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Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Hen House Rape

Yannow when I was a kid, ya saw strange things going on in the barn yard and then ya'd get your big bro or one of the adults to explain the birds and the bees to ya. That was back in the old days, when there were only two genders and all the rest were perverts and loons.

So here I am, 50 years later, watching what's going on in the barnyard... and folks... I am completely flummoxed again! GAH - I had a bad time learning sex ed as a tot! Can you imagine learning it now? Now that there are 57 genders gawd only knows how many versions of marriage? Why, if I were that young rooster I'd pluck myself, cut off my own head and jump in the pot just to avoid the hassle! Of course I may be committing a poultry based hate crime with that joke - what if the poor bird is a faggot? My HAR HAR HARing could be construed as inappropriate laughter that derides a poor cack that was just born that way!

Meanwhile, elsewhere, roosters are separated from the hens to prevent barnyard rape. So...? Are roosters rapey, or not?

What is the world coming to? Used to be you could visit the rural and agrarian bloggers not have to worry about some cack swinging pervert, or some flabby, sexually disturbed cat lady ruining your day with their lunacy. But now...? They're EVERYWHERE. Not even farm animals can escape their lunacy.

Take note, men: from here on out, what goes on in the barn yard, STAYS in the barnyard. Errrr…. except for the Usual Suspects, whose doings in the goat shed will stay there instead.

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