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Friday, 20 September 2019

Super Hero Movies

So I'm sitting here, watching my childhood heroes get demolished by social justice warriors, Hollywood homosexuals and perverts, and flabby, man-hating she-twinks with face jewelry and pink hair. And I don't know what to think of it!

I am so old that I remember getting scolded because comic books were considered to be mind-numbing trash by my parents' generation. Mom tried to get me away from them by buying me novels and books that might better challenge a ten year old's intellect - and she had some limited success. I started blowing my allowance on classic novels like Journey To The Centre Of The Earth, Frankenstein, War Of The Worlds, etc etc. It kinda backfired on her too, the poor woman. She was a voracious reader too, and occasionally she strayed from the usual "chick lit" like the Harlequin bodice rippers, and bought thrillers and suspense novels. I started pinching those and was reading at an adult level by the time I hit grade 4. She was horrified when I started sputtering and cursing with rage at the crap I was reading in her TIME magazines. I will always remember it - some simpering faggot at the magazine was ripping on the baby raping, murderous American war machine and had posted a pic where some fellas were posing with the severed heads of a couple Viet Cong gooks - and I started crowing, "Mom!!! Mom!!! I wanna go to Viet Nam!!!!" Mom was a shameless shitlib even back then and she turned a sickly shade of green. But - even with all the great and bad reading material I had access to - I was still a kid and enjoyed my comic books for a year or two after that.

Now they're changing all the characters in the name of social justice. Thor is going to be a woman from here on out, Captain America is going to be a nogger or some vibrant, and the rest are being turned into queers, trannies, and all the other frooty flavours of the LBGQT rainbow. From what I've heard they cranked out a few vibrant and diverse movies and they are starting to bomb at the box office. Good grief - their new Wonder Woman has hairy armpits and a face that won't make young girls on psychotropic anti-depressants feel bad about themselves.

Yannow… if you're going to do shite like that... at least do it right:


I wonder if we could get the legendary pervert author, WL Emery
to write the script for the 
next exciting adventure of Spider Woman?

Have a great Friday you guys. And stop reading those trashy comic books!!!


  1. Don't get your hopes up Filthie, the next Wonder Woman will surely be Bruce Jenner......

  2. while it is true that the reproductive equipment one is born with should never be cited as a 'reason' one cannot take up carpentry [happened to me] or medicine and each should be able to take up whatever craft appeals to one according to ability,
    the fools have decided there is no difference between male and female. i see cop shows where a woman as strong as a weak spaghetti strand slams a 'perp' against a wall and cuffs him and i think, in real life he'd break her neck with one finger and be gone in a moment
    girls have unreality to deal with and some must actually think they are physically equal to arnold schwartzenegger.
    real life brings it home with a wake up slap sometimes like cold water being sloshed onto a startled bunny
    men are stronger and have longer arms--these are for reaching things on the top shelf for their wives and mothers!!-- no matter what anthropologists say about spear throwing!
    anyway, when true reality hits it will be terrible for so many.
    God, help us all see reality .