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Friday, 29 November 2019

Alberta Tell Ottawa To Shove It’s Pending Gun Legislation

Thank Gawd - and fuck you, Trudeau!!! It’s a great day to be Albertan, and a great way to tell a bunch of liberal assholes out east to go sod themselves!!!

Pardon my fwench, everyone! But good lord... for most of my life I’ve watched with silent fury as our so-called conservatives would roll over and lose politely as the liberals bent them over in parliament. With every passing year the leftists got more arrogant and conceited ... and I personally have gone as far with them as I am going to go. It almost brings tears of joy to my eyes to see somebody finally standing up to those cretins.

It’s time to start fighting with these guys and getting as nasty and devious with them as they are with us.

They Don't Look Happy

Thursday, 28 November 2019

Happy Thanksgiving Yanks

Don’t talk politics. Don’t drink too much. Don’t stay too long.

Do eat too much, smile and laugh, and keep your loved ones close.

The Filthie Archeologist: Origins

I was wondering where all these horrible things came from...
Anyone good with hieroglyphs?

Modern translation:

I think I’ve had quite enough of
these rude cat memes for now.
That’s it, I promise...

Malice In Timberland

When swamp donkeys are hit on the road the drunk driver is often wrongfully 
blamed for the incident.
If the first responders were actually doing their jobs,
they might notice that often, the moose has three sheets to the
wind too.

Turd Polishing

When I started driving my first truck was one of Pop’s decrepit farm trucks. It was a... it was a F..... GASP!!! It was a (sob) Ford! Sorry, everyone, but that fuggin POS gave me PTSD!!!!

It was a 1972 Ford Explorer half ton. I can imagine how it was made too: The engine was built by a team of evil hare-lipped retard union-slob jack asses. On a Friday afternoon. The transmission was assembled by demonic fart sucking liberal voting niggered baboons that were so stupid, they couldn’t be tolerated even in a dump like Detroit - and got exported to Morontario to build trucks in Canada instead. On the way out of the factory, some inattentive monkey accidentally drove the truck over the foot of a disgruntled simian voodoo union steward... and hopped around in a hideous dance of pain and rage, holding his injured foot as he hooted and gibbered ... and cursed the vehicle with fury and heat of 1000 suns. He infused the truck with the lost souls of the damned and of the worst swamp monsters out of the bayou.

When I got it, it was already half in the bag. It only ran right when Pop was around. Pop was a master mechanic and didn’t take shit off machines - possessed or not. If that POS so much as missed a beat or a tick, Pop would tear it down to nuts and bolts. The machines on the farm unfugged themselves... lest Pop do it for them, HAR HAR HAR! But when I drove it... that misbegotten whore built gawdbedamned turd gobbling wretched wreck turned all its hate and fury on me. When I told Pop about it and dragged him over to look at it... it would purr and run like a top. When he was gone, it went back to running like a soggy turd!!!

It tried to kill me that winter. The cops said it was ice and bald tires that put me in the ditch, upside down... but I know the truth. I knew it was icy out and was going about 35 when that miserable miscreant went sideways. When we got it right side up and back at the farm, Pop poured 4 quarts of oil into it and started it with a dirty look and it ran like a Swiss watch. “I ain’t drivin’ that POS,” I said. Pop was livid. “Most kids would LOVE their parents to give them a vehicle! What in hell’s wrong with you?!?!” Pop raged. We had one of the biggest, barn burning fights of my teen years. In the background the metal monster idled and bided its time.

Eventually it turned on Pop too - and he promptly sold it to a sonofabitch that actually deserved it. I learned a couple things from all that... like I was not a mechanic and didn’t want to be. I will not buy used vehicles either. I buy them new, I take meticulous care of them, and drive them until the doors fall off. Both my brother and my Dad only buy used - “a new vehicle depreciates by 1/3 as soon as ya drive it off the lot!” they say. Fair enough, but I can pay a new one off in four or five years, and easily get another 7 or 8 years out of them after that without any major expenses. Pop and Big Bro are buying new used vehicles every couple years and often dump big money in them to keep them going. Whatever works for you, I guess... six of one, half a dozen of the other? I know what works for me. I also learned all I needed to about Ford. I will not buy any vehicle made by The Big Three. They build junk, their employees are thieves and crooks and their management is just as bad. And most of all I learned to hate Ford the most.

Fuck Ford.

Welp... the nice boys in white should along with my straight jacket and medicine any minute now, to take me away to a nice quiet rubber room where there’s no mechanical demons or monsters! Have a great Thursday y’all... and drive careful!

Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Toxic Satire

GAH! I am still struggling to recover from this rude joke!


I'd read someplace that it was Christians that run the Bee and I find that hard to believe. There is something utterly diabolical and inspired by the way these guys mock our moral and intellectual superiors.

I may have to put them on the Toilet Roll.

Cranky Old Farts Explained

I might have been that little boy once upon a time, in a different universe light years from here. But time and events have left me psychologically ruined and permanently damaged. Today I sit, cleaning my guns, stropping bayonets, stockpiling ammo, booze and popcorn.

I will smile again when the world goes up in flames.

A bitter and twisted Glen Filthie stamps out 1911's in his basement hobby shop, preparation 
for the coming revolution.

Somebody wake me up if the shooting starts! Have a great Humpday!!!

Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Able Semen Filthie: It’s A Woman’s World

Have you ever been in a place or situation and wondered how ya got there in the first place? I am an indentured servant to my Royals that live on a modest estate just out of town. In exchange fore help with chores I get coffee and usually cracking good conversation.

