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Thursday, 21 November 2019

The Guns Of WL Emery

When the gin soaked degenerate intrepid novelist and man-about-town - WL Emery - is on safari in darkest Africa or in the far east Orient... you can bet he packs some serious iron when he goes about his business! I've been with him when he tangled with the 4th Reich when we came across a  city of gold in the jungles of Oogah Boogaloo in Africa, and he was carrying his trusty Mauser C96 'broomhandle' submachine pistol. He gave a good account of himself with it, but I fear it might be on the small side for our next trip into harm's way in the mountainous chithole country of Dirkadirkastan - where everything could be on the menu. From filthy, flea bitten muzzie sandrat head hunters, to abominable snow men at the higher altitudes.

Fortunately Ian over at Forgotten Weapons is on hand to furnish us with the proper tools for the job!

Gosh. I would love to have the time and money to fab up a box of ammo for that beast. These old black powder guns are fascinating. They don't kill with high velocity and trauma as modern arms do. They gain power with projectile mass and kill with momentum. At close range I would bet dollars to donuts that beast could put one through both sides of a deer.

I wonder what that one eventually sold for? There is a certain charm to these antiques, and one wishes that these artifacts could talk and speak of their former owners and where they've been.


  1. Ian does get to play with some really cool stuff. I just emailed him about a Spencer/Bannerman shotgun that I will be acquiring shortly. I'm hoping that he will do a video on it sometime........

    1. Wow. Now THAT is something you don't see every day!

      You simply MUST accompany us on our next safari, Tam! :)

    2. You got a deal unless I end up going broke from paying the medical bills after it blows up in my face...........

    3. Have your gun bearer shoot it a time or two, and don't overload the shells.

    4. Hell, if I have someone else do it I making some proof loads....

  2. I'm a bit late to the party, being detained by... nevermind. I've successfully discharged a .357 magnum, a .44 magnum (which kicked like hell), and a .45-70 revolver, which also kicked like a double shot of white lighting - but the recoil was less than anticipated.

    If you're a good shot and regarded as truly stout-hearted by the men who know you when they're stone cold sober, then this is the pistol for you. I specify that being a good shot is necessary, as the beast would likely break your wrist on the initial discharge, thus leaving your primary hand damaged as well as instantly developing a permanent flinch. However, whatever it is that you hit is either dead as a can of tuna, or wounded severely and staggering off to find a suitable location for expiration.

    Good shot, what?

    As for our next safari, I'm relying on the old AK to keep the damned Muzzies in check or at bay - their own choice. Sounds like the colonial's fourth of July celebration combined with a shaken up steel drum carrying a double handful of stove bolts when shot, but it does the job. For my sidearm, I'm sticking with the old reliable - my .45-70. As for long guns, I've an H&H double chambered for the old .416 Rigby. All that, and a pair of Purdy over and under shotguns in 16 gauge.

    I look forward to Tam accompanying us. One gets tired of seeing and conversing with men to the exclusion of all else, isn't it?