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Tuesday, 10 September 2019

The Corn Spackled Brown Man

"The Grey Man" seems to be an emerging counter culture theme or phenomenon that appears to be catching on in the circles I frequent. The Grey Man is a central figure of  theOld NFO's series of yarns - here he is getting raked over the coals by his adoring fans, HAR HAR HAR!!! The poor bugger - I shouldn't laugh. I haven't read any of the Grey Man novels but the reviews I have seen are generally positive. The idea of a non-descript soldier of fortune doing his thing right under an enemy's noses obviously appeals.

TB is taking the concept into the real world and trying it on for size. It doesn't sound like he is entirely comfortable with the fit - but I could be wrong.

The question arises: what shade of grey are you? Am I?

I think nowadays that as we get ever more politically and culturally polarized - combined with the rising tides of militancy and zealotry … going grey or even dark makes darn good sense. If the wrong person gets close to you either on a family or friendly level, they can do a world of hurt to you just by closing the door. Given that women are encouraged by the state to betray and deceive their men, and kids are encouraged to fink on their parents or take up sexual perversions or even get abortions without parental consent - there is all kinds of fuckery that they can get up to if they REALLY want to hurt you. The smart fella will take care to limit his exposure. The people that do that kind of stuff usually do themselves a world of hurt and will drag you along for the ride if they can.

I'm seeing from various places that nowadays the average Joe is doing really well if he has two or three good friends and family. For family... I put about 30 years into my wife's, and over 50 into my own trying to make them work. Both were mildly financially 'small c conservatives' and 'Large L' liberals socially. Like most such families, the women went nuts first and then they began to fall apart... and I was just one of the pieces that broke off and fell away along the way. For years I was intensely bitter and angry about it and still am from time to time. But I have a couple good friends, and we have our circle at the little country chapel, and two wonderful dawgs... and as I get older - it's enough. It's not what I wanted to see for myself or my family, but hey - who cares what I think, eh?

I dunno if I could ever be a grey man myself. When I broke with my families I told them exactly why I did it and about the only mistake I made was getting angry about it. I also told them where they could go and how to get there. From what I've heard they have taken my advice and are half way there, HAR HAR HAR!!! Enjoy the trip, assholes!  :)

No... I see myself as a peanut and corn spackled shade of brown. Errrrrrr… did I just commit a hate crime with that? Associating colours with people in a non-racial way? I'd hate like hell to be a fascist like that Old NFO...

Have a great Tuesday!!!


  1. Glen, if it is any indication there are two - and only two - individuals I have discussed about my personal beliefs on politics and religion in the last dozen years. These are individuals I have come to know and deeply trust. But in a lot of ways, I do not look for those sorts of relationships anymore - too risky. For me, I write, and generally just listen a lot.