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Thursday, 31 October 2019


This deflated punkin is upside down - is that the jackolantern's bunghole
on the bottom?
Foul play is suspected!!!

Morning Dawg Patrol has revealed what can only be the result of senior delinquent crime: somebody, during the night, snuck up on our verandah and knifed our pumpkin sentinel and deflated him! Then he was turned upside down and left with his bung exposed to all and sundry! What a way to go! Never fear - Captain Sweatpants and his K9 Crime Fighting Cohorts are on the case! The perp will be found, and WILL face retribution and justice!

Ya gotta watch it when ya throw these out... they are squishy as hell and are liable to pop and spill putrifying pumpkin guts all over you. I got this one into the green bin mostly without incident but it was close. Another day or two... and some road rage would have been required in removing the corpse. As it was I got a little juice on me and now I smell like a dead pumpkin.

Lookit that creepy bugger! Some of the halloween
displays get 
seriously evil.

The old lady that owns this house made a ghost out of her panties.
If I were not morally and ethically opposed to white underwear for men I would do
the same.
I could probly get four or five bigger ones out of one set of
Froot Of The Looms...

Last year at Uncle Bob's School For Wayward Boys And Retards I handed out Kabars, bayonets, and switchblades to the retarded students so they could carve their own pumpkins. Suffice it to say... it didn't go well. There were... incidents. I personally got 320 stitches myself. Apparently retards can't handle edged weapons. Who knew? This year we'll play it safe. The lil slow kids will dress up for Halloween hopefully nobody gets hurt!

GAH! The school nurse, Mrs. Chubster seems to have taken part of the
Pardon me, folks... but I'm not feeling so good.
Don't worry, Mrs. C... I'll
take care of myself!
Nothing a good retch and an eye wash won't fix!

Is he Java The Hut... or a great big smelly turd?
He's definitely pinched off
on the end.

See this? THIS is why you need an AR15, and why
you should be able to carry it into otherwise 
inappropriate places.

I'm guessing he is with
Mrs. Chubster...

Quartermain!!!! Why you little fuggin…!!!!

Looks like Halloween is going off the rails this year too, and some students need some corporal and capital punishment! Hope you guys have better luck out there than we are having here at the Retard School!

First Tattoo

Totally bad ass. With something like that,
even the cool kids like Wirecutter wouldn't DARE to f*ck with me.
Why - I'd march right down to the local
Hells Angels club house and give those flimps
the very hell of it too!!!

Eh? Eh? Awesome, inninit??? Only I will get it as a tramp stamp and then email the pics out! Then I'll sit back and laugh as my victims retch and vomit with rage and disgust! HAR HAR HAR!!!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again - I wear crocs! And not original crocs, mind you - but the cheap Chinese knock-offs! And I like them!!! Screw you!!!

It's not easy being the black sheep. In my family, Dad always ran around in beat to chit moccasins. They'd look good for about a day - then he'd go downstairs into the shop and harf an hour later they'd be scuffed, cut, and beat - and he would wear them for at least 140 years. My brother is the exact same. So when my crocs were spotted - I was immediately ostracized and cut out of the vast family fortune!

Oh well. It was worth it. Maybe this stylish tattoo will put me back in the family's good graces.

There IS A God

Yesterday I headed out to the range. Halfway there my bladder filled up. Part of my new diet involves  drinking water like a race horse. That means I have to pish like one too! My back teeth were swimming, my eyes were turning yellow... and I was facing imminent loss of containment! Fortunately for me they’d been doing some road work out by one of the rural community halls... and I was able to pull in before I suffered from a catastrophic personal tragedy.

This one was as clean as a green bean Marine’s M-16 too!
These Tupperware outhouses can be a real misery...
Especially after guys like Jack and Quartermain have been at them...
Tell me again that there is no God.
It was a photo finish!

200 meters, 45-70, sights set as prescribed by my new ballistics app. It’s a 
pity... that one flyer opened things up a bit.

