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Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Filthie's Philharmonic Pops: The String Section

GAH. Still under the weather. Fever's done, the eye infection is clearing up, but I still have those coughing fits that leave you exhausted and seeing stars afterward. All I need now is one good night's sleep and I will be up and at 'em again.

I guess OyTube is just chock full of young people using it to promote themselves and some of 'em are international stars. When I was a kid, the record industry decided who hit the bill boards and whose records sold in the shops. I remember back when we had record shops. I never spent much time in them but a lot of the other kids did.

Fortunately for us, men, there are far better ways to be reminded that you're a silly old fart from another era. I will leave it to this lovely young lady to make you feel old in the most humane way possible.

Check your knives and guns before playing this one fellas. This girl has a voice
that can melt high carbon steel and make it run like water.

I am going for a short walk with the dawgz, check out the job boards... and might just collapse and snooze afterwards if my rattly old lungs will let me get away with it.

Have a great Hump Day folks, and drop back again soon.



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    1. Aw thanks, TB. Make sure you and yours give this flu a miss if you can - it is a nasty one...