My masters, the King and Queen, are aficionados of Dawg Sport. The mutts are called “Schutzenhunds” or shittyhounds or something like that. They are top breed papered pedigree German Shepherds that are bred for running obstacle courses, attacking designated heavily padded bad guys, and tracking. These activities are organized into a formal sport and it is deadly serious stuff. If you want to buy a pup sired by champs you can pay upward of $7k! The Royals have three of them and travel across the country to compete. Anyhoo about a week ago, the Queen asked if I could help her take a couple of them to the vet as an assistant dawg handler. Her dawgs are not like my K9 cohorts - hers are as high strung as hell, and will attack other people and dawgs at the drop of a hat! I don’t take shit off of dogs, and the King would be on shift... so I agreed to help. 

I knew I was in trouble right off the bat when we got to the vet. The male was losing his mind and Her Majesty could barely control him. The bitch was going nuts too. “Oh, she’s in heat, Filthie! Nothing to be concerned about! We’ll get them into the vet, who will make sure we can breed them and be out again in no time!”

The Queen had called ahead so we would be shown right into the exam room when we arrived. When we hit the waiting room the dogs went nuts. The Queen almost lost her footing as her dog snarled and snapped and tried to go after a bigger dog. I had the bitch and she was trying to go after an old woman with a poofy little ankle biter. They both cowered and trembled in fright and I felt like a shit. The Royals are  just proud as hell of these bloody monsters too! If my dawgs did that I’d kill them both with a quick .22 behind the ear! But The Queen just laughed, and we wrestled the monsters into an examination room.

I heaved a sigh of relief and figured everything was cool. I shoulda been more aware of my surroundings I suppose. There must a been 20 people there in that building... and I was the only guy there. Make a note of it, men: if you ever find yourself around a gaggle of women like that, and animals...horses or dogs are a guarantee of it... you will encounter witchery. Or lunacy? Dare I say fuckery

Welp ... once the lady vet had her rubber gloves on, the first thing that happens is the male tries to mount the female. Quick as a snake, the vet dives in, slips a condom/sample collector over the male’s schlong... and starts jerking him off. GAH!! I didn’t expect this!!!

I guess I’m a bit of a prude even though I’m a farm boy and I know how these things go. But I was still creeped out a bit. But ... the girls just did me in... I am not exaggerating when I say this: I have seen  better manners on Pervert Row at a strip show! The hens cackled with glee and made rude jokes and I just got grossed out and wanted to crawl under a rock somewhere. And women accuse men of being pigs!?!? Those two gals were as horned out as any stinky lonely 400 lb. sweaty trucker at the peeler bar! And about as attractive too! GAH!!! They were having the time of their lives...jerking off a dog.

An eternity later it was finally over. I hardly noticed the bitch straining against the leash as she tried to tear the throat out of the old lady and her little poopsie on the way out. The Queen and the male stayed behind to gossip and chat for a bit. Once I got outside I lifted the bitch into the kennel in the back of the truck, closed everthing up and locked it up. I opened up the cab and got my coffee out. I waited out at the truck because I didn’t want to go back in and wait in the hen house!

Finally Mary came out with her boy and we got loaded up and headed for home. Mary looked for all the world like she needed a bloody cigarette! She asked if I had time for coffee or if I wanted to come out to the estate and shoot for a bit but I just declined. I was still seriously creeped out! I begged off and had her drop me off at home.

Uncle Bob, Jim and the various philosopher kings of the old Manosphere used to lecture at length about the darker natures of women and I always considered it so much bunk. Sure, women have nasty and sinful inclinations just like us guys do... but they can rise above them like us guys do too.

Can’t they?

Maybe I am turning into a stupid old prune but I swear there was something other than a simple sperm sample going on with that fiasco. Maybe it was all my own perverted imagination getting the best of me. But... The Queen IS a redhead. She’s older and hit the wall hard as redheads tend to do. And she is head over heels into dawgs and horses. Maybe Darlock and Heartiste and that crowd were right about a few things?

I am beginning to think so. Yeccchttt. I have the feeling that I have seen something I wasn’t supposed to.

The Vibrant And Diverse Thunderbox

Even a hatey toxic literally-worse-than-Hitler  fella like
me feels his heart melt at the sight of these
cute little clippers.

In my defence, I’d just like to say that I hate everyone 
equally! We can now consider the Thunderbox filled to the brim
with inclusivity and tolerance now!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Monday, 25 November 2019

I Don’t Get It Either, Forrest

Some of these bloody cat memes are downright lethal!  They are so damned funny - it almost restores my faith in humanity. I even read somewhere awhile back that the Usual Suspects wanted to make memes illegal and prosecutable. These latest ones with the shrieking hysteric and the ropey-mouthed cat baffle me. The humour is obvious and simple enough for even me to get it... but where does this stuff come from? How do these things 'become a thing'?

I guess regular chimp-outs at Popeye's are becoming a thing now too. I actually had Popeye's chicken once and all I can say is... never again! I suppose if a gaggle of black baboons are going to start raising hell, you can't ask for a much better place for them to do it! But fighting at Popeye's seems to be a thing now too...

Monday is a day for especially deep thinking here at the Thunderbox. If any visiting intellectuals have any insights to share with us - feel free to leave a deposit in the comments.

Have a good one!!!

Oh... and before ya go:

I kinda think the Clintons would go after Pepe first but ya never 

Sunday, 24 November 2019

Uuuuggghhhh... Those Russians: Cosmonaut Survival Gun

The lore circulating amongst the internet warrior-stubfart class describes the stupidity and cluelessness of our countrymen in the development of a writing instrument for the intrepid men of the Apollo space program. According to legend, they wasted billions of dollars developing a pen that could write upside down, in a vacuum, underwater, and even on the surface of the sun.