It was a mixed bag at the range. I’m getting close to wrapping up the year’s load development, and getting off the shooting bench to shooting offhand like a real man. But the experiments were profitable and I learned a few tricks here and there. My ballistics program seems to be bang on the money: with my slowpoke buffalo rounds, I get a 15 MOA drop between 100 and 200m! (For most of my modern guns its closer to two MOA, HAR HAR HAR!!! Yet, loads like this were potting Buffalo at a quarter mile 140 years ago). I expected good results from the ballistics app... it isn’t until you get out to longer ranges that coefficients and small changes in other variables become critical.

This is an offhand target shot by a marksman that 
lacks focus and concentration.

I am finished with bench resting the 45-75 bottleneck lever gun; I’ve duplicated the original black powder ballistics and got to fire ten at 100m.

Shooting was a challenge. As I age I find that moving into a new rifle takes time. Sure, I can shoot anything off the bench or bipod... but I really need to focus when I go offhand... and new guns take some time to adapt to. Plus we had gusting winds, and I had a snoot full of coffee too.

Those are all little things. What really threw me off was the old bastard down the firing line. He wanted to talk and chit chat, and he wouldn’t shut up!!! Our club has a lot of old guys and some of em are lonely and spend too much time in their own heads. A few come out to shoot the breeze ... and nothing else. Finally I just gave up. I went out to the truck, grabbed a water bottle and the stove, cleared off the bench and put coffee on. The old bastard was delighted and prattled... and I made the right noises and agreed when it was my turn to do so. The way I was shooting... it would have been a better use of my time to spend a harf an hour with someone that just needed some company.

That lever gun will shoot... I can see a group forming on the lower right... so with some focused trigger time and a tweak on the sights... I will pick up a few more hits next time out. Next time.

Today the wind is hammering at the walls of Castillo Di La Filthie, and our castle Magus warns that I will be visited soon by horrible spooks, hobgoblins and jacknasties because of all the horrible things I’ve done in my life. I’d like to deal with them using the Retirement Rifles... but the wife will have to handle the demonic manifestations herself. She’s better with the kids than I am.🙂👍

Wednesday, 30 October 2019

CW Is Out Of Control

I am still HAR HAR HARing about this one...
CW is having a day over there and is just cruising for a time out!
Stop that laughing, you buggardly tossers!!!

I try not to steal too much material from the smart kids. But sometimes... it just can't be helped. The comedy is at lethal levels!

Recently I got in a dogfight with BP and Aesop about open carry of rifles in inappropriate environments. Aesop's view was that doing so was an act of stupidity, and invited stupid gun legislation from stupid politicians. The boys are absolutely right about that too. My problem is that those idiot politicians are not going to go away or appreciate our restraint in not hurting their feelings. They will come after law abiding gun owners regardless... and they want ALL the guns, not just the scarey pistols and black rifles. We don't have problems with mass murder by loons with assault rifles up here in Canada. We don't have near the crime rates the USA does either. To the liberal ass hat - that means our idiot gun controls are working, and we obviously need MORE. As we speak, Turdo La Doo and his lickspittles are contemplating new gun laws to enable the confiscation of guns that frighten liberal faggots and panty-waists. They'll come for the hunting rifles and bird guns eventually too. Guess we'll see how that works for them. I suspect it went the same way in Britain, just as it did for Austrailia and New Zealand. And of course, very seldom are their sky rocketing crime rates mentioned. Fuck 'em all is my opinion.

The liberals are also all hot and horny on the idea of censorship and deplatforming their critics as a means to silence them. Could it be argued that memes like this are legitimate drivers for enacting censorious legislation? By Aesop's logic - yes it is. So it is in Britain where you can now be arrested for posting rude jokes on Facebook. If the shitlibs ever get their way, there'll be SWAT teams at CW's, Wirecutter's before you know it! HAR HAR HAR!!! WC makes a game out of trolling the fags and cat ladies at Bookface with his rude jokes. He's a problem child too - all the other retards are competing with him to get banned faster than the rest and are triggering the hapless censors with all kinds of hateful humour! When they get sent to Bookface jail, they brag about it!!! The poor censors!
Of course the comedy in that is up there too.

