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Monday, 9 September 2019

Looks Fine To Me....

In better times, when we were better people, we'd call this a "nigger-rigged" electrical
junction box.
Nowadays the proper terminology is "African American Engineering" but the premise 
is the same.

I am not an electrician, but I can fairly tell you that with my IQ of 26, I am fully qualified to be one. And no, that tuna can junction box doesn't pass muster. But with a little work, a proper lid, and a proper seal... in a pinch - it easily could. No, it would never meet code and if the inspectors caught you doing it, they'd write you up... but in the real world, away from the leather elbowed paper pushers, rubber stampers, and affirmative action employment agencies - this kind of improvisation can work - and work well.

As I get older I appreciate the little victories that people win for themselves. The ability to improvise successfully requires also the ability to think critically. Although some people are born with them, those two things can be successfully taught to those that are not. My dad was a master mechanic that could start sized engines with a dirty look. I was strictly forbidden from messing with engines or borrowing his tools and we almost got in a fist fight when I decided to do my own brakes on the motorcycle when I was a kid. I bought a manual, tools, parts, brake fluid - and went at it. And sure enough I had problems. In sheer misery, I phoned Dad and told him what was happening. He listened, and smirked, and patiently explained how to properly bleed the air out of the brake lines. The brakes on that bike never troubled me again. I think sometimes that I should have continued, acquiring tools and experience... but Pop talked me out of it. He didn't want his sons working in grease and oil, and like most highly skilled craftsmen … he had little time for teaching and mentoring.

I think mentoring is another skill that we are losing in our culture, and one that will come to bite us on the arse in the days to come.


  1. The draindown tank for my homebrew solar hot water system is a beer keg... Miller Brewing... circa 1967... Does that count?...

  2. I have been desperate enough at times but never thought of using a tuna can for a junction box myself. Need to figure out how to attach a lid on it though.....
    I have been guilty of repairing exhaust pipes on a 1966 Saab 93 with beer cans and bailing wire. The car and my repair made it 3000 miles all the way from Maine to the Peoples Republik of Kalifornia without any problem.

    1. Well with the exotics and antiques there are probably limits to what even you can do, M - without a full blown machine shop.

      I WISH I could handle serious machine tools. If I could, I would make my own AR15s and MAC-11's just to spite the wankers...

    2. Who says you need machine tools for any of that? if you can walk and chew gum at the same time you are all set.
      A drill, a file and a hacksaw will do just fine.
      Ask Mr Google about "Professor Parabellum" for more options.

    3. ...and just in case you whine about it not being the 11, here is is: