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Saturday, 21 September 2019

Pardon My Fwench, But....Mr. Prime Minister....?

Fuck you, your father, and the pig you flew in on, Justin...

Canadian politics are enough to drive you nuts. I have to be careful about what I say out in the clear like this because there is a very good possibility that Justin Turdo could win the next election in October. Politically, the closest thing you Yanks have to this idiot is Beeto O'Rourke. Could you imagine having that tool for a POTUS? That is literally where we are at right now. I'm not kidding - this kid just jammed on the electoral debates and didn't even show up. In his latest scandal, pics have surfaced of him dolled up, playing dress up in blackface - and apparently there is nothing more racist and sinful to shitlibs... unless it's one of their own doing it of course. Our shitlibs work the same way yours do apparently. Up here in Canada, we are ruled by three city states, and all are bastions of leftwing lunacy: Tranna, Mon Trail, and Hongcouver. All of those cultural cesspools produce militant homosexuals, pedos and trannies, Marxists, and certifiable loons. And of course, they are going to go after crime by harassing legal gun owners. Fuck you again, I say.

Assholes. I shouldn't lose my mud yet, there is a fair chance this idiot gets turfed in the next election too. Like I say... this is Canada, and when it comes to the pozzed big cities anything can and does happen. To be fair, I don't think this is part of a communist plot. Most libs sincerely believe that confiscating guns will reduce crime. 

In my case, the cops are going to have to buy back a stripped lower (and I will demand top dollar for it) - because you see, I legally sold off all the other parts to some dood somewhere (sorry, the name eludes me) - with the intent of building my ultimate AR match rifle from the ground up.

I have a message to the RCMP too. I like cops, and my heart goes out to you rank and file working slobs just trying to do your job. As it stands now, if you knock on my door and need help at 2:00 am in the morning - I will invite you in for coffee and ask how I can help. But - if you go along with these shitballs in enforcing unethical, useless legislation like this... welp, it will be a case of fuck you too, get a warrant and I will call a lawyer because I won't give you the time of day without a court order and an act of Parliament. If I see some cop taking a beating at the hands of some thug - none a my business, you will be on your own. Just following orders didn't work for the Nazis and it won't work for you.

Question: is there any paperwork involved in purchasing a stripped lower in the States? Asking for a friend...

Sorry all. My Saturday is off to a nasty start. Coffee and food is required...


  1. Yes, you have to fill out a 4473 to buy a stripped lower. You do not if you buy an 80% lower and hog out the trigger housing with your DeWalt cordless drill.

    1. You have a milling machine and a lathe, M? ;)

      Gawd, I am ready to fuggin spit. I swear, if that little shit got hit by a bus - or better yet, a steam roller - I would buy a round for the house.

    2. No lathe, but a couple years ago I bought a used Harbor Fright mini vertical mil for all of two dead Benjamins....
      yea I know, its made out of chineseum,
      You don't need anything quite as sophisticated for the 80%, one of these would work just fine.

    3. From what I've heard a guy like you might be able to get away with a drill press. For thumb-fingered guys like me, the tolerances are too close for most.

    4. Get yourself a couple of the cheap polymer ones from EP-Armory and practice.
      they come with stickers showing where to drill and how far... 20$ is cheap learning and if you mess up no big deal.