It's a thorny issue, when your principles drag you into fights you would rather not have, supporting people that you would rather not support. It is divisive wedges like this that the gun grabbers and leftists exploit and use against all of us. I honestly don't see anything to be done about it.

For me personally... there are other thorny moral and ethical complications posed by CW's retarddery: King Peter and Queen Mary have three purebred Schutzenhund German Shepherds. I love them both, they are good friends and good people - but they are shameless, Trump hating shitlibs. Do I send them this one? Or respect their sensitivities and feelings and keep it to myself?

Ah, shit.

Somebody - call the RCMP? Ask for  the Thought Crime Division. Better involve the feds with the Dept. Of Unsavoury Internal Affairs and The Human Rights Commission too. I have a rude joke that The King And Queen will need to see at once! And if I am arrested and sent to jail - somebody make sure that WC and CW know that I got there first!!! HAR HAR HAR!!!

Have a great Humpday, folks, and thanks for stopping by. 

Errr… and behave yourselves, dammit.

Halloween Preps At Filthie's

Every year, like clockwork, my place gets egged and toilet papered!
What's with these awful kids today???

Monday, 28 October 2019

Filthie's Fashion Footwear

I have been waiting for this moment all my life.

When ya get old - ya don't have to worry about being trendy and fashionable anymore! We're talkin' plaid shirts AND pants, if yer so inclined. You can go as ratty as ya want because being comfy trumps being trendy! I am going to Value Village to see if I can find a lime green plaid sports coat and a pair a flood pants that belt up just under my chest. Sweet! Oh yeah - I'll find some suspenders to go with that too! 🙂👍

My boots are gonna crap out any month now too - and I am having a hoot shopping for replacements. I have winter boots, dress boots and I need a casual chit kicker for everyday use. Lookit these:

Oh lord, those are just gay.
But... they sure look comfy! And old farts can wear whatever they want!
Screw you, you little chit - and get offa my lawn!!!

They're made by a company called Redwing and apparently they make good stuff. Now I need a really bad, ratty winter toque and I'm set for winter!

Getting old isn't all bad...!

Jeez Gorges - Ya Had ONE Job...

I told him to hitch up the horses... and now this.
There goes bear season! Thanks a lot fella!
We will have to get the prescription for his eye glasses checked sooner
rather han later...

I See My Reputation Precedes Me...

I seem to get that one a lot from women.
Can't imagine why...

Oh Chit - Has Anyone Seen BW..?!?!?!

He's probably in Nova Scotia by now and headed out to sea.

I've been on that road when the wind blows up... and it's a pantaloon filler.

Filthie's Rules Of Life

I guess Jordan Peterson got in a bunch of hot water for putting together 12 rules of life that will help addled snowflakes and millennials cope with the realities of living in the real world. Apparently it was so offensive because it had stuff like - oh, I dunno... "clean up your room and make the bed" and "be on time" and other common sense stuff that normies take for granted. Apparently it generated shriek-fest, butt hurt and the usual angst amongst the victim class.

In an effort to soothe ruffled feathers, allow me to weigh in maybe simplify the professor's list to less offensive rules that we can all agree on. There are only three:

1. Never ignore a hard on

2. Never pass a urinal without using it.


Apply all three of these rules - and your Monday will be a whole lot better! We got white stuff on the ground, so I am going to dig the snow shovels out of the shed, the block heater extension cables and all that stuff.

Have a great day you guys.

Sunday, 27 October 2019

Ugh... Those Russians...

Hmmmmm. My naval expertise is limited to a couple chithouse thriller novels penned by such hacks as WL Emery, Tom Clancy, and Robert Ludlum. (I'm joking, of course - WL is an excellent writer).

I am guessing that one is a hunter-killer sub? Don't the big boomers have long decks out front? For all the missile silos?

I've been hearing horror stories about the US navy here and there. It's infested with affirmative action perverts, or low IQ vibrants, and other (failed) social experiments. The ships are falling apart at the seams, with welds on the welds, and bandaids every where else... and proper training and maintenance is not available because of constrictive budgets. (I am not saying all that is true, I am just saying what I've heard from some bloggers that appear to be former and active swabbies. They are hopping mad about it all, apparently).

