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Wednesday, 18 December 2019

A Christmas Grump

My wife has an odd hobby. She makes cards for birthdays and Christmas. Some she makes from scratch with little drawings and calligraphy on them. Others are illuminated and ornate affairs that involve stencils, farkles and frillies and finials...and they can be simple and plain or complex and ornate. People love to receive them. Yesterday we got a standard issue hallmark Xmas card from Mom. “Merry Christmas, drop by sometime, we love you and miss you”.

'Tis the season.

I was on another stubfart blog and the boys were talking about Christmas. In the comments a couple of the tards were bragging about how they like to “fuck with the Christians at Christmas by rubbing their noses in the fact that Christmas is actually a pagan holiday...”. They were yukking it up and I said nothing. I just left my holiday greetings and left it at that. “Fucking with people” was a big Christmas pastime in our families too. They thought it was great sport to fuck with Christians, conservatives, gun owners, tradition, customs and even morality. It started off with mild jabs, but every year it got nastier and meaner and pretty soon it WAS a pagan holiday, for all it was worth. I see some of the lefty rag sheets like Vox and The Daily Beast are priming the pagans up with all the political talking points they will need to fuck with the Christians and conservatives at Christmas time this year too.

Yay. Enjoy your fuckery, I guess!!! Don't cheat on the score cards, HAR HAR HAR! HAR HAR HAR!!! 😆👍

It doesn't bother me at all if the Christmas holiday rhymes with pagan festivals. It doesn't bother me one whit if some of the events in the bible rhyme with those in the tales and mythology of ancient Mesopatamian myths and legends.

Great do, Ashurbanipal.
You're looking good, Gilgamesh!
You pagans and heathens can worship your rock stars as you
see fit, and extend me the same courtesy.

I am just a man that is trying (and failing) to make sense of his fellows and of his Maker.
I don't want to spend my Christmas trying to score points on idiots or trying to shut them out on me. From here on out, for me, Christmas is a time of peace, remembrance, introspections and rest.

Being a grumpy bastid, I frown on most carols and some Christmas music makes me want to vomit. But some of the newer stuff ain't that bad. Not even Sarah McBallgargler could ruin this one. It stirs what little is left of the Christmas spirit in me - and I hope that maybe it might for you as well.

God rest ye, merry gentlemen... and have a great Humpday.


  1. Sarah McBallgargler indeed, Glen.....I cannot believe you are not locked up Canada's worst prison, so far back in there that they have to pump air in. You know, given the pussified nature of Canada, or at least far too many people in Canada. Do not get me wrong, I LOVE your commentary as one of the last manly men extant living in our favorite (favourite?) neighbor. In fact, Canada is the only place I will EVER use my passport. Keep up the good and highly entertaining work......

  2. I am on many shit lists, Bart! There are worse places to be!

    Thanks for stopping in boys!!!