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Sunday, 22 September 2019

Sunday Back Channels: Wife. Mother. Servant Leader....

Ulp… sorry everyone. I was over at Firehand's and mixed amongst the schmeeb and gun stuff was this malodourous piece of excrement. Why... I do believe I think I'm going to hurl!


Why, they would never burn books! That's what fascists do!!! The ones they don't like will just be quietly thrown away while nobody's looking, and politically correct ones will be substituted! Dear God. I see cats in this woman's future... and I pity the felines. This woman is not an outlier, or an exception. Most public school teachers are just like her. Many are worse.

What a bint. My former brother in law and his wife were 'public educators' too. My brother in law was a narcissist, and he had a fast mouth, I'll give him that. I learned early in the game not to argue with him; like most Marxists, he could make a single statement loaded with so much bullchit, that it would take you an hour to refute it... then he'd just throw out another stick for me to go barking after. Eventually I just dismissed him by saying that fast talk and bullchit was just that - and boy, he was FULL of it. He didn't like it... but he was a liar and a cheat and had even been caught at it a time or two. But to his parents, he was perfect and walked on water and could do no wrong. His wife, at the time, was a militant liberal feminist and considered herself a formidable intellectual and academic. Her father was an egg head prof over at the U of A and had gone through at least three divorces. But he WAS a certified academic and intellectual and to my outlaws, and that made him a rock star for the outlaws. I can just imagine how his daughter grew up. It explained a few things about her I guess.

Perhaps I am biased, I hated teachers as a kid and as an adult, I despise these unionized pooch screwers even more. But back then I was still blue pilled, with obligations to keep the family peace and I honestly struggled mightily and often to see things their way. But you all know how that works... at some point the things you see just don't jive with what you're told. I got that ol' red pill as a suppository when my daughter 'woke' and came out of the closet to announce that she was queer. In the process, what she really announced was that she was seriously deluded, immature, and seriously mislead - and that we had all better go along with it because that was the way the world was going. When the red pill came... I realized at that point that I no longer had a place in the family and probably this world as well. I learned later that my brother in law and his wife had divorced and at first I laughed. He'd gotten fed up with the woman and traded her in on a younger and more compliant model. Then I thought about my young nephew and niece... to be raised by yet another failed single mother.

People exactly like them, and the stunned bint in the article - are at work on your kids every day if they are in a public school. I can tell you for a fact that that harridan is not uncommon or unusual amongst our public educators. One of the speechers at our little chapel is a teacher, and I remember him griping about a kid who was in junior high, "wrestling with his sexuality" and he could not help - he literally would get fired if he tried to talk straight to the kid. He had to send the child to another 'servant leader' for counselling, and you can just imagine what kind of 'counselling' he got. It seems to be a theme with the fellas to not 'be of this world'... and I really think that they are onto something - whether you agree with the faith or not, this world is heading to nowhere good.

Jess seems to be kinda-sorta on a parallel course - a lot of this crap flies simply because we don't stand up to it. Instead we try and do what our upbringing has taught us: be fair, be tolerant, make sure you aren't giving somebody the shaft, everyone gets a fair shake... and now our Servant Leaders are clucky old women who  bin books that they don't agree with - and tell our kids that the rectum is a sex organ, that race and gender are imaginary, that the Bad Orange Man in the Whitehouse is a puppet of Russian conspirators. Why do we put up with this?

For the love of God - stay close to your kids. Don't assume anything with them, especially if they are in a public school. This is no joke - your kids are part of a social experiment that is guaranteed to end in tears and probably blood.

Hold them close, and have a great Sunday you guys.


  1. Ya know Filthie, you need to stop reading that clap-trap. Really man, resist the temptation. It only gets you all wound up and sends your blood pressure thought the roof. It is not really any new news... These sickos are gonna keep pushing their perverted agenda and not one of us is going to stop them. We can't change them, heck you your self said you could not even change your own kid, yea I know that's wicked sad, and I feel for ya. Nature will take its course and they will self destruct. Yea, when the dust settles things will look nothing like they are now or used to. And our life span will never bee long enough to witness the change for better. So I figure you just have to sit this one out. refuse to participate. And meanwhile lay back have a cool one and watch the train-wreck, or just ignore it all together and keep reloading ammo. I for one refuse to be a member of the church of perpetual guilt. Life is too short, and these bones have way too many miles on them already.
    PS: Picked up another H&R 258 Handy Gun II in 30-30/20ga this morning. Now off to mix 14 more 80lb bags of Sakrete.

  2. Thanks for stopping by old friend. You’re right as always.

    Suppose I’m speechin’ to the choir on that one eh? One of the gents at church was up there today saying that we need to look at sinners like that as victims of evil. I disagree with him; I think some people are wretched and evil by choice, knowing full well that what they are doing is wrong... but whadda I know? I could bowl the devil over at 50 yards with a chilli fart so I’m no stranger to corruption myself. I suppose, HAR HAR HAR!

    I would really love to see a range report on that gun, M. Wish you were local, I have dies to reload 30-30 round here somewhere, and that action is plenty strong to bark up the performance to respectable levels. I’ve seen those reasonably priced little guns drive tacks on occasion... you are in for some good fun. If ya want the dies, let me know... I will send them down,

    1. Thanks for the offer, but I do have the dies already. Both for the bench press as well as the Lee Loader hand die for quick field experimenting. Touch base with me, isserfiq at gmail and I'll send you some pictures of the new toy.
      Been pouring a floor in Quasimodo's lair. Got 14 bags of concrete mixed this afternoon and all I got for my effort is a wrenched back.

  3. homeschooled ours public school is a sewer
    it is true that 'they' will self destruct but will we let them take your kids with them
    after school you have to spend hours counterarguing what was fed into them that day the feed is very subtle just like its progenitor who was 'subtle above all the other' creatures.
    i see why the younger generation is a mess. their parents went through the same schools. it is the way you boil a frog slowly and sneakily
    i have finally come to see that there is no turning back the younger ones are the parents of the teens these days and they are all fully inculcated with the evil, the 'tolerance'. so they will carry the day in voting, in culture, in everything and the oldies like me will be thought of as dinosaurs