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Sunday, 29 September 2019

Sunday Spew

Two retards discuss saving the environMINT.

It wasn’t even close, the Swedish retard spanked the fwench one.

Yannow - ya can’t vote your way out of this, right? Example: Here in Alberta, our economy depends largely on oil. To get it to market, that means pipelines - we need to build several. What the Turdo Administration has effectively done - is give retards like Greta the legal veto on pipeline projects. (And of course crippling the oil and gas industry isn’t near enough to satisfy Greta; it’s not even a good start!). Another thorny group also has a veto: the First Nation Freeloaders. Those red niggers welfare bums get free food, free medical, free housing, free education, and yet their reserves are riddled with drug and alcohol addiction, incest, arson, and every other stripe of crime and corruption you can imagine. (Newsflash! It's all Whitey's fault!!!) These are the people that have crippled the oil and gas sector and will keep millions out of work. You know - the folks that pay the bills for children like Greta and Justin, as well as for all the freebies for the drunks and thieves rotting on the native reserves.

Even if Turdo gets turfed in the next election (and I am praying he does) - the damage is done. Up here in Canada we could give you Yanks lessons on Deep State corruption. I find myself falling back into the western separatist camp, that would have Alberta, Sask, and possibly part of BC secede from Canada - and leave those socialist morons to fend for themselves. But the numbers don’t work and separation comes with issues of its own.

One thing’s for sure... we really need to start getting tough with these people because the way they’re headed... we are in serious trouble.

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