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Monday, 30 September 2019

Second Coat

Here we go! Now we're going places...
I am guessing another two coats will be needed...

Plumb brown metal finishes don't sit well with a lot of folks because it resembles rust... which it is, I suppose. It is an acquired taste. Another coat or two will even up the blotches but the beauty of this finish is - that it's kind of a primitive form of the parkerized finishes on guns. The textures are very similar. Once I get this finish on - I will oil it and micropores in the finish will absorb the oil and help protect the piece. This time I dropped the temperature to about 295F, and kept applying the solution until the piece cooled. For some reason that resulted in a much more even application and absorption. I'm learning as I go. Now I have to root around and see what I have for wood stain... I think I will go with the ash handle and save the curly maple for some knives and a pipe hawk that I found amidst my plunder. I will need to make a sheath for it too.

I woke up rather peeved this morning. My weight loss has temporarily stalled and it is pishing me right off! I dumped 35 pounds and now... I am stuck. Yesterday I only ate rabbit food and one serving of rice - and managed to pick up weight! Granted, it was only half a pound - but the diet gods pish upon me this day! Screw them! I will get the best of them with the next Texas sized dump I take. They'll be seeing that one on the seismographs down in Texas too, HAR HAR HAR! I will generate a perfect 10 on the Rectum Scale! HAR HAR HAR!!!

Eerrrrrr… sorry folks. You didn't stop by to hear some retarded old fart laugh at his own pooh jokes, didjya? I will try and post something more intellectual in the next day or two.

Have yourselves a great Monday - if such a thing is possible! And thanks for stopping by!


  1. I'm guessing 30-30 and .40 in the background?
    It looks like my bench including the reuse of containers for reloading. Lol

    1. The big Lead Zepplins are for the 45-70 BPCR gun, and the flat points are what I run in the bottle necked 45-75.

      I have a stack of those containers a foot high - they come in handy for everything and if they get schmagged… ya just throw 'em out! :)

  2. Replies
    1. So far it isn't bad.. but I still have plenty of time to mess it up!