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Sunday, 15 September 2019

Sunday Morning OyTube Outdoors And Ramble


I dunno what to think of this kid. I've watched a couple of his vids. He's in remarkable physical condition. The term "urban outdoorsman" was coined to make fun of homeless bums... but it could be applied in all seriousness to this young fella. Apparently, he lives in his minivan in winter and has kitted it out with a heater and a bed and storage for his iron horse. In summer, he's on the trail gobbling up the miles 100 at a time! When I was his age I dreamed of doing something similar myself.

But I had a family and a child. I was expected to work and support it and I sold my soul for years trying to do that and make it work... and it all fell apart anyways. Good gawd - what a waste of time.

But then again - what if I had done as this kid did? Where would I be now? I wouldn't have my modest home, bought and paid for. I wouldn't have my wonderful wife - and in a way, putting up with my inlaws all those years... I suppose I bought and paid for her too, HAR HAR HAR!!! Then I double think that... and maybe it was just a down payment? Regardless, that was probably the best investment in my life that I ever made. Can you even measure emotional investment?

Where is that boy going to be when he's 55? In one of our last family feuds I asked my daughter that very question - and my idiot inlaws told me to shut up and can it. "Don't listen to your father! Follow your dreams, kid, and the money will follow that..." they said. Thinking about the future, prepping for a rainy day, and thinking ahead is harmful to a kid's self esteem I guess.

If  that were my boy, I'd try to get the young stubfart-in-training to leverage his brand into something useable. I started watching another young beardo that did just that:

I could watch this guy for hours.
He reminds me of that beardo that used to do oil paintings
and was on Prozac all the time.
You cannot get any mellower than this fella and no bones about it!

I love this guy. He's hilarious: if you watch his early vids he starts out mostly hiking and sometimes camping out of  a decrepit VW van. Nowadays he has the 1000cc foru seat UTV with one a those handly roof tents on it and he's outdoors, all the time, testing and doing demos and spending time with nature, the dawgs and his family. I am really liking that stove too - he cooks everything from Bronto steaks on down on it! HAR HAR HAR! I'll bet the guy is in serious danger of getting rich too.

Welp - I am still trying to knock off this cough. The damned thing started out as a cold and flu and morphed into something bronchial and it seriously messed me up. But I will make it to church today with the wife, and I am going to walk the dawgs after. After that, I need to work on assembling my hunting gear. Although I am still between jobs, I am going to try and get out after whitetails with the bow.

Have yourselves a great Sunday, give your tribe my kindest disregards - and thanks for stopping by.



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