Wouldn't it be great if one of those Russian subs surfaced off the coast of BC - and some Russki told the flimps in Hongcouver that they were now under Russian rule - or else? And they came ashore, and demanded a pipeline from the Alberta tar sands to their new port in Hongcouver? And they started shooting environmentalists and first nation freeloaders that objected...? I should write a novel too! HAR HAR HAR! I wonder what that black-faced french  faggot in the PM's office would do? Speaking for myself, I would welcome and admire our new Russian overlords!  :)

Oh man. I definitely should write a book! I shall call it "Red Dawn"! Don't any of you steal my idea! I'm glaring at you, WL!

Of course, I would prefer American overlords to Russian or Canadian ones.
Somebody should give Donald a ring after
he's done gloating about that rag head he just popped in Syria.
Think he'd make an offer...?

Old And New

Dear gawd. I am such a buggardly tosspot sometimes. I feel like such an idiot. My retirement guns both wear precision vernier tang sights and I thought I knew how to use them. Oh Filthie, ye simple fool. Turns out I know SFA. Story of my life I suppose, HAR HAR HAR! Think you’re a good communicator? Try explaining how to read a beshitted vernier scale. I gave my first “thumbs down” to some retarded old fart on OyTube that gave it a go. I suppose it was mean, but the dumbass made a simple operation look like black magic. Some hunting around took me to a site where they walk you through the process and provide pics and examples. Once I had that, the vid made a lot more sense, and a few other things fell into place too. I now have the skills to handle the low tech/high precision vernier tang sight. I am most assuredly a retard - I am somewhat proud of my success! I suppose I will have to go back on OyTube and upvote that old fart’s videeyah or my conscience won’t let me rest. It’s not his fault I am a retard, right?

So the next thing I did was download a ballistics app to the iPad so I could get an approximate trajectory for the load I’m using. 

Then that stuck in my craw: here I am trying to capture the charm of old world artifacts... with a friggin iPad. Would a slipstick work the same way the vernier scales do? I’d love to take a swing at that, there was a time when I had the skills with math to do it. I could whip problems involving mass, acceleration, impulse, gravity and momentum with contemptuous ease. The idea of doing it again with pencil and paper and a notebook appeals... but sadly...if ya don’t use it ya lose it! I couldn’t tell the difference between mathematical differentiation, integration or fornication anymore. It’s sad, sometimes it just feels good to do things in the old ways.

Yup. Digital calipers are just the ticket 
for meat heads that are too dumb to read verniers.
I haven’t seen vernier calipers in 30 years.
I think Pop might still have one rusting in his tool chest...

It’s all horse shoes and hand grenades anyways. In the real world, these calculations should be good enough to get you on the paper... and you can fine tune your settings after that. It will be interesting to see how accurate these programs are. I had to make a shit house guess on my ballistic coefficients, but I’m hoping that won’t be a big deal at closer ranges like 300m. 

It’s cold and blustery today, and the friggin hounds are just itchin to drag my sorry arse out there. Goddammit, there is no rest for the weary lazy! Welp... might as well slurp down some hot coffee to fortify myself against the cold ... and get to it!

Hey - thanks for dropping in and have a great Sunday. And don’t snivel about the weather!

It’s unmanly.😆👍


Something Wicked This Way Comes

Sounds like something’s afoot.
Wonder what it could be...

Friday, 25 October 2019

Retirement Rifle Range Report.

Spectacular results from the Postells.
Two 5 shot strings, shot at 100m
Group 1 (lower) approx. 2.130"
Group 2 (upper) approx. 1.460"

What a glorious day. The weather was superb; with no wind. My Remington Roxy Roller BPCR rifle put on a spectacular show. The mission yesterday was to nail down the accuracy potential between heavy lead round nose bullets, and the more aerodynamic Postell bullets:

Postell Bullet: 513 gr. mongrel alloy
Rem brass
35 grains Varget gun powder
2.852" O.A.L.
Two 5 shot strings, 100m, results of both groups averaged together:
average velocity: 1193 FPS
average high: 1194 FPS
average low: 1174 FPS
average standard deviation: 13 FPS
average extreme spread: 32 FPS
average accuracy, 5 shot group: 1.795"

That is certainly acceptable accuracy for a vintage rifle design, and home cast lead bullets.

