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Saturday, 28 September 2019

White Stuff On The Cars This Morn

The snow is not going to stay... but it'll be here soon enough. Trees are still hanging on to their leaves though. We've gotten in more than a few good fall dawg patrols while we could. Ol' Macey is in the autumn of her life too. I hope she can go another year or two... but she's fading. This morning at the dog park she got to chase Mort and another young one around a bit, and she had fun, she always does... but she couldn't keep up. The younger dogs play rough and I worried about her a bit. She's taken to falling down stairs now too, the senile old bint. She likes to be petted by the wife and loves it when I tell her what a fine and mighty hunter she is.

Please lord, just one more. Can I keep her for 
just one more year?

So with it crappy out, I am going to go ahead and do some fine farts n' craps arts and crafts. I've been dreading this - I have a little belt axe kit that I bought from the turkeys at Track Of The Wolf years ago... I like these because they are light and handier than most camping hatchets made today. It'll ride well on by back quiver with all my hunting arrows.

You can go nuts with these things. I sanded off the protective layer coat on the head and took it down too 330 grit. I can leave it as it is ("in the white" as the black powder geeks like to say) or I can take a shot at putting on some Birchwood Casey plumb brown. This stuff is finicky; it will take to some steels well, others look like chit. The head's been edged, de-greased - and I threw it in the wife's oven to heat up whilst she is conveniently out shopping and can't see what I'm up to in her kitchen! HAR HAR HAR!!! The solution is heat activated and is chemically a controlled form of rusting. (If I turn up dead with this axe buried in my noggin, you know the drill - make sure I get a decent burial out at Coopville, and don't let Quartermain or Jack desecrate my corpse. Those two are intensely jealous of my rugged good looks).

If it turns out well, I will throw that ash handle in the garbage and make a better one out of curly maple - I have a sweet chunk that has been hiding in my stash for years. What I want is a nice flat brown that won't reflect sunlight. A lot of people think that the plumb brown finish should be glossy like gun blue - or at least I did. But the black powder geeks told me that you don't want to finish a piece to be browned much finer than 320 grit - so I may have yet dodged Darwin and Murphy on this project. We will see!

I'll keep y'all posted and let ya know how it turns out. Do you have any arts n' crafts on the go?  If so, let me know in the comments and be sure to have a great Saturday!