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Friday, 27 September 2019

First Blood

FFS! Goddammitalltohell!!!

Errrr... sorry everyone! It's kinda early to be hopping mad this morning... but lookit what came over on the cell this morning - from my arch enemy, King Peter:

That fuggin bohunk!!! He probably got it with that big bejeezus
.300 Rem Ultramag of his!!!!

I shouldn't be so petty and jealous... but I am! Dammit!!!!  😆

I dunno if I will make it out this year - we'll see. Wouldn't mind getting a little white tail buck or doe. The guns are ready to go - I can hit the field with a dialed in Ruger No.1 in 25-06, and I am rapidly getting on top of my preferred weapon of choice - a reproduction of the old Remington rolling block single shot in 45-70. The other day I got the chrono on the Big Roller … and I am pushing my cast lead boolits a smidge too fast. I need to slow them down about another 100~150 FPS and they should be good to go. I am getting a bit of leading in the bore and that is pishing me off big time. I'm working on some other reloading tricks and tips to tighten up the groups too. But on another front... an alarming situation has arisen with my skill sets.

When I was a kid, I had one of those cheap Buck folders as a hunting knife. I had a fairly pricey soft Arkansas stone and I had that thing just stropped. One day at work, Skinbag was making fun of my cheap blade - so I snatched the prick's apple out of his lunch, tossed it in the air and dramatically swiped the blade through it - and then caught the apple as it fell. The two pieces pulled apart to show a flawless cut and all the boys burst out in laughter at my swordsmanship. Skinbag gawped and tried (unsuccessfully) to find something smart to say.

There is NOTHING wrong with these little folders made by Buck.
The cool kids may snort with disdain and disgust and carry expensive customs
but it is what it is - these inexpensive knives will do the job
just as well and they will last a lifetime if you take care of them.

I can't sharpen a knife to save my soul now. I dunno what it is. Maybe they use different steel, more likely I've old and stupid...

I had to ask my wife to get me one of those knife sharpeners for retards. Yeah, they'll put an edge on a knife... but hell's bells - you don't get the same scalpel like edge that you can from a soft Arkansas stone... and someone that knows how to use it. I have to get the wife's kitchen blades done sometime today.

Welp - now I gotta swallow a great big smelly corn spackled Texas sized turd - and send my congratulations to King Peter on his elk!

This "grumpy old man" stuff is tough business sometimes.

Have a great Friday all! And get off my lawn!!!!


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  2. Looks like a nice elk, I to am jealous.
    My sharping skills suck, finally bought a WorkSharp (Ken Onion) and improved greatly. Bought additional belts, that had grits ranging from 400 to 15000.

  3. About the knife. Back when I was cook in the 70s, we used a 3
    grade rotary oil stone. It an oil bath at the bottom so you
    had to rotate each stone (coarse, medium, and fine.) That
    was followed with a chef's style rod-type butchers steel.
    You could dry shave with my blades. I could slice an 8-1/2
    by 11 inch sheet of paper swinging the blade down like an axe.
    I have been out of the business so long, I lost the knack.

    About the Buck, I bought one at a discount when Orchard Supply
    hardware went of business. It is a fine blade and while I can
    sharpen it, I can't do as good a job as when I was cook!

    1. I believe it! I have seen chefs that can sharpen knives into razors with a dirty look. Then, when the thing is already a razor... they go to work with that rod thing, and their knives have lethal edges on them.

      I am told that is great for kitchen work, but the outdoor stubfart wants a broader angle that will hold up better under rough use. It's apparently a controversial science and we've gotten in fist fights about it round the campfire.

  4. I bought a Buck Folding Hunter 45 years ago and it was carried daily for about 30 years. Wore out two leather sheaths for it and it is currently resting in the third. Something has to have happened to that model since I bought mine - I noticed about five or six years ago that you could still buy one for about the same price that I paid all those years ago (at the time I bought mine, it was one of the most expensive purchases I had ever made at 25 dollars plus shipping).

    It has been a fabulous knife and has butchered countless critters over the years.

    1. DON'T lend it out, PJK. That's how I lost mine and my heart broke. That one had sentimental value and every knife since has just been a knife.

      Although... I do have a Ken Onion folder now that is every bit as good and about the same as the Buck price wise. It has been a great companion for years now.