The Round Nose bullets didn't do badly either:

506 gr. Round Nose bullet, mongrel alloy
Rem brass
35 gr. Varget gun powder
2.729" O.A.L.
Two 5shot strings, 100m, results of both groups averaged together:
average velocity: 1178 FPS
average high: 1191 FPS
average low: 1159 FPS
average standard deviation: 13 FPS
average extreme spread: 31 FPS
average accuracy, 5 shot group: 2.523"

So. What does all this prove? Not much, actually. You can have a good day on the bench and skew the results, just as you can have a bad day. To establish a clear winner will take a bunch of testing under optimal conditions, flawless technique and all the other statistical requirements for a trustworthy study. About all a preliminary test like this will do is expose an obvious dog or lemon load. I'd actually run a string of tests, throw out the best and worst results and start crunching the numbers on whatever is left. That super small Postell group was a fluke and probably does not represent repeatable accuracy for a gun of this type.

I think I can safely say these loads are NOT dogs for now though.

The next test will be the same thing again but with IMR-3031 gun powder. Might have to give H5895 a go too...

God Loves You

I post this as a counter to that. Obviously we have to use some discretion here - the man is grieving and you have to respect that. The only reason I posted it is because my mother in law did the same thing when her youngest son passed away - 40 some years ago. She threw her faith out wholesale - along with her morals and ethics. For whatever reason, God was hard on my in-laws. I often forgot that when they started meddling in our affairs. Maybe they thought they could get a 'do-over' on their family mistakes by involving themselves so much with mine? I hope you rest in peace too, Steven. I'm sorry about how things turned out between me and your folks - but that is a discussion for the next world.

But stuff like this is why I started to believe. Sure, shit happens... but it goes the other way too. That young aviator should have ended up dead. But there he is - smirking at the big bejeezus hole in his prop. The bird should have torn itself to shreds under the imbalanced centrifugal load. There's the folks that get cancer or other fatal diseases... and then recover completely for no apparent reason. I've deeked out and dodged both Darwin and Murphy myself twice - in ways that I suspect might have had an element of intervention in them. On one of those occasions I could swear I heard the devil laughing afterward... but maybe it was me. Maybe that is how all this works - our Maker saves the odd fool here and there, and the devil takes his due on innocents. I dunno, I suppose it is of no comfort to the bereaved if so.

But this is why I started to believe. Without a faith - everything is on the board and morals and ethics are off. You see it with topics like abortion - it's almost always framed as a competing rights issue. The pro abortion types justify themselves saying that by not bringing unwanted children into the world, all kinds of evil is prevented. But the Christian asks the question: "How many Albert Einstein's, or Mark Twain's, or Nikola Tesla's have you aborted?" I suppose they'd respond by saying, "About as many as the potential Pol Pot's, Adolph Hitler's, and Joseph Stalin's...".

This is why also why we need some kind of faith. We need someone to ask the scientists, the doctors, and social engineers the type of questions they don't want to talk about. Science and technology aren't worth a hoot without a conscience.

Perhaps stuff like this is not about merit or worthiness, maybe it's about balance... and we are nothing more in the system than weights and measures? If so, let the bereaved families be compensated by miracles yet to come.

Don’t Go See Joker At The Theatre

The scolds and social justice wanks
are apparently worried that it will turn impressionable young  white men with unsavoury latent
antisocial tendencies into gun loving, 
Wahmen hating tobacco chewing toxically masculine 
white nationalist deplorable racists.

I want to kill Batman!!!

At least - that is the word on the innernet that I've been reading. "Don't see it!!! It will poison ya mind!!! It glorifies white nationalism and spreads hateyness!!!!"

Hmmmmmmmm. Call me paranoid... but humour me, just for a second: Hollywood - a community that prides itself on being the centre of the politically correct universe... produces this thing. And then releases a swarm of The Usual Suspects to decry its objectionable nature...? We're talking the sexually disturbed blue haired land whales, the greasy beta male hipsters, and the twitter and sensitivity mobs, all chanting how hatey the flick is?

