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Saturday, 21 December 2019

2019 Hunting Season Round Up

As the self proclaimed expert on hunting and God’s gift to the shooting sports, it falls to me to keep tabs on all the retards sporting gentlemen and stay abreast of their accomplishments. Let's see how they all made out, shall we?

The tards at Camp Borepatch did well for themselves!!! Seems like ASM
was not telling any lies when it comes to the lethality of hand grenades! Good work, men!!!👍

King Peter tagged out early in the season with an elk and a moose. As the senior sportsman in his tribe, I confiscated the credit for both the kills even though I wasn’t there.
But I did help the youngsters with processing the meat and let them keep it afterward.
Here he is after firing one arrow up the hoop of another one a la Rubin Hood.
I am green with envy!!! The smarmy chit...😡

BW tagged out with this gagger. I’m going to ask him to donate the antlers though.
Apparently ground up elk antlers are great for old guys with E.D. and plugged
up urinary tracts due to enlarged prostates.
Eeerrrrrrrr... it’s for a friend dontchya know...😆👍

Jack is gonna be in the can for at least 90 days this time. I’ve told him time
and time again that hunting without tags is poaching. 
Serves him right!!!😡

All this hunting goodness left me with a severe case of cabin fever so I rounded up the dogs for an easy early winter outing.

We need to do a serious Old Fart Snow Shoe Biathlon. I took my dawgs to scope out
the course at my old club. Last time I saw this place was 25 years ago.
The only people here were me, the dawgs, and maybe some much-loved and long missed
old ghosts.
The place sure has run down in all that time.😞

My hunting dawgs take a break while I take a leak.

We take another break while Macey chews the snowballs out of her feet.
I was strongly tempted to put her down on the spot; she was
slowing down the rest of my athletic team.
Errr… what's that awful STINK that's come over my blog
all of a sudden...?

This used to be the worst shot on the property. At 70m, across a little ravine, a lot of us lost arrows shooting here. Stu The Jew and I were probly good for a half dozen

They have some shot up 3D critters out on the front trails.
Macey. Holding up the team. AGAIN.
She'll get cut from the K9 commandos if this keeps up,
mark my words...

I sincerely hope the 2019 hunting season was good to you and your kids. With the guns and ammo put up for the season - we all better get out our ass boxes, ice augers and tents! Ice fishing will be upon us before ya know it!!! 

Maybe we should try ice fishin' with hand grenades this year? 

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