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Friday, 6 September 2019

Is It Me? Or The Bugs?

Stand back everyone! I'm almost finished:...

Eyeballs: eye infection zero, GO
Rectum: projectile diarrhea/water cannon safed, status GO
Lungs: within nominal operating parameters, GO
Nose: fawcetts set to OFF, nasal system GO
Internal Temp Control, GO

Filthie, you are go for main engine START!

Sorry about the mess on the blog, folks. I am just hopping mad about it! Used to be I'd get hammered by the cold and flu and be out for a day, maybe two, and then back again running at 50% or more in a day. This last one laid me flat out for two weeks! SOB!!! Is it me getting old and fussy? Or are these bugs getting nastier? My wife was out for a good week with it too! I wonder if my Maker had a hand in it and maybe saw something in me that needed to be burned out with fire? I am so thankful I got hit with this between jobs; I'm sure I would have missed 3 days with this one.

But here I am. My new lifestyle/weight loss regimen got a boost; I am closing on the thirty pound mark fast. Oh sure, I can still beer belly bop a Mack truck into the middle of next week... but … damn. 30 pounds. How in the hell did I ever let myself get this heavy? I am way too smart for that. But the good new is the wife got inspired by me too - and she is dropping weight as well. In her case it shows and she looks mighty fine. Gawd, she looks fine!

I am in a quandry with the job hunt. I seriously dunno what I want. I am forced by habit to seek employment in technical sales and management... and in my last job I got it but was deeply unhappy with it. I can't afford to retire, but I can afford to work where I want to. I think I am going to widen the search for just anything. All I want is to work with happy people that actually want to be there, with no bullshit, that I can go to each day and keep myself productive, off the street and out of jail. We'll see where that goes, even something part time would be good to get started. Life looks much different now that I am 55; at this age, people start dropping dead for no reason, or get sick, or have other big life changes. My life is changing now too, and I have no idea how that will shake out.

I will be back with some rude jokes and commentary as soon as possible.




  1. glad you are feeling better
    when you age each illness does take a bit longer to go away it is the new normal

  2. Also glad you are feeling better Glen.

    The job hunt is a puzzler. I am more and more coming to value the income less and less (except for what it enable) and am seriously more concerned with a career that I can just leave at the end of the day and allows me to focus on the important things in my life.