It'd make a damned shrewd marketing ploy.

PS - I was like this before the flick came out, and for the record, I haven't seen it.

PPS - Thank gawd that it's only a Glock. I'd hate to see that kind of villainy on a dignified 1911...

Thursday, 24 October 2019

Carrying On Up The Amazon

What a pussy.

Men, a firm bristle brush of good manufacture and stout construction can remove hemorrhoids, crusted deposits and get the tangles out. It's an absolute 'MUST' whilst on safari or living in rustic conditions.

The wimp that wrote that comment should have accompanied both Dr. WL Emery (world famous novelist, adventurer and Man About Town) and myself during our exploration of the Amazon. As I recall, one was as likely to get some head hunter's spear up the backside - as a nice British brush.

We are raising a generation of wimps - and it will not end well.

I Don't See Why...

It is my conviction that man-made pollution is increasing atmospheric pressure. If it continues, it could blow the corners of the world out, and the earth would assume a deadly spherical shape like all  the other uninhabitable planets and we'd all get kilt.

Give me money if you want to save the cute and cuddly polar bears!

Hmmmmm. I wonder if that might be a good way to get rid of my competition? Take Greta The Magic Retard up to the arctic - and invite her to pet the warm fuzzy polar bears? Don't have to worry about Dr. David Zuchinni - I think he finally died and went to hell... how about Fat Al Gore? Is he still around? If so, how will I bump him off? If any of you can think of a way for me to eliminate my competitors in this scam - I will cut you in on a percentage of the profits when I establish my reputation as a climate authority. It just has to look like an accident, dontchya know...😆👍

Wonder if Hillary could be gulled into Epsteining Gore?

Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Filthie Goes Postell... Again...

Last week King Peter and I were on the firing line at the club, and he took me into the boards over my childish (to him, maybe) preoccupation with BPCR rifles. "You shouldn't be buggering around with archaic toys, Glen," he said, "you should be shooting a manly rifle... like my 338 Lapua magnum here..."

I stopped, and tried to contain my building rage. "I beg your pardon?"

"Your rifle, Filthie - that is for kids, not men like us," he said louder. Welp... I snapped. I LOST it!!!

"How big are the bullets on that cannon of yours, Pete?" I asked in a menacing tone of voice. "350 grains," he replied proudly.

"Why would a man like me shoot a pea shooter like that?" I said with contempt! "My buffalo gun is throwing 510 grains of hot lead down there at 1200 FPS! My rifle was bowling over bison at a quarter mile while your ancestors were shit-picking peasants back in Poland!!! Size matters, Pete - and you can just start sucking on it good and hard!!!"  I raged. A ripple of laughter went down the firing line and I pretended not to notice some the rude cat calls from the youngsters - I'd hate to have to hurt 'em, dontchya know... Haarrrrrumpffff! Buggardly faggots and their belted magnums anyways!!! FAH!!!

Last night I put a little time in on the pot and made up a batch of Postell bullets - they're even heavier than my round nose lead zeppelins that I was shooting with Pete. The so called Postell bullet is a smidge heavier and more pointy than the round nose designs.

I alloyed this batch with a little tin so the bullets 
dropped a smidge light at around 513 grains.
Yes - I fluxed and scooped off the dross and sewage that floated
to the top of the melt in this pic.

Every time I take to the pot and moulds I learn something. I sort my bullets after casting and weigh them. From the top: 514 gr., 513 gr., and 512 gr. The vast majority ended up coming out at 513 with a few coming in at 514. I will just reject the 512's and throw them back in the pot and re-cast them. For those that don't know... one grain = 1/7000th of a pound. Not bad for consistency...

I really, really want these bullets to work for some reason.
Maybe it's because they look really cool
on my cartridge belt...

My initial problems with casting involved using too much heat. If you overheat the melt the bullets take on a nasty frosty look. I dunno if it's harmful or not, but they look like hell. If the melt is too cool, the bullets develop wrinkles and deformities - and that obviously IS a problem. For this batch I dialled my heat back quite a bit, and the appearance of the boolits improved.

