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Friday, 13 September 2019

Friday Misogyny


Looks like du Toit found a new board game for dinner parties to entertain his high society friends with. I run hot and cold on Kim. Sure, he's a gunny, and he understands leftists and liberals. But he's got a penchant for broads that run to fat slags, his taste in cars and music can induce vomiting … and he's a bit of a fop when it comes to formal attire.

Difficult wammin can try the best of men, and the last thing ya wanna do is engage in silly games with them. I have posted the helpful primer below on how to properly handle the modern shrew:

Clap clap clap! Well done indeed Johnny! HAR HAR HAR!!!

And for the obese, pink haired she-twinks and lesbian land whales with butts that are two axe handles wide - what are you doing on this fine Friday night? I will bet it involves a box of chardonnay, cats, and Netflix.

For the record, and for the shrill, label-making cat ladies and feminists...
most of the men that frequent this blog
are NOT rapists.

Have a great Friday everyone!

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