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Sunday, 8 September 2019

Sunday Stand Up Humour

Sometimes, even on a Sunday, some things need to be said.

I suppose I have to be careful with stuff like this. But lord, I am getting heartily sick of race politics and their enablers, both black and white.

The other day I watched that Dave Chappelle/Netflix show that was supposedly so edgy and offensive - it could only be rated for the most mature of audiences. It was called Sticks And Stones and was what you might expect from your average black stand up comic. Everything in his act was “Nigger this,” and “Nigger that, mothafuckah gabba gabba weebeejabba!!!” According to the usual blue haired, sexually disturbed suspects at Rotten Tomatoes, it was crime-think and hatey and drew trash reviews. To the audience it was high comedy and a five star performance. I was intrigued.

I am not a prude but I am tough on stand up comics. I find most to be boring and tiresome. But I watched this guy anyway and did manage a chuckle or two. What was far more fascinating was the audience. 

When the dancing monkey on stage went through his act and delivered the punchline - the bovine ignoratti in the audience looked at each other in dismay and confusion, tried to figure out the joke and whether they could laugh at it or not. A few might chuckle once they figured it was safe to do so. Or they’d spontaneously laugh - and then hurriedly stifle themselves lest any idiot social justice warriors see them and disapprove. I dare say if a white man went on stage today with an act like that, he’d have been torn to shreds.

I'll give it a three out of five but feel I am being overly generous. Basically the whole show is about a black guy giving the social justice crowd a mild rebuke. And judging from their reaction, they seriously thought about ripping him up for it and a few tried.

Meh. When it comes to social justice warriors and their BS - that meme above can do my talking for me and other than that I want nothing to do with them.

When I think of truly great live performers and humourists - I have very high standards. I saw this one ages ago, in better times when we were better people. Dad had just gone into financial bankruptcy to get satellite TV on the farm - in the days when you needed an 12 foot dish, the room to swing it, and NASA to set it up... and even then it was balky and unreliable. But somehow, after a late fall day of bringing in bales, the thing locked on to some obscure satellite swinging high above the earth and gave us one of the last great performances by a comic who didn't need profanity, divisive politics, or any other gimmicks to leverage his humour. If you haven't seen it before - it's fun and worth your time.

Aesop found this one on OyTube.
I'd thought this humorous and musical tour de force
was lost forever.

It's going to be boring round the Thunderbox today. I still have a nasty cough/cold to kill so other than some minor chores … I am just going to lay low. I would like to go to church but there are some frail seniors there and no way do I want to pass them a bug like this. I'm gonna miss the potluck lunch, dammit.

I hope you guys have something good lined up for the day! Take care - and watch the Steven Banks vid if you have time.



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