Okay, I made that last one up - but ya get the idea. When they went on sale to the general public I promptly bought one - and that sumbitch exploded in my pocket two days later and ruined a good work shirt! FFS.  But I digress:

Those scum sucking commie bastids just sent their boys up... with pencils! And they worked fine! You don't mess with what works; and today my writing implement of choice is the Staedtler 2mm mechanical drafting pencil. One would think that we could trust the soviets to be the pinnacle of practicality, right?

Welp… instead a spending billions on a pencil, the soviet pencil-heads spent billions or rubles on … a survival gun! Just in case the vodka-soaked Yuri and Illya blew their re-entry and came down in Siberia or San Francisco... and needed to defend themselves from the wildlife.

If that thing isn't the biggest POS that ever went into space, I dunno what is!
HAR HAR HAR!!!πŸ˜†πŸ‘

How do ya fire that bloody thing? Kalashnikov must be spinning in his grave! I am kinda thinking that if you have to give the rocket men scatter guns... something along the lines of that new Tavor would be the way to go.

I want one... dunno what in hell I would do with it... but it sure is cool looking.

But... whadda I know? For all the world, all I am is an old stubfart with an arsehole and an opinion who's full a beans!

Why, after a plate a beans or chili those boys should
be able to burn that critter to the ground!
Survival guns for space men indeed!

One Last Thought About Epstein - Who Didn't Kill Himself...

Years ago I made the mistake of giving the Clintoons the benefit of the doubt. Back in the day, when Wilhelm Von Blowjob was denying sexual molestation charges and soliciting gummers from overly ambitious bubble-gummers and candy stripers... I took him at his word. I thought to myself, it's just the political mud machine; Bill was a POTUS, there's a code of conduct, and what man in his right mind goes around risking his job and reputation and even legal action - for a gummer from someone who could only hurt him? It didn't make sense to me presidents and leaders were supposed to be smarter than that ... but I was young and naΓ―ve.

I wonder if I am not being the same way again? Consider:

Bill and Hill should both be in a cage. Seriously, they have both been caught, red handed in scandals and improprieties that would land people like us serious jail time. There's no doubt about their crimes or guilt; they are a matter of public record. To my mind, it draws suspicion on the legitimacy of not only the gubbimint, but the various arms of it such as the judiciary and law enforcement. As the attacks on Trump get ever more ridiculous and's more and more obvious that we can't trust these guys and it starts right at the very top.

Given that this is the case - and it IS a legitimate assumption - why go after Epstein? Everyone already knows Bill Clinton is a pervert and rapist. Everyone knows that Hillary is a criminally incompetent and negligent moron - and yet they're both walking around. They can do anything they want and get away with it. Popping Epstein in cold blood in broad daylight wouldn't do them any good. In fact it would only heighten resistance and opposition against them... it doesn't make any sense. The other day prince Andrew had to move his office out of Buckingham Palace on account of his activities on Pervert Island. You and I would be rotting in a cell with Epstein if it were us. The Royals can do pretty much anything they want and get away with it too. Why bother killing someone that can't really hurt you?

Is it possible to be old and naΓ―ve? Methinks so - and "giving someone the benefit of the doubt" or treating them as I would be treated - doesn't make sense if they are not willing to reciprocate. Is that being un-Christianly?

Our leaders are out of touch, they hate us and they aren't afraid to kill us with gay abandon. My question is - when do we "hoist the black flag and start slitting throats?" And lest it appear that I crap on the USA from the moral heights above - to be truthful it is much worse up here in Canada.

So what are you bums up to today?  As for me - I am boring again. I've almost caught up on my reloading and have to seriously clean out the Augean Stables the dungeons of Castello di La Filthie. I have junk everywhere and it's been like that for far, far too long. Hopefully today I will get the last of the empties reloaded, and can finally move on to other projects.

Have yourselves a great Sunday, and thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, 23 November 2019

Filthie’s Antique Chit Show

Auction begins at 1:00 sharp! No cheques... at least, for the Usual Suspects!

I’m looking at that JFK one... and I just wonder. I know enough about guns and rifles to be dangerous, but absolutely nothing about the crime or the scene of the crime beyond what I’ve seen on the net. Anything I know is only based on what I’ve heard. But... the guy that whacked the president was no mere marksman. To hit like that, that shot had to be rehearsed and practiced. I suppose a lone kook with no resources *might* be able to do that. 

And I’ve seen some of the best snipers plying their craft on the net. The very best of them can load and fire a bolt gun faster than you can think about it... but they all still lose time on reacquiring the target for a follow up shot. Their guns are tuned masterpieces... while JFK supposedly got whacked with a 1940’s outhouse mail order milsurp gun... with a damaged scope base. Multiple times.

Given the other players in the drama, I don’t trust anything or any evidence collected by the courts or by the authorities. 

I wonder why the files are still classified? 

I wonder if the Epstein murder case will turn into a similar chit show...?

Friday, 22 November 2019


Living under a rock as I do, I miss out on a lot of the lingo, buzzwords and slang that the cool kids all have down pat. For those of you as clueless as I am, D3R is dissident-speak for “Democrats Are The Real Racists”. So it goes up here in Canada too. 

I am in the game enough to have known this for some time. The shitlibs in my family would do or say something racist or stupid or hateful... and I used to gear down, explain to them how they were doing exactly what they claimed to despise... and they’d just giggle and shrug and do something else equally hypocritical. There was no reasoning with them. Eventually I figured it out - they knew it too and didn’t give a shit. As long as they got their way, everyone else could go pound sand. They inevitably reach a point where they are the ones that need to be told where to go and how to get there.

Apparently there’s still a lot of people that are shocked by this and I see them wasting their breath trying to get a fair shake and play a fair game with assholes that are basically cheaters, liars and thieves. The same way I used to years ago. It’s infuriating to watch as the same guys try to convince the same assholes with the same arguments that have failed the same way for years.

Everybody has to learn at their own pace, I guess.

Give Me A ‘Q’, Pat...?

Thursday, 21 November 2019

Aging (Dis)gracefully

The Guns Of WL Emery

When the gin soaked degenerate intrepid novelist and man-about-town - WL Emery - is on safari in darkest Africa or in the far east Orient... you can bet he packs some serious iron when he goes about his business! I've been with him when he tangled with the 4th Reich when we came across a  city of gold in the jungles of Oogah Boogaloo in Africa, and he was carrying his trusty Mauser C96 'broomhandle' submachine pistol. He gave a good account of himself with it, but I fear it might be on the small side for our next trip into harm's way in the mountainous chithole country of Dirkadirkastan - where everything could be on the menu. From filthy, flea bitten muzzie sandrat head hunters, to abominable snow men at the higher altitudes.

Fortunately Ian over at Forgotten Weapons is on hand to furnish us with the proper tools for the job!

Gosh. I would love to have the time and money to fab up a box of ammo for that beast. These old black powder guns are fascinating. They don't kill with high velocity and trauma as modern arms do. They gain power with projectile mass and kill with momentum. At close range I would bet dollars to donuts that beast could put one through both sides of a deer.

I wonder what that one eventually sold for? There is a certain charm to these antiques, and one wishes that these artifacts could talk and speak of their former owners and where they've been.

Not So Funny Now, Are Ya...?

On the road east out of Aaaaaadmontin, on the way to nowhere, there used to be a gas station/general store called the Laughing Llama. In a small pen between the store and the road, there lived the store's mascot - coincidentally, a llama.

He was not a particularly happy critter either. Passersby often mistakenly assumed that he was, and when they got too close, he bit them or tried to gob on them! I'd be filling up the bike on the way out in summer and laugh like a loon when a family of kebabs, pajeets, or other vibrants pulled in and became victims of this obviously racist and surly critter. They'd get too close as they tried to get selfies and photos of themselves with him... and pay for it with their dignity or what there was of it! HAR HAR HAR!!!

I guess they finally got back at him. What goes around comes around.

I Must Be The Only One That Doesn't Do Twitter


Why would you go on Twitter? I'm serious! I dunno how many times I have seen links where people have posted on serious subjects - and then some retard like WC or Irish or one of those guys posts a devastating response that will send you to the hospital with laughing cramps. It doesn't matter what your politics are, or what the subject is... there are killer comedians everywhere. This one's not so bad... but some? Going on Twitter is like doing that "Roast Me" stuff that Wirecutter does on his blog.

There is one redeeming feature about the human animal that I deeply admire - and it's the ability to crack a joke under the most dire circumstances. 

The Ultimate Canadian SHTF Gun

Hmpfffff!!!! This one is in 5.56 NATO (.223 to my fellow stubfarts). I dunno what to think of that... but my first thought is that you'd be basically polishing a turd. A lot of the preppers and hoarders actually prefer the cheap, steel cased milsurp 7.62x39 ammo that it is normally chambered for. This is the first one in 223 that I have ever seen. I dunno if it is a one-of-a-kind or a standard offering now. Most of the ones I have seen don't have recoil pads either. I dunno why you would need one on a gun like that.

The thing about these guns and their ammo (in the 7.62x39) is that both are cheap, and regular non-gunnie types can afford to practice and stockpile ammo. If you are a prepper, and you don't have a lot of money to throw at guns - this is your boy right here. It's an excellent choice as a back up gun for the wife and kids too. While it makes an excellent deadly serious SHTF gun - it can double as a fun plinkster too. Milsurps like these are just as fun as the fine sporting rifles.

If you are going to get a gun for emergency self defense, do yourself a favour and get training on how to use it. You will need to be able to handle it when the adrenaline is going and stuff has gone seriously south. Shooting is actually a lot of fun once you get into it and I have wasted uncounted dollars and hours doing it. You have to be careful with these though - and do your homework. I have heard the Chinese ones have spotty QA/QC and some are just plain junk. I can personally attest to this, I have seen one or two come apart on the range. If I remember correctly, you want the ones manufactured in either Russia or Finland.

If you have a few extra bucks and some time to kill - look at the SKS. It's a great way to get into the sport and get shooting on the cheap.

I am boring again today - just watching the job boards and cleaning guns after my last range trip. It was awesome - I am finally getting my head around casting my own lead bullets for the Retirement Rifles - and I put the boots to King Peter with them too! He often makes rude and offensive jokes about my guns and I have seriously considered doing away with him. I'm sure the cops would understand it would be a justifiable homo-cide and let me off, HAR HAR HAR!!!

But, that morning, Pete was shooting his 7-08 off the bench and sandbags and getting ho-hum groups of around 1.5". I stumbled up to the firing line and put 5 quick ones downrange off hand with my rolling block 45-70 buffalo gun... and they went into a group about 1.5"!!! HAR HAR HAR HAR!!!!

It was a fluke of course, I couldn't do that again in a million years - but I strutted around like my chit didn't stink and I rubbed Peter's nose in it good and hard! HAR HAR HAR!!!!πŸ˜†πŸ‘ Good sportsmanship? What the hell is that? Never heard of it! HAR HAR HAR!!! At this stage of my life, I will take my little victories wherever my Maker offers them. Next week, I will probably get similarly punished by some ignorant swine the same way. Sadly, this crap is the spice of life to the aging sportsman. I shoulda taken a pic of that group, now that I think of it. I coulda put it on my phone, and the next time when I go out and totally suck - I can look at that pic and remind myself of better sessions! HAR HAR HAR!!!

