left streaks out @ 3400 FPS with 5gr of H110
The 12gr on the right makes 3000 fps with 4.9gr of 2400 

Hmpffff! If that don't beat all... I wonder where he gets his bullets from? And... whaddya actually DO with it? Snap the mice in M's shop with it? HAR HAR HAR!!! HAR HAR HAR!!! What a fascinating ballistic experiment! 

I've always wondered about the various .17 calibres, both center and rimfire versions... they look cool but from what I've heard and seen, the wind throws them all over the place. I have enough problem with that from my .22's. Fact is, my experience seems to be that the smallest you can go is about the quarter bores (.257) before wind becomes a BIG problem. How much do the bullets weigh? 15~20 grains?

Mouse gun ineed!


  1. Those pills look like they are machined individually out of solid copper #7 (0.1443)wire. I want to know who makes a rifled barrel that skinny.

  2. The only .17 caliber that I've ever seen was a strange looking derringer that I didn't think I could hold on to. The nasty little gun didn't have a barrel to speak of, so I think the effective range would be limited to my own halitosis after a felicific petit déjeuner of sardines, Limburger cheese, and garlic bread. Bon appétit monsieur Sale!