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Monday, 30 September 2019

We Are Not Rome - We're Carthage


I've seen scholars like BP and The Z Man and various historically minded pundits draw parallels between our modern western civilization and Rome - that is - Rome at various points of its history. They make compelling comparisons and arguments. It's easy to see the parallels between the Rome rotted from within - and the feckless, disconnected turds that are our leaders today.

But this kid - he seems to be one of the NRx (Neoreactionary) ramrods... and he makes a very good case for us resembling our ancestors in Carthage, rather than those in Rome. If ya got a coffee and the time - it is well worth a read.

I flirted with Neoreaction because they are red pilled on most of the stuff that I am... but they kind of went off the rails with it. Like any other pill - you take too many of them, they will make you sick. But he is bang on the money when he says we are sacrificing our children to evil gods - and that it will come back to bite us on the arse. I decided early in the game that I wasn't going to be sacrificed, nor was my daughter - but they were too big for me. The state religion branded me an apostate for noticing that homosexuality was not a good thing, and a heretic when I said it was absurd and ridiculous to think otherwise.

Of course I lost that one, my own family rolled over me with all the power of a state theocracy and would surely have burned me at the stake or nailed me to a cross the same as for all other criminals or enemies of Rome. As it was, banishment was the best the zealots could do... and it worked for all concerned.

I wonder what the exiles and former citizens of Carthage thought as they watched their former city state set ablaze and the city they knew burned away?


The Curmudgeon Emeritus weighs in with his formidable intellect and corrects a major flaw that I see with Neoreaction - the idea that all women are bad, that they can't rise above their worse nature, and that they're little better than delinquent children:

"Women in civilized societies don't behave as the harridans of today behave...".


  1. Glen, your link is: http://hmmmmmm./. That doesn't work.

    1. Darn it!!! Blogger is screwing with me again!!!

      Here it is OC - it's well worth your time...

  2. Hmm. Interesting thought. Carthage was, in fact, an Empire that in some ways was similar to Rome. Its downfall came as it relayed largely on mercenaries instead of citizen soldiers (which are only good when the money is present).

    Read the article. Wow, pretty dark.