Have you been out to the range lately? Why the hell not? Weekend's drawing nigh - and you and your loved ones should make a trip out!!!

What in hell is that? It has the lines of a Dragunov but maybe it's an AK?

Wednesday, 20 November 2019

And Why, Exactly, Was This Not Brought To My Immediate Attention?

FFS!!! I am THE authority on stuff like this!

Well OF COURSE he shat himself!!!  Unless of course, one of you is risking the “whoever smelt it dealt it” gambit?

Yannow they have computers that can play chess but if they ever make one that can play The Fart Game... humanity is most assuredly DOOMED.

Domestic Misadventures

When ya have a ropey mouth like I do, full of all the wrong opinions - you tend to develop a thick skin. I used to get banned off forums, chat groups and blogs because I won't shut up when some moron thinks I should. It doesn't happen much now; I don't waste much time with idiots anymore. I will if I am bored I suppose. I got banned from Aesop's blog awhile ago because I proved I was smarter than he was - and picked up about 400 readers as a result, HAR HAR HAR!!!  The new readers are sternly reminded: no refunds!!! It was a worthwhile argument though, and he deserved the boot up the ass I gave him. He was at least smart enough to see it for what it was too. He's good at kicking arse - but he sure can't take it. Most of those types can't.

Usually though, when I am having a difference of opinion with someone on the net and they say, "You're a racist, you're a Nazi..." I just pack up and quit. Chances are I'm talking to a cretin who is basically admitting as much and has no legitimate argument for his views. You're more likely to convince a parrot of the errors of his ways than convincing those guys of theirs. I wish I had a dime for every time I've been called a racist or been banned - I'd probably be a very rich man, HAR HAR HAR!!!

No, you sniggering pricks - that is NOT ME!!!
Could very well be Aesop though!

Play nice, folks, and have a great Humpday.

Prepping Questions

In between looking for jobs I have time to read now. Prepping is something that I've kinda-sorta taken seriously. If the lights went out I think we could probably live comfortably for 30 days, longer if we stretched it out.

The hardcore preppers are gearing up for an extinction level event... and I am just not seeing it. What happens when people start to starve? The second they go to cook supper, others will smell it and come to investigate. What will happen then? What if their kids are starving?

I and others envision 'a house in the woods'. But in South Africa where they are already falling into slow collapse - whites on the outlying farms are getting picked off one family at a time.

Preppers are going to become targets. Not trying to crap on anyone or slag the preppers... I am just wondering if there is anything a guy like me can really do outside of what I've done?

Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Molesting Farm Animals

Looks like the cretins at Ford are loose in the stables again - and the horses are getting the worst of it!

So they're gonna make the Mustang electric now, huh? Welp, it wouldn't be the first time the finks and faggots in the design department railed the Mustang.

Errrr.... the Pinto sucked too, fellas...

Sigh. We seriously gotta get the women back into the kitchen, and the queers and pedos back into the closet!

Monday, 18 November 2019

Wish I Had A Fecesbook Account

Because then I'd spam it with rude jokes until I got punted, HAR HAR HAR!
Some of the tards have made a sport of it and brag about
how much time outs they've been given for inappropriate content.
Wirecutter is in first place last time I looked.

I actually enjoy living out in the void, disconnected from the world. I got thrown out the airlock when my queer daughter came home from university and announced that she and her creepy lesbian love partner would henceforth be in charge of what we could say and think. She disowned us for not bowing down to their leadership and lordship and we haven't seen her since.

I used to lurk at her websites back when I was still a concerned father that didn't know if his daughter were alive or dead... but as the years wore on I saw what she'd become and realized at some point it no longer mattered. In one of her posts, she complained bitterly that my dormant facebook account was spamming hers and inviting her to 'friend me' or some such rot - so I just deleted it altogether. The last person I wanted any dealings with was her and her 'community'.  That was actually a bit of a chore; I had to go searching on how to do it. Like a fatally wounded monster that refuses to die, it kept asking me "Are you SURE you want to delete your account?". I'd click 'yes' and it would come back again: "Warning, by clicking YES, your account will be deleted! Click 'yes' ONLY if you want to delete your account!!!" I think I was at 'Shitfuckyes, delete my fuggin account' before the algorithm finally did it. I don't think it was actually deleted either - on the few occasions I've found myself on Fecesbook it always tells me I can re-start my account with one click of a button. I doubt they deleted my info and more likely archived it. Does Facebook auto-hassle you and yours with friend requests? I've heard of blood feuds started when people block or unfriend each other... and the whole thing strikes me as childish - and I am so sick of that. (Yeah, that's me saying that, HAR HAR HAR!)

And for the record, yes, you godbedamned kikes, dykes, packies, whackies, gooks, spooks, and miscellaneous mystery meat race baiting shitbirds SHOULD be wearing poppies on Remembrance Day.

Nice, If True...

100 years ago one of the squaddies at the rod n’ gun club got home from the sand box in Dirkadirkastan and decided to buy himself a little Jeep. I had had one just like it when I was his age and had loved mine as much as he loved his.

A couple weeks after he bought it, he put one bumper sticker on it: SUPPORT THE TROOPS

That was all it took. A week later he got up to find his new Jeep scratched to chit, with peace signs and MURDERER scratched deep into the brand new paint. Just looking at it made us want to kill somebody.