My preliminary testing showed that these Postells were not as accurate as the round nose bullets - and that confused me. They are obviously more aerodynamic than a round nose... but apparently that is not uncommon according to the black powder geeks. Some of those guys have won big matches with the boring old traditional round nosers. 

Now all I gotta do is lube 'em up, load 'em and shoot 'em.

That is the issue with these guns. You need to understand bullet casting. Then you need to understand the operational characteristics of lead and old style guns with their weak actions. Then, shooting the old world iron sights is a challenge too... especially to aging eyes. Each time out, I learn a little more, and it makes a big difference. So it is that I am going to try the big torpedoes again, and see if improved techniques add up to anything worthwhile.

These are the two contestants. The Postell on the left, and the 
round nose on the right.

I'd love to take a crack at paper patched bullets... but that may or may not happen.

Time will tell.

In the meantime - let's start this reloading session right! I've been replaying a lot of old favourites lately - so why not an appropriately themed manly toon with tuba solos? Thanks for stopping by - and we'll see ya on the range. You Lapua guys are warned in advance - you'd better find another country to live in!!! You are within range of The Ferguson Rifleman!!!  😆👍

Errr... range report to follow!!

Rejects From CW's "Feast" Files

Maybe the colours aren't as frooty ...
but the one below has possibilities...

African Aerodynamics

It just HAS to be racism.

Retard Redoux

How did this happen, I wonder. Part of me feels sorry for Greta - I saw a few cruel memes going around... she has morons for parents. Like ... barking mad howler monkeys. She's being shamelessly whored out by them and the greentards too. And yet there she is... the figurehead leader of a social movement that numbers in the millions.

And Turdo La Doo. Oh man - his father was a buck toothed socialist POS that played his believers the same way Greta is being played. He was a puppet master. His wife was a bipolar whore... and young Justin grew up in the midst of that. He didn't grow up right either... and yet... here he is, leader of millions. He's an idiot of course, being played by people infinitely smarter than he is.

This kind of stupidity will end in tears and blood, mark my words.

They're Right About Queers Too...

Yannow... I'm kinda interested in that one too...

Wait a minute.... nope, I lied. 
I don't give a hoot what stupid people think, HAR HAR HAR!!!

The Filthie Pyrographer

Years and years ago my Pop bought me one a those electric wood burning pens. This wasn't one of those cheap POS's that you nearly burned the house down with when you were a tot - it comes with different pens and tips and you can do some really good things with it. Any scrap of wood becomes a source of cheap entertainMINT. I got kinda handy with it and promptly used it for the forces of evil - tattooing my work bench with pornography and underground comic cartoon characters

Beside that portrait of the lovely lass getting ready to cook supper are two shooting sticks I 
am making. The one on the bench is still there... after about 12 years, HAR HAR HAR!
For the shooting sticks,
One will say "The Ferguson Rifleman" which is a play on my last name,
and the other is inscribed with my life motto:
"My heart to the winds, my soul to my Maker"

I put the wood burner away a decade ago and my meagre skills with it have atrophied.  I want to add the rebel flag to one of those shooting sticks as a raised middle finger to the PC scolds and antigun morons... I dunno if I will do that or not.

So I have on my plate at the moment:

- finish that belt axe off with a sheath and put it into my gear
- finish my shooting sticks and stain and varathane them
- I'm all out of ammo for the retirement rifles and need to cast more boolits
- gonna have to pan lube them all
- I need to make protective covers for the precision Vernier tang sights on my rifles
- I am going to scrub the living pooh out of my single shot - I think I have been pushing my cast lead bullets to fast and it may have leaded.
- once I have the Retirement Rifles running well on smokeless - I will have to redo everything when I start shooting black powder - or The Holy Black, as the gun geeks like to say.
- somewhere in there I need to get a job too...

I woulda thunk I'd be going nuts with boredom with my unemployment... but I am having fun. Maybe too much fun...? The shop is a mess and looks like a grenade went off, and I had to clean the kitchen this morning because I was pan lubing bullets and the wife didn't get to the dishes last night... so at least the kitchen doesn't look so bad.

