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Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Going To Pot Up In Canada

According to Styx, the Morontario
provincial gubbimint supposedly lost 42 million
dollars pushing legal pot.
Given the morons involved with that fiasco...
the real figure is probably at least twice that.

Ol' Styx is yukking it up at Canada's expense over The Great Morontario Pot Fiasco. It's probably running the same way in all the other provinces as well. I predicted exactly this outcome 20 years ago; any idiot can grow this crap in the basement - why would he pay Justine Turdo's tax gobbling liberals more - for what is almost certainly going to be an inferior product? But... I've stuck my finger in that particular socket before, there's no need to do it again. You get tired of telling morons, "I told ya so....". For you libertarians - this is what the opening act of losing the war on drugs will look like. At least 42 million dollars flushed down the gubbimint… and that is just one province. I say the worst is yet to come, but whadda I know?

But what got me fuming is when he starts gloating about how they were the first to legalize gay marriage and pot in Vermont - "and there's no hellfire and brimstone going on! Satan is nowhere to be seen! The world hasn't ended...!!!"

Welp… about that, Styx: Dude - ya look like a transgender. You have spaghetti for arms. You don't have a regular job, and you rant and bitch about OyTube's censorship - yet you continue whoring yourself out for them on their platform. You advocate legalizing poisonous street drugs and encouraging teens to take it. (You probably bitch and whine about immunization too, you twerp).  It's now legal to abort a full term baby and flush it down the toilet. You fags in Vermont will probably legalize and mainstream pedophilia first too - and no, the world may not implode. Satan will probably not dance with glee in your streets.

All that is just a little further down the road. At the end of the slippery slope. But - don't mind me! As I said, I won't be there to say "I told ya so...".

GAH. Some people's kids.

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  1. just read about 'the abortion fetish'
    get pregnant on purpose and then abort--over and over again
    those who do it say they enjoy it