I think it’s past time to start spanking these bloody lefties with their own paddles. When some turd brain says that we are stooping to their level... I think we are going to have to at some point. What would have happened at Agincourt if the fwench deployed long bowmen instead of haughty armour clad knights? Or used Blitzkrieg tactics when the Germans assaulted the Maginot Line?

We are in serious trouble now. They openly threaten and legislate curtailment of rights and freedoms that go up to and include gun grabs and censorship. We really need to do as they do... and take our enemies seriously.

Sunday, 17 November 2019

Sorry, My Mistake!

I was actually calling in to abuse America's red flag laws and get TB dropped in the legal crapper for my own sick fun and amusement!

*in a high pitched falsetto*

"Oh officer!!! You simply must do something about that awful TB! And his horrible, vicious rabbit!!!" I am ever so frightened!!!!"

HAR HAR HAR!! I disagree with Glenn - I think our cops should have nothing other than calls like that!  I'd rather see a world where they spent their days with BS like that - rather than getting shot at by thugs, or scratched and bitten by HIV infested homeless druggies and other self destructive tards. All cops should be doing their thing in Mayberry, in my scholarly opinion. Some people hate cops on general principles and I don't get it. The ones I know are all retired now, thank gawd, and were fine men you could trust your life (and that of your family) to.

On to the roll he goes!

The incident was investigated and dealt with, and nobody got hurt.

TB, on the other hand - remains at large. If spotted, don't approach them. They are considered by senile gas bags law enforeceMINT to be unstable and dangerous! πŸ˜‰

How Much Is Too Much?

I see my favourite movie stars, Michael and Esme have a new ride.

Jeez Louise!

I dunno what to think of that. Just looking at it, I think that beast goes 18K Canukistani... I'm probably low.

I used to be hard core like Michael and Esme and I'd be Out There for most of the year. I also had the gear too. I could go out and camp in winter and enjoy myself. You just dress for it. I seriously doubt anything beats a good sleep in a winter hot tent.

The problem I see with their new beast is that it's going to be a bigger pain to deal with should they come across an ATV-eating hole in the back country... and the muskeg area they camp in is FULL of them. I know, I used to camp and hunt in that area myself. But, Michael knows his way around the bush and I know he has back up winches and come-alongs so the bigger ride won't slow him down much - he'll just have to pick and choose his trails with a little more care. For old farts, even that is fun. Guys like us can have fun anywhere.

But... I just don't like that cab. I can see a passing shrub ripping off that windshield wiper and the glass and cab getting scratched up beyond all recognition... but whadda I know? These things are built for that and if your ATV isn't scuffed and battered … you ain't using it right! Flapz has gone to the UTV side by side too and he just loves it... he's just not as advanced as Esme and Michael are though.

This was fuggin Flapz in BC yesterday. The fag is out in +12C,
barrelling down mountainous cutlines and back roads.
Michael's Defender would be more at home here than the muskeg and bush
country in my opinion.
The usual caveat applies, opinions are like assholes...

The other issue I see for both these sportsmen is that of the spare tire. Flapz got a flat last week and he's in a pickle. He hauls the Cat around in an enclosed toy hauler... and it is not tall enough to accommodate the Cat with a roof rack mounted tire. I wonder if the boys can get one strapped on the hood of their Utes? 

If you are an asshole with an opinion an erudite sportsman with a relevant comment, you know the Thunderbox is always the proper receptacle for it. πŸ˜†πŸ‘

Feel free to weigh in on Michaels channel too.

The Irresistable Outrage Force Meets The Unmoveable Plaid Stubfart

An indifference singularity results. Who woulda thunk it?

An old cuck stabs his elderly co-worker in the back on the way out. It's a crisis of conscience, dontchya know. There's no nice way to say it, unfortunately. Fuck you, Ron MacLean, and anyone that looks like you. (Pardon my fwench, ladies). Nah - I am not going to read the 500 word soap opera in that one - don't care. I can't boycott the CBC, Sportsnet and their cucks in the mass media anymore than I already am, and have done for years. I cut the cable years ago, professional sports is a racket for morons. Or at least, it is now.

The gaggles of chattering clucks have to get their two cents in too. No, I didn't click on the vid and play it. I saw the pic of the black she-boon, and the makeup that looked like it was applied in a high end autobody shop. (Talk about putting lipstick on a pig!) I've never seen that woman before or heard her speak, but the second I saw all that - along with the bad haircut... I knew that woman would have nothing to say worth hearing. The cries of the wounded in the comment section verified my suspicions.

I get it. Got it a long time ago, actually. They hate me, I am not allowed to have an opinion, and my only place in The Game is as a cuck or a bobble head that never disagrees or thinks about the stuff that his moral and intellectual superiors decide to hand him. I got that loud and clear when my family broke down years ago. Suits me fine, I am not going to miss Politically Correct Hockey Night In Pakistan much. This is the kind of thing that those people find to be fun. I don't get it.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh. A voice of sweet, sweet reason. It's getting so that ya have to really dig to find intelligent commentary on the internet. (You sure as hell won't find any in the mass media).  AC saves the day, and injects a degree of normalcy back into the world. Not bad for an old fart!!! Looks like I gotta adapt to new realities too!

I am going to spend less time on the outrage machine too. The other day I rediscovered Ol' Slamfire in the gun safe - an M1A with the match barrel I'd bought a couple years ago. I had futzed with it for about a year and finally came up with a sweet load for it - then put it away and largely forgot about it. I discovered an 8 lb. keg of H4895 and about 500 HPBT bullets and a pail of brass in my stores that I'd forgotten about too. I have 150 rounds loaded up and will probably do a couple hundred more. It was a wonderful day on the range with the old friend.

