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Friday, 6 September 2019

This Is Why I Need An AR15

I don't think the mouse gun would cut it. I'd need a full blown chain gun
and possibly a rocket launcher as well.

Screw those east coast guys. By the time they get that monster shelled, cooked and on a
plate, yer left with a glob of 'meat' that looks like snot and
goes down the same way.

That's why they have so many problems with those acid blooded  Xenomorphs on all the Alien movies.
Instead of flamethrowers, space Marines, killer bots and clones...
send in some cod gobbling Newfies or Boston types and they'd
have the lot cooked up into a disgusting chowder with other unsavoury 
crustecians and sea creatures that shouldn't be eaten.

It's not slurry! It's "chowdah"!


  1. i've never understood how someone not starving could look at sea bugs and think, 'yummy!'.

    1. They are human billy goats, Deb! My inlaws would eat EVERYTHING on the lobsters and crabs including half the guts! And they liked it, too...

  2. I'm adding a GAU-8 Avenger to my "must have" gun list.
    Imagine the size of the gun safe I'll need!