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Tuesday, 31 December 2019


It’s getting harder.

In the US, the Yanks have Nancy Pelosi and the Donks turning the formal impeachment process into a comedy act. Trump whips those morons into a frenzy with every idle quip on Twatter. Here in Canada, our idiot whoreson of a Prime Minister... Turdo La Doo - capers for the camera in pink socks to curry favour with feminist rage heads, and prances with the degenerates at gay pride parades. He does that while the west sinks further into recession. I’m predicting foreclosures and suicides for Alberta as people pack up and walk away from mortgages they can no longer afford. It was the same way when his father was PM forty years ago.

It’s getting harder to pretend that all is well and “it will all work out”. It’s easy to watch this stuff and smirk, munching on popcorn as the music plays and the monkeys dance. It’s cheap entertainment, right? If you take it seriously it’ll drive ya up the friggin wall.

The problem comes when this shit gets into our families. I laughed at my in-laws who were the most virtuous of environMINTalists. Turn off the lights! Recycle the garbage!!! Save the planet!!!!! Global warming!!!! These people had a 2000 sq.ft. home with a triple car garage and would literally chit themselves in rage if I threw a pop can in the garbage. I could throw all my cans in the garbage and still leave a carbon footprint smaller than theirs! Any kid can do a basic web search and see that global warming is a pant load. At the very least, the theories it’s based on are deeply flawed. But not my in-laws. Those morons vote, too. And....they want to dictate our morality too. When my daughter came home from school and announced that she was now a noble lesbian social justice warrior and that we all had to fall to our knees and kiss her ass - they tripped over themselves to do it. When I refused I was exiled. About a year later, my oh-so-virtuous progtard brother in law had had enough of his oh-so-edgy feminist wife and gave her and the kids the punt. I am torn: part of me wishes I could have been there to watch that simian drama, and part of me was thankful I wasn’t! HAR HAR HAR😆👍 They regard single mothers as heroic. They’ll get their noses rubbed in that too, I suppose. All these narratives and causes of the lefty liberals are fraught with dishonesty and corruption but as long as certain people get theirs, and others can pose as being edgy and trendy... the dancing monkey act goes on. Until it falls apart.

People look at the crap and lunacy going on in Ottawa and Washington and naively think it’s going to stay there. I say that if that same nuttery hasn’t found its way into your family yet... it soon will. The vectors will be the women and kids, methinks. Our public education system is dominated by flawed liberal women and they are radicalizing the kids. Just look at Greta The Magic Retard. Not only do these cretins want to live in their own narrative, they want to impose it on you and make you pay for it.

I see interesting times ahead this year. All I want for the new year is maybe a full or part time job, with more time spent with the dawgs, the wife, and my toys. I want to finish my first pass through the bible and maybe dabble in the associated archaeology. I want to go on losing weight. I used to hope that something would break and we could patch our family up... but it ain’t gonna happen in this life time. I managed to finally accept that last year; but this year...I need to decide how to go forward. I have no idea what that will look like.

I wish you all a drama free New Year. May God bless you and yours, and thanks for stopping by.


  1. yes it looks to be interesting here in Virginia too. and if it turns out not so interesting it'll just plain suck as that means the libtards have gotten away with squashing our rights again and there's no coming back now. in their arrogance they already put in over 200 bills that include massive tax hikes and crazy regulations that mostly make everything a felony. if it goes kinetic, well I doubt I live thru it so this could be my last months of life. this isn't an issue with me but being wounded and in prison would truly suck, har har. one consolation in all this is we're just about all in the same boat. misery loves company. happy new year my Canadian brother.

    1. Keep prepping RR - and all the best in the new year!

  2. just keep praying
    if you read the prophets you will find a perfect description of the effects of a nuclear bombing
    it is coming
    no weapon has ever been invented that was not deployed by someone
    it ids written that people will crawl out from underground and women will give birth to 'monsters', birth defects from radiation
    they will beat their swords into plowshares and not study war anymore
    hope we don't end up in the midst of a nuclear firestorm . want to be very far away from the centers of action
    God, help us!!
    lots of blessings upon you glen and on your wife and dogs!
    praying for you a job

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