King Peter ruined everything of course. He wanted me to put 5 rounds downrange with his new Sako in 7-08. I got to the 4th round in the string, and....CLINK! Misfire...? I waited 30 seconds, and then another 30 just to be safe - and cautiously jacked the round out of the chamber. It was a struggle - the case came out, but the bullet stayed lodged in the bore. What in the hell...?

Turns out that Pete is using one of those new fangled brass tumblers with the steel pins and soap and water. When his wife reloaded the rounds for him they must have been still wet. We learned what wet H414 gunpowder looks like, I guess. The other thing we found was that his velocities were low to the tune of about 300 feet per second. I guess Mary had misread the reloading tables and it got past Pete when he checked her work. As you can plainly see... we have REAL problems and matters of import here at the Thunderbox! These are not the kind of decisions to be left to hysterical old women and their virtue signalling eunichs, HAR HAR HAR!!! HAR HAR HAR!!!

Today I am off to church, and then out with the dawgs and the bow and arrows after that. Such is the lifestyle of the unemployable senior delinquent, I guess.

Welp.. I hope YOU are doing something good and worthwhile today?

Have a great Sunday!

Saturday, 16 November 2019

On Hating Libertarians

Z had a great podcast up the other day. on why he hates Libertarians.

I dunno what to think of them myself. I happen to know a few and while I don't agree with everything they say... they're good guys. They are right on the money with gun control, Big Brother or Nanny gov'ts and what have you.

But recently I've run across a few that are absolute dickwads. They want open borders, legalized drugs, and some other stuff that wouldn't be good for anyone - but it would affirm their commitment to their 'non-aggression' principle. They lose their minds when you point out that freedom and liberty isn't for everyone - that's why we have prisons, and entire cities of homeless, useless people that shit on the streets, and only consume and never produce. I fell in line with Z the second I came across his blog. He reminds me a lot of our dearly departed Uncle Bob who used to say much the same thing.

I see other former old world conservatives are slowly coming around too. We focus in on ourselves far too much, it should have been obvious that classical liberalism died long ago too... and the toxic new iteration is something that we will have to deal with. Reason and intellect are out with that crowd, they only think with their emotions now. How was it that only Uncle Bob and Z saw all this years ago? One thing is clear: we can't go on respecting the rights and liberties of people that have no respect for ours - and mean to deprive us of them.

Been There Before

The Filthie Cruffler

When I was a kid just starting out, there was this mail order place that carried all kinds of relics and curios at bargain basement prices. Guys like us could still afford to collect the odd piece here and there... but money was so tight back then, that I couldn’t even afford the pittance they were asking for these. If I recall it was a Steyr or some Euro gun in an obsolete caliber. I think the mag is some kind of primitive contrivance located in front of the trigger guard.

Shortly after that came the gun registration grifts and scams, and a lot of these curios became prohibited. I think noncompliance with that was massive. You still see these around in certain places, but they command prices that would make your nose bleed.

When the revolution is over, and our former liberal overlords have been buried in mass graves and forgotten about... we’ll need to instill the tradition of the BBQ gun up here in Canada. I think a pristine antique would make a wonderful accoutrement. πŸ™‚

Friday, 15 November 2019

Dog Robbers

“GAWDDAMMIT!!!” Pop roared.

Aw, jeez. “Wonder what the ol vet has up his ass this time,” I thought to myself.

I was about 16 and like most sons, I gave my dad more than enough excuse to curse on a regular basis. I went into the garage, and he looked mad enough to spit! He was looking at his brand new Case tractor. “Dad! What’s the matter?!?” I asked. Pop was grumpy like all old farts, but he wasn’t one for profanity.

“That smelly bastard of yours shat on my new tractor!”

Sure enough, right on the driver’s seat, was a great, big, corn spackled stinker. It wasn’t just a random dump either... it was placed there, precisely lined up with the longitudinal axis of the tractor, right smack dab in the centre of the seat. It was positioned such that if it were not for the size and shape... I’d have suspected human involvement. But... no bones about it, that cigar shaped turd was definitely feline.

“Not my cat, not my problem,” I said. “It was YOUR cat what dunnit! And I think Sammy has an excellent sense of humour too!” We had two cats back then. Mine was a loving but incredibly stupid long hair tabby, and Pop’s was a black short hair with a demonic sense of humour. I couldn’t help it, I HAR HAR HARred at my poor father. He got so mad, he grabbed up that turd with his bare hands and flung it at me... and started HAR HAR HARring himself. I seriously thought of escalating this and going out to the horse pasture for some ammo. When you live on a farm and are descended from monkeys...shit fighting is a high martial art.

Do cats laugh? I personally am convinced that they do, and that they have highly developed humour centres in their grape sized brains. I also suspect that they domesticated us in order to play their jokes on us.

I will tolerate no dissention in the ranks about this important topic.

Exhibit ‘A’

Thursday, 14 November 2019

Thursday Morning Plaid Shirt Radio

Well Thursday's a whole day away from the weekend for you working folks, so let's get this one started off right.

Here's one by one of my favourite gals - LeAnn Rimes. I'm sure it won't come as a shock to anyone to learn that she and I were a thing right up until recently! But she just didn't fit in with the boys at the retard school the rod n' gun club and I had to break off our torrid love affair. The fellas are deeply envious of my success with the ladies and it was just making for too much friction. That, and she was cramping my style. I still remember the straw that broke the camel's back: "Oh Glen," she bitched, "You seriously aren't going to go out on our date dressed like that?!?!? A lime green plaid shirt??? Seriously???"  Obviously little miss Rimes had some growing up to do!!! Here she is trying to make me feel bad about our break up:

Last I heard, she had shacked up with Quartermain.
The woman is a walking train wreck,
I tells ya!