These old stubfarts are using shooting sticks.
With them, I will be able to vanquish the snipers at Camp Borepatch,
and my arch enemies here at the rod and gun club as well.

And before I can get after any of that - I need to do a long range Dawg Patrol. Hope y'all got a great Humpday lined up. As for me... I have some chores to knock off and a long range dawg patrol.



Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Tuesday Meme Dump

The Fwench Are Sternly Reminded...

...that the toilet is not a drinking fountain.

My readers can rest easy, that such technological innovations will NEVER see the light of day around the Thundetbox.

Election Hangover

Well, looks like Turdo La Doo is going to be our PM again for another four years. Suppose that means more carbon taxes, new gun laws, higher unemployment, mass immigration of third world vermin and all the other trappings of a leftist gov’t. Folks out here are hopping mad too. In Canada we have a form of tax theft in play called Equalization. The scam works by the Feds taking equalization payments from all the provinces, and then supposedly doles the money back to the “have not” provinces. And of course, the have-not provinces are usually run by liberal fart suckers that can’t balance a budget. The province of Queerbec has drawn from the system since its inception and never really paid into it... it’s basically a pig trough for fwench Canukistanies. My province of Alberta has never benefited from it, and always paid into it. $8 billion dollars a year - that’s how much we flush down those fwench fucks in Quebec every year ... and us in a recession! And they hate us. All the liberals out east hate us and make no secret of it. But the moderates and cucks out here just sit there and take that shit rather than put up a fight. 

Nothing will change until the parasites and the fence-sitters are forced to feel the consequences of their voting habits I guess. It’d be nice to see our “conservatives” at least put up a fight. I’d like to see Alberta and Sask hold a referendum on Equalization and tell Morontario and Queerbec to shove it up their collective asses. I’d like to see the “Not Withstanding” clause invoked against the anti-western policies those idiots come up with. Dear gawd - Greta Thunberg was “in secret meetings” up in Fort Mac last I heard. What kind of lunacy will will come tumbling out of that, I wonder?

Oh well. Whaddya gonna do? It’s not like the cuckservatives are any better, they will sell out too. 

It’s going to be every man for himself, I guess. In the meantime it’s beer and popcorn for me. Somebody wake me up if the shooting starts.

Monday, 21 October 2019

The Filthie Connoisseur


1. Ardbeg? Yeah... I’ll take that. But... you don’t look at price tags on scotch. Many feel the same way; but... if ya want the best at reasonable cost in single malts - it’s Highland Park all the way. Winston Churchill knew good cigars and good booze, and I will side with him rather than the beardo on this one.

2. The Dalemore? Yes it’s good and it USED to be cheap. I’m still kicking myself. I had a chance to buy a case of 6 bottles from Stupidstore for $150.00 a hundred years ago... and let it go by. What a shame!

3. Mick... Mich - c’est que f*ck? What is this rotgut? I’ve never seen it! Any of you that can weigh in on that one? I will dabble in bourbon but it is not my forte...

4. Elijah Craig Small Batch? Unremarkable. I would serve it to bums like BW, Jack and possibly TB, depending on how much money they owed me. If someone were to offer it to me, I’d take it... but I will drink whatever’s in the jerry can in a pinch.

5. Wood ford Reserve Double Oak: Swill. Perfect for the cretin you loathe... but in a purdy bottle. Seriously, I cannot recommend it.

Somebody needs to teach that kid how to say “Lagavulin” too. Gawd - I want a drink and a cigar after watching that.

That... and the Canadian election winds up tonight. I’m hopping mad - the shitlibs are way out front. And the friggin Z Man: “Please God, let the weirdo in the turban win”??? What kind a bunghole wishes something like THAT on his friends??? I’m half tempted to round up some goons and go pay him a visit for that little remark!

I suppose it doesn’t matter, we are screwed no matter who wins. We got Turdo La Doo, some smelly packie, and Scheer The Steer who will cuck out on whatever the lefties tell him too.

It’s gonna be a long night, everyone. I think I will drink the entire bottle...

Not Me...

But again... you'd be correct to suspect it...