Yannow I could be a song writer. There's something poetical about a lime green relationship going blue, right? I'll throw a few notes together and bounce it off a musician like TB (He's a savante on the gazzoo AND the slide whistle).πŸ˜†πŸ‘

I've been told by people that know that say she is heavily influenced as an artist by Patsy Cline. Unfortunately Patsy was way before my time. But there's a bunch of good reasons that she inspired LeAnn.

What is that voice type for women?
She falls to pieces, and she stops my heart when she sings.

We take requests here at The Thunderbox, especially those easy listening tunes that make taking your ease easier - if ya catch my drift! HAR HAR HAR! The Taminator asks us to spin this one after viewing my scholarly post yesterday:

Is that the faggot teacher off Southpark?
It sure sounds like him...
Oh gawd - a tuba solo!!!
If that don't make your day, I dunno what will!

Today's gonna be a range day for me. I dug the National Match M1A out of the gun cabinet - King Peter has a new Sako in 7-08 and he wants a piece of me in the worst way. We are going to shoot it out tomorrow, like men, off hand, shooting from our hind feet. He may have a marginally more accurate rifle, and maybe I shouldn't toot my own horn... but there aren't many that can shoot from the positions better than I can. I've beat the local squaddies and the ERT guys and it takes a competition level shooter to give me the business. But ya never know, I've been coaching Pete and he's threatening to become a problem. 

Hope you enjoyed today's fine musical interlude - and that you stop back again soon!


Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Grumpy Old Buzzard Hump Day Meme Dump

I don't get why women get so bent over stuff like this.
It is not like time is kind to us old guys either.

Yeah well... lookit what happened to Kermit...

Hmmmm - a freedom seed spreader!!!
Just the ticket for the next liberal fund raiser or environMINTal protest!

That 'Kill Dozer" one didn't get any air time up here in the Canadian mass media.
I wonder why...?
Being Canadian I don't know what that cut-up-snake-thing is all about.
But this one makes more sense each passing day...

I read somewhere of the Lore Of Mission Control. Apparently back in the 70's
they'd just plunked Viking I or some gadget down on Mare Cerebellum
or some Martian plain. It was a spectacular technological feat of accomplishment.
But the Mission Instrumentation Engineer got supremely reamed when
the first pics started coming in - the eggheads thought they were
too grainy. The poor guy had to remind them that the pics were 
coming from another planet.
My mini-cams on the crap copters cost around forty bucks. I swear I get better resolution 
from my toys than the security goofs at major banks get from 
their CCTV's.
Why, if one of my crapcopters had been in Epstein's cell - fags like Aesop and Peter G wouldn't be
wondering why he killed himself, HAR HAR HAR!!!

Since the libs opened the flood gates to turd world immigration, the quality of our 
imported gangsters has gone straight to hell!
Instead of Goodfellas we get moronic slavs and russkies who couldn't make
a decent pie if their lives depended on it. And the slope heads? I hate their annoying laugh:
What kind a idiot laughs like that??? 
Fuggoff, Jack!!!

I'm gonna kill somebody! It's not supposed to work like that!!!
A guy takes a nudie pic of the woman and puts it up on the net, not the other way
around!!! When the creeps at the rod n gun club see that, I'll be ruined...!!!

Oh wait... sorry, that's not me! Sorry folks!

BW maybe...? 

Ran Into Pop Yesterday

I come from a family of dysfunctional flaming shitlibs. Not kidding, they’re complete fucktards. They’ve all alienated the shit out of each other and then gone on to burn their own families down. The women are the worst. I went through the fuggin wringer with my militant lesbian SJW daughter. That led to conflict with my mother in law, and her idiot husband. Everyone knows how those people roll, and our family fell apart. A year ago my own mother found out about it and then she started running her bloody yap. I couldn’t take it again, I told her that she could keep her comments about my daughter to herself and leave it alone, or she could run her fuggin mouth behind my back because I wasn’t going to take her shit. What is it about liberal women and sexual degenerates? Mom said some more things she probably shouldn’t have... and then so did I. I lost my shit, she started smirking and goading me... and I just said fuck it. I don’t need the drama. Pop was there for awhile and he used to break these things up... but not this time. Maybe he’d just had enough of both of us. He got up from the table and walked away in disgust. A few seconds later I did the same. Something broke while that stupid woman’s gums flapped at 100 MPH.

Looking back on it I should have just let the old bitch prattle. When you get mad at people and let them goad you, they control you. Shitlibs are what they are and they won’t change regardless of what some stupid old stubfart like me thinks about it. What some random stupid old woman thinks doesn’t matter much in the scheme of things either. Either way, like all liberal women...Mom may have a dull mind but a sharp tongue... and it’s not something I want to be around when it’s moving. I haven’t seen the old folks in a year... until yesterday.

We ran across Pop on a long range dawg patrol. At first we didn’t recognize each other. We both lost a ton of weight and I’ve taken to having a beard. I recognized Pop first and threw him for a loop... and then he recognized me. He’s got a new dog now, I guess. Mom was at home with back problems. We swapped some casual pleasantries and parted. I think we both might have wanted to chat... or at least I might have... but we had Mom and other baggage between us. Afterward I walked away and didn’t look back. It is what it is.

I know they’re old. I know something could change and we’ll never see each other again. But... if they want to be shitty, miserable  old seniors in their old age...they can just fly at it. One is tempted to ignore it... but not me. There’s all kinds of old people that are a joy to be around; they don’t have to be like that.


I need a day on the range.